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Walmart Obamacare RFID Scanners in Virginia (video)

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This is not RFID from what I can tell. RFID does not use red light (lasers) it uses invisible radio waves.

The red light is for bar codes (little black ink lines and squares) usually on the back of packaging, prescriptions, etc. Presumably that sensor is there to save a ton of typing and typos.

I am not surprised to see Health law information available to the public. I am happy to see it. If its going to be law, we all have to learn about it and some folks will learn here.

And to think

the Real ID Act was passed in May, 2005, to be fully implemented in May, 2008.

On May 11, 2005, President Bush signed into law the “Emergency Supplemental Appropriation for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief, 2005” (H.R. 1268, P.L. 109-13), which included the “Real ID Act of 2005.” Title II of Real ID—“Improved Security for Driver’s License’ and Personal Identification Cards”—repeals the provisions of a December 2004 law (P.L. 108-458) that established a negotiated rule making process to create federal standards for driver’s licenses and instead directly imposes prescriptive federal driver’s license standards.


On December 20, the Department of Homeland Security issued a press release announcing that beginning on Jan. 15, 2013, those states that are not in compliance with the REAL ID standards will receive a temporary deferment of enforcement, of at least six months, during which Federal agencies will continue to accept state-issued drivers licenses and identification cards from those states for boarding commercial aircraft and other official purposes. Following this minimum period of six months of non-enforcement, DHS will announce, no later than Fall 2013, a schedule for phased-in enforcement. While DHS did not offer a specific date as to when phased-in enforcement would begin, they did note that the announcement of phased-in enforcement will not result in immediate enforcement.


Oh no, a barcode scanner.

Oh no, a barcode scanner.

Maybe they could install a seat scanner...

for the barcode on your butt.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

The top video reveals...

no regard for the machine to actually be used for blood pressure testing, as it was clearly placed with no room for an adult human to insert his or her arm fully into the testing cuff.

Someone downvoted this post and John Robb's comment...

therefore it gets a flak bump.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.


I just sat there for a moment kind of dumbfounded. At the time, the post had 3 upvotes, and my comment had 1 downvote. I was a bit confused. Did I say something disagreeable? :D Did somebody think, "Nah, I could fit my arm into that sucker!" :D

The jury is out on your cuff theory...

compare to the old machines...

but otherwise yeah, the trolls will be all over this post. When my friend showed me this last night I couldn't wait to put it out there as the daily troll-bait. :)


Don't feed the pandas. Ever.


I could be completely wrong. For example, yes, the new blue cuff pedestal may pivot, and the angle may be less drastic than the camera angle suggests. I would hope that an intelligent and gracious DP downvoter might reply with such notions while down-voting ;D, but hey, I'll leave the comment as it stands in the spirit of helping you bait.