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How can we save Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's life?

It’s Christmas time, a time of generosity of spirit.

Saving Truth & Justice can start here. When Dzhokhar Tsarnaev woke up in the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, did you know he cried for 2 straight days according to the nurses? Did you know he's in a Super Max prison cell, a concrete cement cell with no windows? Did you know he's completely isolated from others, and no radio, no TV, no books?

This time of year is about helping those in need, especially at this time of year. We must not forget Dzhokar whom most of us believe is innocent as he had pled. The only mistake he made was following along with his brother that fateful day. He may or may not have even known about his brother's CIA connections. But, he is no doubt terribly sad, terribly depressed, worried every single day, every single moment, feeling trapped & hopeless.

But, we do know there is one person who knows this young 20 year old boy is completely innocent. WE KNOW WHO THAT IS----ERIC HOLDER.

I have been following this case since the beginning. My husband and We have been praying that he be released by some miracle. There is ZERO evidence he ever was even remotely responsible for this false flag event, none, zip, nada. No FBI video was ever produced, and they always produce them when we see Seven Eleven thieves. Those are broadcast all over the world, but no, the only thing produced was a stupid video of him just like all the other people there wearing backpacks, not even the same one that blew up! Why didn't the FBI release this fake video? Why don't they release this fake video? Why do they refuse to even share it with the Defense? Because they don’t have the technology to “fake” it without being detected so they keep it “secret”. So much is shrouded in secrecy, isn’t it.

You may want to know there are some things that have changed in this case. You may not know this but you need to know that Dzhokhar has never changed his plea of "INNOCENT", no matter what physical brutalities they inflicted on him (injuring his arm & bruising his eye & cheek). I wonder if we can envision what happened there! Right. But what is also interesting is that his attorneys have changed to some degree but to what extent I can’t be sure, but I know they have changed. Did you know they have approached & argued with the Judge to let them have more frequent access to the boy until the Judge finally acquiesced to their demand? They are attempting to get a change of venue. Did you know these things? We mustn’t forget Dzhokhar.

But what is awful is that someone high up above has put a stop to blogging articles about Dzhokhar. I couldn’t find a way to do it today, nothing. But if we put our heads together, perhaps we can find a way to help him indirectly. The Defense needs our help in seeking the truth.

I do not know his attorneys names. We need to start there. Do you know them? Communication is key. His attorneys mail & phone calls are, no doubt, being monitored. So much for "Attorney-Client" privilege. Do any of you have any ideas? All the world wants is the truth, the real truth, and nothing but the truth. The FBI employees must know that lying never justifies their actions.


Finally, it is CHRISTMAS time! Eric Holder, if you want to compound your sin of blood on your hands with the Fast & Furious deaths, you will surely do so with the blood of this young boy’s life. God will judge you…someday. Would you want to face HIS wrath? You would not, so you must find a way to do the right thing and to release this boy from this prison. You can find a way. You are the government! If, on the other hand, you can explain why a CST team member was seen at the scene at the crime wearing the exact backpack that blew up, then photographed leaving the scene WITHOUT that backpack on, then, by all means, do so, prove it so. Be transparent as you claim you are. Explain why Tamerlan was video photographed being put naked into the back seat of a squad car, then later in a morgue sliced up & shot prior to any autopsy. Let everyone have access to the real truth. We are not stupid.

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