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Litecoin vs Silver

As one troy ounce of silver crossed paths with Litecoin recently right before Christmas at $20 each (1 Litecoin or 1 oz .999 silver), today's statistics are as follows:

Litecoin $22.03
Silver $20.12

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$29 per Litecoin v $20.09 per

$29 per Litecoin
$20.09 per oz silver

Litecoin got hot fast. Silver...stagnant thanks to the manipulators, though still a strong buy.
Bitcoin and Litecoin on a tear.

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$25.56 per Litecoin v $20.07

$25.56 per Litecoin
$20.07 per oz silver

Both a strong buy. Both help kick the banksters in the balls. If you are missing out on the break out session, you are doing just that. Do your research now. Don't wait. Learn the pitfalls and risks and reasons for security and backup.
Or have your money devalued by policy by Global Criminals in kahootz with our corrupt government.

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$24.94 per Litecoin v $20.13

$24.94 per Litecoin
$20.13 per oz Silver

That's damn near 20% a person could make on that trade since a few days before Christmas (when both were within pennies) and I'll put that 20% trade up against any dinkus on MSNBC Squawk Box or the Talking Head Hitjob Paid Fed Spokespeople that helped manipulate the precious metals, including gold.

That's right.

If Litecoin $1 Litecoin in 2013 ended up being $276 and $1 Bitcoin ended up $500 and the infrastructure is just taking off, yah I'll bet Litecoin rides the coat tails and sees significant gain in 2013. I see Bitcoin going crazy too, it's just how do you play it now? I'll move into Litecoin and test the waters.

If these numbers are any indication, sure beats the card house known as Wall Street. I wish them luck when it comes down, and it will. And when that happens, imagine the surge at Bitcoin. Could happen, this year or in 20 years.

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litecoin will go on an insane surge in 2014

it should already be at least 1/4 the price of bitcoin, once gox and others add it it will.

other cryptos to watch in 2014....
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I'm glad to finally see a

I'm glad to finally see a boost in silver today! Helps with a move I'm making into more Litecoin! Now I can only hope for more of a rise in silver and a dip in Litecoin! All the middlemen are cut out!

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$23.70 Litecoin v $19.91

$23.70 Litecoin
$19.91 Silver

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$23.50 Litecoinv$19.79

$23.50 Litecoin
$19.79 silver

Buy 1 of each and take the lesson with ya. Better yet, buy one of each for your children and make them an encrypted wallet. Teach them the technology and the principles of ethical banking. Teach them the principles of security and backups. Then show them how BOA and Chase have conducted themselves.
Then show them the class action lawsuit against JP Morgan and the Comex.
Ask them what they then think of competing currencies.

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$23.75 Litecoin v $19.95

$23.75 Litecoin
$19.95 silver

Perhaps the trades could be back and forth. Both seem a value, silver is a good deal at $19.95, as manipulated as it has been all along. Better buy than on the USD or Wall Street.

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$23.19 Litecoin v $20.12

$23.19 Litecoin
$20.12 silver (unchanged, no trading)

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Why Litecoin?

Litecoin is little more than a bitcoin clone. Blocks are generated every 2.5 minutes instead of every 10 minutes, so it may support faster transaction times. The maximum number is higher. The proof of work is different, intended to make ASIC mining impossible. Is there anything else distinguishing it?

There's one thing that I know of that could make litecoin go big in 2014, and that's the support for LTC that Mt Gox says is coming in early 2014, possibly along with a few other alt coins, when they launch a new trading engine called midas. Coinbase said that they'd support LTC when Mt Gox does, and coinbase hired the litecoin inventor. All of that could cause a significant run-up just by making it easier for speculators to buy litecoin.

Is there anything else though? Or is the next phase of digital currencies going to be the speculative money chasing one near-clone of bitcoin after another?

I view them as complementary,

I view them as complementary, not in opposition.

$22.59 per Litecoin v $20.12

$22.59 per Litecoin
$20.12 per oz silver...(no change)

If Keynsian Pieces of Shit like Krugman hate Bitcoin , I have to say this could make them all go to hell.

Buy your Litecoin before it doubles. And it will, fast.
Silver is a value at these levels, although manipulated, I am going to use this as a lesson in the need for diversification.

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Litecoin $22.25 Silver (n/c)

Litecoin $22.25
Silver (n/c) $20.12

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Bitcoin reached parity with one ounce of gold

Very, very briefly:
at $1242.

$1242 was also the all-time peak for bitcoin.

I can't think of any explanation for it other than coincidence, but it's interesting.