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Thomas Massie Re-Election Money Bomb - Today!

The grassroots is throwing a money bomb for Thomas Massie for his birthday today (January 13).

A lot of big business, establishment Republicans are looking to primary Constitutional conservatives like Massie and Justin Amash. The Chamber of Commerce said it will spend up to $50 million supporting corporatist candidates.

Let's show the establishment that we support and defend those who fight for liberty.

Please donate here:

P.S. Massie helped promote a money bomb for Ron Paul in May 2011 (link). Can we help him and return the favor?


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Agree. Ask him what his stance is on the NSA.

Get an interview with him on the NSA and post it to every channel. We must know where these politicians stand.

I think the biggest step that has to be taken is reigning in NSA, passing the Freedom Act and clearing out those who made it a daily obstacle.

Massie's been very vocal against the NSA

almost as much as Justin Amash. He voted for Amash's NSA amendment and is a cosponsor of the USA Freedom Act. Look through his Facebook page or do a google search of "Thomas Massie NSA" for more.

Oh good I did not recognize him. We need him re-elected.

For a minute I did not recognize Rep. Massie and I thought he was new. The Freedom Act is crucial now. Yes we need him re-elected and we need more Massies, lets group all the candidates in support of him on top of the page!

Up it goes

Its up!!

Staying up

Up it stays!!

Already 100 people attending event on Facebook

including Justin Amash.

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Massie will win.

He is in Rands backyard, and he is friends with Rand, Rands supporters love him. Amash will also win. I hope some new guys like Brannon, Bircher, Stovall etc win. And maybe have guys like Cornyn and Graham lose.

Most important are the local State Rep races, they need money, and it makes a real difference. We are winning those races, you just never hear about it.

Passing the Freedom Act will start curbing the NSA

Freedom Act is sponsored by Massie, Amash and the rest.

We need to get all the candidates running and in office who support the Freedom Act pinned to the top page. Especially Greg Brannon.

Yes. But the thing is

A lot of people on the DP care about liberty candidates, but very few take the time to research and post articles about them. That is the reason I signed up.

Jurgs01 is busy running the liberty candidate thread in my signature, and the candidates4liberty.com site.

We have probably hundreds running for office, but only a few dozen have Daily Paul articles about them. I want to see threads about all the Patriots running. How can we support candidates we have never heard about?

Anyway, I guess I will keep chugging along, thanks for all the bumps.
Feel free to start your own threads as well. I would bump them :)

Probably more...

Likely more then that, researching it myself now.


Let's keep this fresh in mind.