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The Key To Understanding Racism Is Class

No, I don't mean that racism is a weapon in the class war wielded against the working people by the exploiter class of private property owners. That old refrain is a little long in the tooth. What I mean is that the key to understanding racism is to know what class a person belongs to.

I mix in with both classes, so I have a privileged perspective. I mix with people far apart on the class spectrum; people too dumb to know that they're poor and frankly too dumb to know they're dumb. They have no conception of the classes above them. I know people who are so rich they never rub shoulders with the underclass at all.

And as I mix with them I notice that different prejudices predominate. Some prejudices are embraced and some are verboten, and it breaks down along class lines.

Among the wealthy, who regularly interact with Jewish people, especially in their professional fields, people seem to be quite openly anti Semitic. At least when they're around people they trust. They have a kind of quiet, but open antagonism toward the Jewish "clique" in their field and aren't shy about it.

As to racism against Blacks, these upper class professionals don't approve of it and do not understand it. They're above that kind of prolery and they look down upon it. They really get into it and work up a lather in their disapproval, when they hit their stride its like Moses preaching from the mountain top.

They never actually deal with or interact with anyone in the lower class, white or black, but they have very strong opinions about about it in general. They express great sympathy with the minority underclass and strongly condemn the ignorant bigotry and racism of the proles who are prejudiced against Blacks.

For them its a kind of morality play and status marker to breathe fire at poor whites and love poor blacks from afar, with their words and well wishes.

Among lower class people, on the other hand, no one is anti-Semitic at heart. I mix with these good hearted fools all the time. Whether they're eating Doritos and watching wrestling, or smoking a bleezee and bumping some real dirty South on the old box big screen in their mom's living room, you never encounter anti-Semitism.

When you do, it is just of the jocular sort, usually kind hearted and ready to admit its prejudicial nature and unfairness. It rarely goes beyond the nature of a joke.

If these lower specimens of the IQ totem know any Jewish people, it is usually just one person, who stands out for even being there, and so they rib him or her a little for being different but are accepting overall. It may be a running joke but there is no hostility. Just discomfort papered over by humor.

Among these self same lower class people there is a real and common sense of racism toward blacks. I would not call it a 'hate,' but it is definitely a kind of open feeling that there are some places you don't go if you want to keep your neck on straight, and a genuine sense of 'otherness' tinged with humor. It is not ideological or exclusivist. It is just kind of pragmatic and pleads for itself with 'safety first,' and a big dollop of bigotry and ethnocentrism next, mixed in for good measure.

It considers itself to be totally rational and justified. It claims it is just based on experience and prudence. It isn't ideological, these same people have friends of other races and mix with one another, but they still have a sense of separateness.

It is more on the level of a mutual feeling between groups which is just as accented on the other side. Neither is exclusionary, as people on this rung of the social ladder mix with all ethnic groups and are furthest from supremacism of any sort, as they know they are dirt.

But they mix much more and are much less prejudiced in general than the upper classes who don't really rub shoulders at all except with the token black and some high caste Asians and so count themselves multicultural and pat themselves on the back.

It is not 100% in either group. There are some people in both classes who eschew any such feelings, whether out of sincere belief or because they're trained tolerance monkeys who just condemn political incorrectness in public. But the point is that among each class, the one or the other form of racism is generally acceptable, even if expressed in hushed tones.

Bear in mind, this isn't necessarily a measuring rod of moral uprightness. There doesn't seem to be any correlation between engaging in these groupisms and being bad people. The tolerance monkeys who condemn the groupism most stridently are often horrible people in the way they treat individuals and all through their character. Its not a judgment of anyone's moral standing, just a description of facts.

Anyway, its just an observation I've made by rubbing shoulders with wealthy city folk and poor backwater schmucks, and seeing what is acceptable language and attitude to each and what isn't.

The troubling and funny aspect of it is that it seems that the racism which prevails is the opposite of what you'd expect from the conventional wisdom. It is not prejudicial or ignorant, toward the group they never interact with. It is those with whom each group is most familiar for whom they show contempt. Familiarity and contempt have a troubled relationship.

The good news is everyone seems to like Asians. Racism towards Hispanics is not really common among either class.

If we could just get the classes together, to talk and communicate, we could get each side to see the others point of view, and everyone could be uniformly racist.

That would be one step in the right direction. For only when we all know the source of such hostility can we come together as a people and tackle it, and stamp out of the fires of hate with the enlightenment of love.

No, that really wouldn't happen. But it is funny to mock the "class exploitation" and the "ignorance" theories with the real ugly truth of human nature. It is always good to drag a foolish untruth through the streets and scourge it before hoisting it up from a tree.

In truth,

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So glad this wasn't some

So glad this wasn't some paleocon circle jerk haha. I've experienced exactly what you have.

Ventura 2012

Thanks. I wish this one got

Thanks. I wish this one got more traction. So much for personal anecdotes.

The key to understanding Class is Racism

Said more accurately another way, to be precise.

How many "Races" are there?


or a hundred million gazillion?

hey, it's your post not mine. please define what the word "Race" means to you.
I say there are only three. and most of us are like myself, Heinz 57's.

i dont make the rules i just

i dont make the rules i just write the commentary


if you can't dazzle them with brilliance...

baffle them with bull!

got it!

the upper classes sought to

the upper classes sought to evangelize the lower classes through social reformation, and the lower classes sought to emulate the upper classes, lest they show "poor breeding." hence expressions like, "were you born in a barn?" nowadays, there are competing value systems that are increasingly divergent in inner city neighborhoods---i can testify through experience---you can find women with hot pants emblazoned with rhinestones spelling out BlTCH