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The New York Times Benghazi Cover-up

Kind of unreal how openly they are doing this.


"Months of investigation by The New York Times, centered on extensive interviews with Libyans in Benghazi who had direct knowledge of the attack there and its context, turned up no evidence that Al Qaeda or other international terrorist groups had any role in the assault. The attack was led, instead, by fighters who had benefited directly from NATO’s extensive air power and logistics support during the uprising against Colonel Qaddafi. And contrary to claims by some members of Congress, it was fueled in large part by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam."

If there was any doubt before, it is now official -- the New York Times is part of the American state-controlled media network.

I wonder who they could be protecting?

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Sort of makes me wish

that Hillary (my favorite sociopath) gets the Democratic nomination -
just so Benghazi and some of her other evil deeds could come back
and bite her in the ass.

I know, probably being way too optimistic...

The article should be correctly titled

"Helping Hillary: The revisionist guide to Benghazi"


ahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhhahaahaahahahahahhahaha! :)

Good counter-article

Well-written. "Benghazi, Bombs, Lies and Video-tape" by Ben Gaul

What a shady couple

Love this picture. Busy scheming away.

Hillary to Bill….

"…..I think it's time for the hitman or plane mechanic….don't you?

Well that clears the US connection to Ai Qauda

You guys are so STUPID. You fall for the same tricks over and over and wonder why you don't ever get anywhere.

I thought you left the DP

Not only that, I have absolutely no idea what this post is supposed to mean. What tricks are we falling for?

And what do you mean we never get anywhere? We invented Bicoin, a 3D printable gun, tossed out 3 colorado legislators over gun control, and have won control over the news narrative in this nation over this passed year due to the scandals proving our crackpot theories correct. What the hell are you talking about we never get anywhere?

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

How about a bit coin loan, interest free?

I stopped posting for several weeks so I could observe from an outsiders perspective what was going on DP. I am not interested in 911 Truth.. it's BS to me, so I don't post on those threads. I do not ask they be removed, or anyone banned.. I just stear clear.

So when I began posting about what amazing things I was discovering about Israel, I was quite suprized to see the ant-zionist (it is the new anti-semitiam, which I didn't know that either.. I had to research). Now I understand that 911 Truth blames Israel, not Saudi Arabia.. Israel.

And as a long time Libertarian, I was also trying to understand this "We" did this", "WE" did that. The collective mind set.. I never saw that in Libertarians before. We were all individuals who stood apart and agreed on issues.. there was never this "We". "We invented bit coin". Really.. what part did you have in inventing bit-coin?

How many presidents have been Libertarian? None. There NEVER will be. Believe what you like, but you son't understand how the game is played.. and many don't, which is why they reach for conspiracy theory and people to blame. They have issues with duel citizenships taking offices and running campaigns, but they'll be damned if they will get in and run.. things.. and I believe it is for the best, because most are so STUPID politically.. they don't know Ronert's Rules of Order, they don't jknow how to read a resplution let alone write one, they don't know how committees work, how the parties work.. they think.. "Yeah let's all get together drink beer, do a bong hit, check out tits and asses.. and wave signs..

It's gotten Libertarians NO WHERE.

Ron Paul offied us a gloden opportunity. He invited us in. Ron Paul is registered to vote REPUBLICAN, and he worked within the party his entire life except SIX months to accept the Libertarian party nomination.

There are republicans on DP.. When I stopped posting I was emailed and got phone calls from folks saying they missed me. I didn't post during Christmas as a gift to those who want me banned.. DP was very very slow. I read my name posted several times. I would say they missed me too.

While there is a collective that has it in for me.. these folks don't vote. They have serious personal issues and can't stand on their own feet, and why they desire to be a collective. We have several groups here, who have agendas, like misleading people and stoking a civil war because they really do HATE America.. they like to accuse me of having an agenda.. but I don't. I learn something on DP everyday and I enjoy it.

now you know.

Well, I didn't have to research Zionism..

I could tell that it was wrong at it's core. It is state sponsored religious establishment. That's the first thing prohibited in the bill of rights. And all humans, Jews, Palestinians, Israelis, etc. have a right to be free of a religiously established state. I'd say let the people of the land get together and decide. Obviously there are serious conflicts to that approach, of which, those conflicts are none of our forceful business.

Palestinians don't get to vote over there. They use segregated bus lines like the 1905s southern states. A population of 1.5 million people are prohibited or restricted in travel into and out of the Gaza strip. This is wrong.

Regardless, I find it against your point to claim that I'm anti-Semitic just because I'm anti-Zionist. Ron Paul was anti-Zionist. He wrote a whole chapter about it in Liberty Defined.

Also, I am interested in 9/11 truth. Yet again it's against your point to collectivize the 9/11 truth movement as a blame Israel movement. I don't blame Israel.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

That would not be correct

First, since the Jewish people have been condemned just for being born Jewish, for thousands of years globally, there is nothing wrong with a people seeking a right to live with self determination. It is correct at it's core, even as you admit in the second part of your own first paragraph.

Second, there are Israeli Palestines, Abbass Haim is my favorite actress, many Arab/Druze claim they are the luckiest of ALL Arab Palestinians to be living in Israel where they are FREE, to worship, to be part of government, to work, to play, to be educated. And let's not forget what Palestine is,, a Roman state, occupied by TURKEY, not Saudi Arabia (Arabs) until WWI, when Britton occupied Palestine for 30 years. Where's your outcry? Israel is multicultural, three languages and ALL have rights INSIDE THE PRISON WALLS. Israel is very small.. they WHOLE of Palestine was to be Jewish. The lack of Jews, it has been divided many times, where today Israel is 15% of the original agreement.

The refugee problem in the Mid- East is not because of Israel. It is because of Islam. Israel, being aware of this, removed over 450K Jewish families and gave Gaza, a beautiful community, which has the potential to become the Hong Kong of the Mid East, to the refugess who are Arab and Egyption. Gaza is under the control of Hamas and has a gate with Egypt who handles the gate no different than than Israel, the difference is Israel provides electricity, drinking water, food, gas and supplies to Gaza. The recent hard winter, Israel opened their gate and tended to Gazan's in need and provided supplies. Egypt shut the gate, and the Muslim Brotherhood banned Gaza, closed the tunnles and produced much suffering.

Trans-Jordan Palestine is ruled by Jordan, a state that was created the same day, out of the same treaties, by the same governments as Israel. So why no protest about Jordan? Even the flag of Palestine is the same as Jordan. No difference at all. Recently there was a peace agreement made with the World Bank, Jordan and Israel, that Israel supply water to Jordan and Palestine. Palestine is a FEMA camp created by the Arabs for their refugees. Very few own lands, and many sell their lands, and why Israel grows.

I could go on and on.. goodness knows how many books, films have been made, but the propeganda from the UN, a communist-Islamic fasict block is thick against Israel because Israel refuses to join the UN Agenda, and Jew hatred.

My point about being anti-Jewish, because Jews are many races and Arabs muslims are semites worked for WWII, but it does not work today,, none the less, the point is, since those who fail to condem Jordan, or any nation where there is genocide, will support a leader like Assad as he has created over 5 million refugess and murdered over hundred thousand of his own people, support Hezbollah and Hamas shooting rockets, settling bombs against JEWS, EVERYDAY, the point is, it is not Israel you are against.. after all, if the JEWS left.. what would be wrong with Israel? The Jews would be DEAD, not the land making Israel.

Ron Paul said Israel is our friend. He is not anti-zionist. Ron Paul, which I agree, says Israel should have the right to self determination and the USA should mind it's own business. It is one thing for Israel to ask for our help, it is quite another when our MIC, addicted to the genius Israel produces, meddles in Israel's business. In a way, we can thank Obama for his hatred of Israel, because there is a seperation of the ways. This is seen by Russia, India and China who have rushed to Netanyahu BEGGING for Israel to be with them, not US. Go figure. We are becoming Palestine while the world wants to be like Israel, except for Islam, which wants the world to be a Palestine refugee came, you own nothing, and your religious leader tells you what to do or you die. The Arabs purge Arabs. The abuse by Arabs to Arabs is henious. Homosexulatity is a death sentance, women are raped, and least we forget Malala, a little gitl shot in the face for wanting to read.

911 truth blames Israel. That is a fact.

Rather than anti-zionists being anti-Semites...

It sounds to me like you are anti-Muslim. Which is just as bad as an anti-Semite. Muslims live in America, yet there is no refugee problem.

Yes, Israel "provides" for Gaza. While blockading any outside influence on resources. This gives Israel near complete control over the population.

And of course Israeli soldiers shooting and killing children for throwing rocks without any repercussion. Death seems like a fitting punishment for a child throwing a rock at an armored vehicle, at least according to Israeli logic.

So Israel saw the problem in Gaza and "removed" it's citizens? Or rather saw too much backlash for forcefully displacing Gazans and attempting to prohibit Gazan access to Israeli settlements.

How about the Israeli soldiers who go on patrol in Gaza every night, break into random houses and detain the families for absolutely no other reason than psychology. And that's their nightly mission, as this former Israeli soldier outlines in his book, OUR HARH LOGIC: ISRAELI SOLDIERS TESTIMONIES FROM THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES


Zionism is wrong at its core, and any libertarian, including Ron Paul, can see this.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

since the NYT, like The Huffington Post, hates free speech

Several hours later my comment still hasn't been published


My comment


There was doubt?

Then you haven't been paying attention.

I bet this will be pushed

really far. Expect similar from other outlets soon, full court press. It's necessary for Hilary's bid for first female president :(

The bigger the lie the

The bigger the lie the better, just keep repeating it over and over again until it becomes religion.

Don't fret, the only people who buy the New York Times are the same people who watch MSNBC.

I don't think the New York Times will exist in another 10 years because print advertising is going the way of the dinosaurs.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

NYTimes' Political Endorsements...

2012 - Obama (D)
2008 - Obama (D)
2004 - Kerry (D)
2000 - Gore (D)
1996 - Clinton (D)
1992 - Clinton (D)
... and so on:

Gee, I wonder who they will endorse in 2016.