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“Greater Israel”: The Zionist-Extremist Plan for the Middle East

‘According to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, “the area of the Jewish State stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.” According to Rabbi Fischmann, “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”

When viewed in the current context, the war on Iraq, the 2006 war on Lebanon, the 2011 war on Libya, the ongoing war on Syria, not to mention the process of regime change in Egypt, must be understood in relation to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East. The latter consists in weakening and eventually fracturing neighboring Arab states as part of an Israeli expansionist project.

“Greater Israel” consists in an area extending from the Nile Valley to the Euphrates.’


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You did not watch the video

So you do not understand the international legalities of the UN, Israel, the Mandate, Jordan was created same day as Israel.

There are no 1967 borders. There NEVER was.

Your first link is irelevant.. Jordan has a contemporary seat on the security council. BFD. It's no big deal.

What's your source? Please stop trying to explain what you apparently don't.

Israel has NOT attempted to take over Jordan. Jordan has an greement.. they just made an agreement with THE WORLD BANK and Jordan to produce water.. so they are going to expand into the west bank.. AKA trans-Jordan Palestine. GOOD!

Please produce your evidence that Netanyahu has worshipped Islam.

Have you listend to Netanyahu spahes to the UN? I don't think you do.

You call him a wolf. That doesn't explain anything but your lack of abilty to define your issues with him. He's looking to ewat little red riding hood.. oh big wow. Call names when you have no argument.

I have read your links, I have searched the web and I'm coming up with half assed articles in Hufpo and ubra libral rags.

The links you've provided, one based on 1666 are not good.

maybe you should watch that vid I gave you and wise up to FACTS.

Menawhile please try to provide me with VALID facts,, not old sources concerned in 1666 and deals that never happened?

I fully support Netanyahu and I wish we had a president like Netanyahu.

What more facts do you need than this

Isn't the fact that he just forced them to take over Jordan and seize the whole valley even more than evidence enough?

You stated that the IDF did not occupy Jordan. No Granger you were lied to. Your so called "Zionist" friends openly lied to you.

And that's not all they lied about, they also lied very handily about Netanyahu and all the leader's relationship with the U.N. They WANT the Trans Jordan, how were you able to miss this?

Are you truly that brainwashed. They have led them to a dead end, Palestine didn't do anything. The army went in there and seized control. Netanyahu will be laughing after they wipe out.

The only way what you say even makes sense, is if Netanyahu took them back to their borders and the land they have near Egpyt. Instead they evicted everybody in line with U.N. Agenda 21.


Press TV is based out of Iran and was just awarded tonight the Weienthal top ten anti-semetic news sites. How about something that isn't biased? WHAT IS PALESTINE? What is Palestine Control? Abbas is not the Palestinian Authority minister??? This is fearmongering hate propeganda out of Iran (Women wearing scarves remind me of ku klux klan members).

Israel running for a UN security seat? So?? The article says chances are not good.. no kidding.. it's not even news that's how way way out there.. and they show a picture of Netanyahu that has NOTHING to do with what they are talking about.. sigh.

Next up is an article out of London by an Arabic front.. and you call these facts.. the article is dramatic and WRONG.. Saudi Arabia just made a deal with Lebanon.. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2013/12/saudi-arabi...

I have read every article you have given me. I have watched you slowly progress to insulting me.. but I bet you have not watched the vid I gave you and have asked you several times to PLEASE watch, but you refuse. Why? What are you afraid of??

It's the same old same old.. I read and watch all you and those who bash Israel/Netanyahu.. I see the name calling.. I see the charges, I see the fearmongering, I see the insults.. I read I watch.. and you don't bother to watch the vid I have asked you to watch.

Why? Are you here to program me? Or are you here to debate, which meands that YOU are reading what I give and watching what I present too. Fair and balanced.. eye for an eye.

You ignor what I give you. you insult me.. repeatedly, even though I have spent time reading what you give.

What's up? Are you that afraid of what I'm asking you to watch? THE TRUTH. The TRUTH bothers you that much??

I don't think bad things about you and I have no insults to give you, just I'm dissappointed that the door of information swings one way.. yours and if I don't like it.. you insult me.

Where's the debate?

The New World Order is Islam Sharia. Face it. That's NOT every going to be Israel.. who will be standing long after the Muslims wipe each other off the map.

Don't be so blind to assume every article is arabic

They aren't arabic, and neither is this one.
What are you telling yourself to avoid the truth? Why is Bandar, the Saudis and Wahabbis always meeting with Netanyahu in public? Why do you tell yourself these articles were made up, when they aren't?

Do you truly believe that they made up a bunch of stories against Israel now?

Saudi Arabia isn't allied on the U.N. seat with Israel??

Granger, Jerusalem is the New World Order. These are not lies at all, the U.N. is in league with all Israeli leaders. Islam is not the New World Order and you have bought a direct slate of nonsense.


The city of Jerusalem is the New World Order and Islam is their calling card. They absolutely worship Islam in private.

More insults

When you were growing up, did your parents and teachers insult you? Is that how you learn?

Your link, gives credit to PRESS TV, named top anti-semetic news in the world.. it offers unnamed sources.. and admits there is no results. What facts does it have? NONE

Did you watch the vid I gave you?

What truth are you offering? So far, three Press (IRAN) TV articles that go nowhere. Bash Israel. That's all they do.

Why wouldn't Saudis and Wahabis meet with Netanyahu in public? As Ron Paul said.. "TRADE WITH ALL". Let's make a deal. What's wrong with that?

I'm reading your articles, (which you have not watched the vid or said anything). I'm not finding facts in your articles, just empty Israel bashing/fearmongering.

Saudi Arabia is ISLAM, no they are NOT aligned with Israel. Islam and Communist are THE block,.. over 100 countries, and if there is any alignement is it them against Israel.

Your next link:
For more than 15 years, EIN News' services have influenced analysis and decisions of executives. We have provided content to websites & blogs, and are a platform for news distribution.

About EIN News: Since 1995, EIN News has served thousands of business, industry, academic and government customers from organizations such as CNN, World Bank, EU, ExxonMobil, Daimler Chrysler and many more. It is published by the Washington, DC-based IPD Group, a provider of media monitoring and press release services.

Gee whiz ... let me google that for you since you can't give me a straight answer, how is Netanyahu/ Israel worshipping Islam:

Is this what you're talking about? (as if you'll open my link or watch the vid I offered 6 posts back, that you have not watched).


Oh please. He's not? Is that why Netanyahu does this


Get serious for once, Granger. You don't believe Netanyahu is worshiping Islam when he regularly visits Mosques!?

When he explodes in a rage whenever a Mosque explodes? Or when all these news sources, not just the above stories, all paint a detailed picture of him and his leaders meeting with the Saudis nearly every day.

He practically gave the Saudis their entire deal with Turkey and Jordan! What is that if not collusion? Get serious.

It is no different than when Alexander Hamilton declared war on the Islamic Messopotamia, for conquest of resources. And he dragged Jefferson into that war too, while being part of it in secret. At a certain point you have to let your blinders drop.

Yes, it is a fact they are expanding territorial borders

Yes, it is a fact they are expanding territorial borders. That video needs to be watched closely, I encourage everyone to view that once or twice.

However make no mistake, it is the globalist power who's behind this agenda. It is they as well, who control the troops.

Stating who is orchestrating this event is where one gets in trouble. Lets leave out Karen Hudes as being a credible witness, or place the blame on scores of Jesuits, Christians or Darwinists.

It isn't them who are forcing this agenda of expanding Israel. It just has no evidence showcasing that.

That would not even make sense, are you going to claim that Granger and lay people in the Catholic church or Christian church houses are trying to force Israel to expand its borders?

No, utterly ludicrous. The United Nations is and the IMF. Far more simple explanation, the IDF's under their command.

Who owns the IMF and controls all the apparatus? The Globalists of London, David Rockefeller right straight to the Queen. It's them, it is Jerusalem who's expanding the borders. As well it is Jerusalem who intends for Israel to explode, so they can build up their Tower.

Do you simply remember the story of Jehosephat?
They wish to control all trade, by rebuilding the Tower of Babel. Right inside Jerusalem city, with the Queen sitting on Herod's throne.

The Jihadists are expanding Israel

There are over 2 million Jews seeking amnesty because jihadists (encouraged by anti-zionism) are attacking them. Gangs of jihadist thugs are raping women (one in four Swedish women have been raped), gangs attack one Jewish man.. The vidoes are out there, and it's tragic. Look what is happening in Sudan. millions are fleeing Islam. Where do the millions of refugees come from .. Israel? NO.. They come from jihadism, the agenda of hate.

The elite Arabs WANT reugees because bleeding heart liberals and useful idiots give more money.. The USA budget for Palestine is nearly 400 Million for AID. But "let's blame the Jews", and anti-zionist, the new anti-semite, for those who can't THINK THIS SITUATION OUT. And it's not easy.

I have spent since May immersed in research.. this is what I have found

The majority of nations in the UN are Islam and Communist.

Israel's 1948 war was for Israel to BREAK FROM THE UN. They have a very loose relationship.. and if you watch "The Legal Case for Israel" it will make sense what RIGHT Israel has to exist. The UN and it's Islamic/communist block are anti-Isael. Who do you think is having babies to take over the world? Do you know the statistics? Did you know England now has Sharia law? Do you know 32 states in the US are being challenged to install Sharia law?

I just finished reading a book about Palestine from 1926.. great book, even had an interveiw with the Grand Mufti.. the mayors of cites.. and even the Grand Mufti is quoted saying, they want the Jews to come because the Jews are bringing WORK.. they admit, there were 40 Arabs coming to Israel LOOKING FOR WORK FROM A JEW, to the one Jew. By 1926 4% of the land in Jerusalem WAS PURCHASED with American money.. 1926.. (Jews now occupy 15% of what was promised to them.. and here's the kicker.. Briton established this entire mess. but they ar never mentioned) Much of that land was PURCHASED OUTRIGHT!

Who are the Palestinians? Arab refugees.. refugees that come from surrounding Islamic nations.

Really it's a facinating history.. The land was swamps.. had to be drained.. malaria, people were sick.. and the Jews were helping, as they still do. Did you know that Abbas said to NOT boycott Israel products?? Do you know why? Palestine DEPENDS on Israel for work.

The first Syrian baby was born in Israel on Christmas day in Israel because Israel is taking and caring for wounded from Syria.. when Egypt closed the tunnels to Gaza (which was a BEAUTIFUL Jewish area they have DESTOYED.. because Hamas buys rockets not food.. Hamas charter says it WILL DESTROY ISRAEL. You call that peace?) Israel provides electricty, water, fuel.. medicine.. but no one sees that.. they don't even say, "After Hamas launched rockets into Israel killing families, animals, destroying farms.. (no one cares about the Jews.). they all BLAME ISRAEL for defending themselves.. and attacking back. And did you see the depleted uranium everyone likes to bring up from 2009? The UN is right there. putting the bombs out.. it was a huge mistake on Israel's part// all they did was have the UN supply Hamas with the bombs they dropped.

There's so much more. My catholicism has NOTHING to do with my appreciation for Israel. If you take Ron Paul's speach.. what he is saying is no different than what Israel says to it's people.

Sovreignity, freedom, liberty, free trade, gold... it's all there.

Did you know the global leader in cannabis research is Israel? Did you know it's leagal in Israel? Did you know the biggest homosexual community is in Israel?? Did you know Greewald is tied to Israel?

People really need to study and wake up, because so many are being taken for a bad ride.

We need to COMPETE with Israel. That is the solution. Israel does not need US aid.. the MIC calls it AID.. but it's not aid.. it's investing in tech and science and energy alternatives.. because the global elite will all tell you// "Israel is one stop shop when it comes to genius". They are thriving.. and they do not like Obama. They don't trust Obama. And China, South Korea, India and PUTIN, last week spent 90 minutes promising to do everything they could for Israel if Israel would dump the US.

America is going to wind up like FEMA Palestine if we don't wake up. And that's fine with the jihadists because they HATE America AND Israel, top to bottom through and through.

Granger, tell me you cannot be this blind and out of touch

Who has a portrait of Prince Bandar in their own head office? The U.N. does, UNICEF has a huge portrait right on their wall! The Sauds, Netanyahu, ex-Israeli communists and racists fully control and own the U.N.

Do you understand how complete their control of the Israeli Army and the Iranian Military actually is?

It is total hundred percent subjugation!
Jerusalem is under the U.N. Agenda 21 for expulsion. Why else do you think Israel would be allies with Saudi Arabia and the globalist parasites of Turkey?

Tell me you are not this blind. Why else would Israel go into Jordan itself and EVICT everybody trying to seize the nation for itself? The very heart of the butchers, where they will all be killed.

David Rockefeller completely controls the U.N. for the Queen, and the Queen got them all falling over themselves. Believe me this is the score. Once they all are dead, the Queen can rebuild the Tower of Babel right inside Jerusalem.


As the resident Israeli disinfo agent, I'd like to state that this is extremely misleading.

Source: http://lmgtfy.com

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Yes, we know you are misleading.

Learn how to use lmgtfy before trying to use it again, goof.

That was the joke.

That was the joke. No one ever googles anything. If it fits your preconceived notions it must be true. You are the one who promotes all types of demonstrably false claims about Jesuits, Jews and the occult.

Maybe try going to a local political meeting in real-life?

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

LittleWing's picture

Maybe try a more willfully ignorant forum

? Just a suggestion.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Veritas and I have discussed

Veritas and I have discussed three other issues that he claimed were true, and I showed unequivocal evidence that he was wrong or misunderstood. He is more often wrong than right.

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Plibertarian's haughtyness strikes again!

You must have been dreaming, plib! Either that or your ego is so big that you really believe you did show things I have posted to be wrong. I've read your comments and you are not fooling me or anyone else who has, because you have disproved zilch!

I invite you to keep bumping my threads, but realize nothing you say will be taken seriously be me or probably anyone else.

you misconstrued several things...

You were incorrect about the Rothschild claims, you misconstrued Shimon Peres admitting that Israel killed Arafat which he did not say and you misconstrued what the Navy SEAL said on 60 Minutes when he clearly believes he/they killed Bin Laden.

And you are wrong about many things about the Jesuits/occult etc.

The important thing is, none of this means I disagree with your philosophies or don't have similar doubts as you do, I'm just pointing flaws out in your reasoning and claims. That's all.

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Childish attempt to discredit; ambiguosly generalized remarks

Anyone who reads the posts you are referencing will clearly see that you have put words to my name about Shimon Peres having said as such. Further, I have misconstrued nothing about Navy/seal bin Laden fairy tale; every one knows CIA-contracted Tim Osman aka Bin Laden had failing kidneys in the time leading up to 2001 and was on dialysis. If he was living in a cave at the time like it was claimed, there is no way that he could have undergone an operation to replace his kidney, and he subsequently died in 2001 as it was reported by Al Wafd News on Dec. 26, 2001 that Bin Laden had died of complications from Kidney failure sometime on Dec. 12, 2001.

I am not wrong about any "Rothschild claim" either; they have loads of money and they are Papal Masonic Knights; modern court Jews who serve the Pope.

Lastly, the Jesuits are the head of the NWO. Listen to World Bank whistle-blower Karen Hudes talk about Jesuit control of world finance. Also observe how Jesuit alumni from Jesuit Georgetown and other AJCU alumni head agencies like the DHS. They also write tyrannical laws such as the Patriot Act, but as always hide behind their Papal Hofjuden:

"Michael Chertoff is credited as the architect of the USA PATRIOT Act but he in fact co-authored it with Viet E. Dinh of Jesuit Georgetown Law. I am certain that Dinh consulted with the Jesuit community there as it was being written up because the Order had similar laws passed throughout the world which it considers to be their provinces and assistancies.

John C. Gannon is a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps meaning he is admittedly a Temporal Coadjutor as well as a lay Jesuit. Gannon is the founder of the Department of Homeland Security so while Papal Court Jew Chertoff is visible, Gannon is his boss and that of SMOM Emilio T. Gonzalez."

The evidence is in plain sight; there is no argument regarding Jesuit control of the NWO.

Of course Israelis debate expanding Israel's borders

These articles discuss expanding Israel's borders, current border disputes, annexation of territory and Netanyahu's agenda:

Despite the best efforts of Spirit of '76. How do I know this? Haaretz is one of my preferred news sources for print media, along with the Guardian, Le Monde, the Toronto Star, etc.





Israel-Lebanon maritime border dispute:

So no, discussing this topic does not make you a Nazi or anti-semite, despite what our evidently racist member, Spirit of '76 says below.

You support the Arab right to conquer Israel?

Or do you mean the Israeli right to conquer Palestine?

Not sure exactly what you are saying with that link. It's a rather antiquated way of thinking.

I'm sure Hitler could have argued Manifest Destiny. Does that make it right?

Hitler was the reason the bulk of international laws were written, such as on genocide, war crimes and human rights. You don't think those laws should apply?

I was implying that

I was implying that individuals, including Americans, Jews, Arabs etc, have all had imperialistic desires. Doesn't mean modern governments, or all people in one group, still do today.

Israel exists. It isn't going away. It's way better than the other countries there but it too has many flaws. All this Jew bashing is misguided and a waste of energy.

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My only comments on the OP subject

Are quoting Granger and links to Israeli newspapers.

That is your definition of Jew bashing?

Your point about manifest destiny is a fair point, that is certainly possible. Are you specifically talking about Herzl or Rabbi Fischmann, or both?

Do you think Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Dov Zakheim, or any of the other Israeli architects of the American war with Iraq had these same imperial ambitions in mind?
(This is not to say that Israelis who ran the US government at the time were the ONLY architects, there were plenty of Americans as well)

I think this question cuts to the core of what the OP is asking.

The OP believes fanatical conspiracy theories

It's a 1982 essay published by the World Zionist Organization which has evolved over the years. Zionism started as a secular movement. Herzl was an atheist. So to tie into a religious conspiracy is wrong.

Furthermore, the essay, "A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties", was translated and published by a Jewish Professor in Israel who was critical of Zionism. Here it is:

To group all Jews or Israel as a whole as backing this idea is not right. The OP's beliefs are that Jews, Jesuits and secret occult groups are involved in some spectacular conspiracy and the true cause of every evil act over the last few hundred years.

I'm against the Israeli settlements and the conservative Israeli government. But focusing on Jews or Israel is like saying every American is Dick Cheney.

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Any theory deserves at least a passing look

The Israeli meddling in Lebanon supports the theory generally, but when Kadima handed Gaza back to the Palestinians, that blows a big hole in the theory.

And it's not like Hamas is a Israel-supporting satellite government as the document proposes.

Though perhaps that is why Sharon was assassinated, who knows really?

The basic premise of the theory, that Israel wishes to increase its legitimacy and security by breaking up and pacifying Arab states around it is hardly a fanatical theory.

I would class it more as obvious self interest.

Many countries try to influence their borders to varying degrees.

It's not like Mossad sits in their offices playing solitaire and watching movies.

I agree with you.

I agree with you. But because of the fanatical interpretations discussed here, it dilutes any actual criticism of Israel.

The theories that the OP believes, some are demonstrably false. They are based on books in the 20th century and not documents from the 18th century. Many of his beliefs about Jews, Jesuits and the occult are factually wrong.

My issue is that this "Zionist plan" and monolithic perspective on Israel and Jews is not something that helps solve anything. It just creates a fictitious villain, an enemy to blame.

And while I don't support the Israeli settlements, I could understand Israel's desire to pacify some Arab states.

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Can you cite one single modern source....

...that this is on anyone's radar or intent, inside or outside Israel except anti-semites and neo-nazis?

What is presented here has likely not passed across one single Israeli's mind in 50 years, probably forever, except for Herzl himself and the anti-semites and neo-nazis who regurgitate it ad infinitum.

Furthermore, what does this nonsense have to do with ANYTHING?

Granger said she hopes Jordan becomes part of Greater Israel

Why not discuss the argument on its merits? Why do ideas threaten you? Why do you try to stifle debate?

And of course as usual you label everyone on the Daily Paul anti-semites and neo-nazis if they don't agree with you.

Why don't you participate in the discussion and quit with the personal attacks?

I don't see a greater Israel as workable or viable on a legal or moral basis, but if they get rid of Netanyahu I could see Israel helping foster a new economic era in the middle east with an organization similar to the EU.

Because there ARE no merits.

This is from 100 years ago and not a single human being cares or discusses it inside or outside of Israel except for neonazis and anti-semites.

That's why. Literally. There's nothing to discuss except who gives a sh**?

And the answer to that question is, Jews and Israelis don't. Only neonazis and anti-semites do.

I read it and it's probably more fact than fiction.

Consider the Israeli borders in 1948 compared to today.

Israel never EVER will allow a 2-state solution because they don't want Palestinians to be recognized as a nation by the U.N. or have any real semblance of power.

So they'll continue to expand under the guise of needing deeper safety zones.

The strategy might go something like this:

1. Poke the (Palestinian) dog in the eye with a stick until it bites.

2. Then chase it away and put up a new fence to keep it further away.

3. Repeat numbers 1 and 2 over and over.

This has already been happening for decades. Eventually you might end up with a map like the one in the original post.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul