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Gary Johnson On The Record

- Gary Johnson was born January 1, 1953 in Minot, ND to Lorraine B. (née Bostow) and Earl W. Johnson.

- Gary Johnson: “The war on drugs is a miserable failure. “50% of the money for prisons and courts is spent on drugs. What we’re doing isn’t working.” But when a highly-publicized bill was coming through the legislature, which would have allowed early release of prisoners due to overcrowding, Johnson stated: “When the bill passed, I vetoed it. Some representatives (including a few who were potential allies for me) were outraged because it made them look soft on criminals.”

- Gary Johnson: “We built a couple of new, private prisons in NM. We had prisoners housed out of state, and the federal court system had been running prisons in NM under a consent decree since 1980. We are now out from under that consent decree.”

- Gary Johnson on death penalty: In 1994 Gary Johnson was elected NM Governor, campaigning as a strong proponent of the death penalty. Over the years, Johnson has altered his position. In 1996 Johnson said that he would favor the death penalty for children as young as 13 and 14 in some circumstances, and limiting appeals. In Oct. 2001, Johnson states, "Swift and sure punishment deters crime," Johnson wrote. "Currently, I do not believe that New Mexico's death penalty serves as an effective preventative measure because it is neither swift or sure." In Oct. 2001, Johnson writes, "Those opposed to the death penalty point out the disparities that exist with regard to individuals receiving the death penalty sentence. They argue persuasively that these disparities are a result of several factors including prosecutorial discretion as well as racial and economic discrimination." In Dec. 2001, Governor Johnson stated that he was wrong to propose limits on death row appeals.

- Gary Johnson: Federal funds & state involvement in fatherhood initiatives. Johnson adopted the National Governors Association policy: Any new federal funding stream designated for fatherhood initiatives should be coordinated with existing fatherhood programs, as well as with other federal funds that can be used for fatherhood initiatives, such as TANF.

- When Gary Johnson was asked, What is behind your support of NAFTA? Johnson responded, “My opinion is that the jobs we're talking about are those we generally don't want. There is shifting, and some companies have relocated to Mexico. But we've benefited far more than we have lost.”

- Gary Johnson: “If you limit contributions from an individual to, say, $1000, then I think just the opposite occurs. Then you have politicians beholden to way too many people.” In 2010, Johnson said he favored unlimited contributions by corporations as well.

- Gary Johnson: Supports a woman's right to choose and wants to keep abortion legal.

- Gary Johnson wants an end to the practice of indefinite detention of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay but does not favor closing the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.



Gary Johnson’s Strange Foreign Policy:

While Johnson positions himself as a strong anti-war candidate who wants to cut the defense budget by 43 percent, he told TheDC that he supports America’s efforts to aid African troops in tracking down Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony and that he wouldn’t rule out leaving behind American bases in Afghanistan.

Johnson said that while he wants to end the war in Afghanistan, that doesn’t mean he would necessarily stop drone attacks against terrorists in Pakistan or Yemen, even though he believes they create more enemies than they kill.

“I would want to leave all options on the table,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that while he favors withdrawing or reducing American forces based in Europe and the Far East, the Middle East is a region of the world the U.S. should remain in.

“Where strategically should we be?” he asked.

“You would think that strategically we should be in the Middle East. Should we be in the Philippines? I’m just saying that this isn’t going to be a wholesale — a 43 percent reduction, in my opinion, gets us back to 2003 funding levels and just wrings out the excess.”

Last year, The Weekly Standard reported that Johnson told the publication that he supported the concept of waging wars for humanitarian reasons despite wanting to cut the military budget by nearly half. Asked whether he stood by that, Johnson said he did.

“I don’t want to close the door that if any of us were president of the United States that we would sit idly by and watch something like the Holocaust go down,” he said.

“I don’t want to close the door on the United States involving themselves and putting a stop to that. Can we spend money on that? Yeah, I think so.”

He also noted that his mission would have differed from the current one in that he would have asked for volunteers from the military to undertake it with a more belligerent plan to “wipe ‘em out.”

“Well Congress passed the legislation to authorize us intervening, Obama signed the legislation and then eight months later we have an advisory force that goes in,” he said. “I think if I would have signed the legislation that I would have had plans to immediately ask for a volunteer force and gone in and wipe ‘em out.



Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), frequently called "the next Ron Paul" and the only libertarian in Congress, has attacked Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson on his Facebook page for Johnson's support of subsidies for the movie industry. Amash linked to a Politifact story from mid-July on Johnson's support of film credits while governor of New Mexico. Then let loose.

This appears to be the first time Amash has gone after Johnson publicly. Amash told me that although he endorsed Ron Paul in the primary, and will make no other endorsements, he will support the GOP nominee after the RNC convention.

Johnson's campaign said he was unavailable for comment on the Amash Facebook post but noted that Johnson has defended the policy in the past. In the Politifact story he stands up for his signing of the legislation saying that New Mexico has become a "second Hollywood". Politifact rated this as "half-true" saying that New Mexico is probably closer to third or fourth behind New York and Louisiana and that the film credits helped make it "player in the movie industry."



Gary Johnson criticizes Obama for leaving gay marriage up to the states:



For a list of other potential candidates:


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You beat me to the punch.

In my suggesting to you the notion of [tweaking or] removing the "Gary Johnson cites the Environmental Protection Agency as an example of good government" point, it occurred to me that you may react negatively toward the notion of simply shortening your list. I do respect the effort you put forth in creating it. It then occurred to me to suggest a compromise, that you replace that point with a point I hadn't yet seen on your list - Gary's nationalist perspective on [gay] marriage. Voilà! I peek in here today and see that you beat me to it and [unknowingly] foiled my attempt to use it as a point of negotiation. Drat! Anyway, thanks for the addendum. It's pure Gary and a well posted point with a good link.

No negotiation necessary.

I took it out until it can be officially verified. Thank you for bringing it to my attention :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Go Gary!

one of the good guys. hope he returns to gop just to get
a libertarian message into the debates!

More added...

see thread ^

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Good work.

Gary doesn't know jack about the Constitution, and that is a real shame. We need more guys like Ron Paul and Larry McDonald.

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

Thank you, Stonewall.

I will need to look in to Larry McDonald. Is he past or present?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I wish he was still alive :(


Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

Hamilton must be the litmus test. Find out where Gary stands

Find out where Gary Johnson stands on Alexander Hamilton.

Does Gary Johnson laud Hamilton or not?

If he does, don't ever elect Johnson to Congress. If he doesn't laud him, then we need him in office.


I will have to admit that this is over my head; I am not a historian and have much to learn. I am attempting to accumulate data based upon record/fact, however if you and/or others could provide verifiable information I would be more than happy to include it.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Just have the audience ask him where he stands

Ask him what his view is on Alexander Hamilton?

That should provide all the insight the audience ought to know. What did he think of his views exactly? Hint: There was nothing real good about Hamilton...


it might be somewhat interesting or even quite revealing how Gary might respond to such a question, but if his previous answers to similar questions are any measure, I imagine [just as Stonewall has pointed out that Gary is not a particularly up-to-snuff USConstitution buff] that he would claim to not be enough of a historian to go anywhere of substance with an answer to such a question.

Who cares about Tim Johnson. This is Daily Paul

...not Daily...

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Herbert Spencer sent me... ;)

- Gary Johnson cites the Environmental Protection Agency as an example of good government.

I'm quite curious about this point. Please provide a link or reference to the actual context in which Gary uses the terms "Environmental Protection Agency" and "good government"
in the same sentence [or paragraph].

Here is the context,

keeping in mind that I did not utilize quotes for a reason.

He cites the Environmental Protection Agency as an example of good government.[14]


which links [14] to:



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Thanks for the links!

After poring through your links perhaps you might be interested in tweaking your point to something like...

- Wikipedia cites a spin artist who cites Gary Johnson as citing the Environmental Protection Agency as an example of good government.

Of course then that would have you citing that Wikipedia cites a spin artist who cites Gary Johnson as citing the Environmental Protection Agency as an example of good government.

Or, if you're no longer good with that, you could just remove the point from your list. ;)

Thanks for the reddit link.

He has posted a lot on reddit. His stance on NASA is interesting: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1slr6u/lets_talk_nsa_h...

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

I find the "On The Record"

I find the "On The Record" series generally fair, but shouldn't the persons positives also be spelled out?

I agree Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul and sometimes he is more Republican than Libertarian, however he became a Libertarian because of his shunning by the GOP. Same thing that happened to Ron. I'd support Gary and Ron over the majority of Republicans by a country mile.

"shouldn't the persons positives also be spelled out?"

The reason that I do not include the positives is that in my opinion, would pave the way toward promoting lessers of evil. My goal is to encourage others to hold politicians to the same or higher standard of Justin Amash, Ron Paul, Lee Bright, and others.

Of course nobody will ever be 100% among 100% of the people, but I feel that this is something that we should continuously strive for.

One example that I will cite is Pat Toomey. Toomey is in fact very conservative with a very impressive voting record. However, Toomey also drafted legislation to register/regulate firearms in the state of Pennsylvania (thankfully this legislation failed). One single bad vote is all that it takes to transform our way of life and demean the Constitution, as has been happening for decades.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

The problem ...

... with Gary Johnson is that he does not REALLY believe that government is inherently bad/dangerous, because he does not grasp the Non-Initiation Principle.

For that reason, he is not REALLY a libertarian. Like many people, he is confused and constantly trying to figure out what he believes.

Libertarian ideas just seem to make "more sense" to him than other ideas, in general, but he is not rooted in a philosophical sense. He is still searching.

He's better than John McCain or Harry Reid because unlike them, Gary Johnson is not an evil man. But he is not a consistent, principled libertarian, either.

Well I don't agree Johnson is that bad, over the years of change

Over the years Johnson has changed positions so many times, it's hard to keep track. He changed position on criminal possession, changed position on marijuana and changed position again on domestic crime.

Today, he actually believes privatized prisons run by real companies are better. He also declared we should release all victimless crimes, and has come a lot further towards freedom as of late.

Granted, I trust others like Glenn Beck as well so I'm not saying there aren't flaws with Gary Johnson. I just wouldn't say they are enough to ignore the positives.

I think Johnson would make a fine President of the Senate and probably nothing higher. Or even a Senate Pro Tempor. He does seem to have shifted over the years.

Johnson is changing all the time...

He is gullible at best, he makes no sense to me. These are establishment sites bashing him, but the quotes by him are real. I agree with Ron Paul on almost everything, and I can predict his opinion on issues because I understand his world view.



Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"


despite leaving out little things like:

Ending the fed OK, but that's only part of the solution. (Aug 2011)

Eliminate corporate income tax as real way to create jobs. (Jun 2011)

Zero tolerance for violence against government employees. (Aug 2001)

Built private prisons to replace out-of-state prisoners. (Aug 2012)
Private prisons cost $20 less/day than public control. (Aug 2012)

More federal funding for all aspects of Drug War. (Aug 2000)

No student loans; they cause higher tuition. (Nov 2011)

Give every student in New Mexico vouchers worth $3,500. (Jul 2011)

Supports nuclear power. (Aug 2011)

I accept global warming but not cap-and-trade. (Jun 2011)

Kyoto Treaty must include reductions by all countries. (Aug 2000)

Support State Revolving Loan Fund for flexible Clean Water. (Aug 2001)

Federal funds & state involvement in fatherhood initiatives. (Aug 2001)

NAFTA benefits New Mexico; jobs lost are those we don't want. (Jan 2001)

Unlimited campaign contributions by corporations. (Jul 2011)

Full disclosure, but no limits on campaign donations. (Jan 2001)

More federal funding for rural health services. (Aug 2001)

1 strike & you're out for legal immigrants who violate terms. (Nov 2011)

Let some, but not all, illegal immigrants stay in US. (Nov 2011)

Open the border; flood of Mexicans would become taxpayers. (Jan 2001)

Mexican immigrants are pursuing same dreams we all have. (Jan 2001)
Share costs of legal immigration between states & federal. (Feb 2001)

Calls himself classical liberal; others prefer libertarian. (Jun 2011)

Raise the retirement age to 70 or 72. (Aug 2012)

Level playing field for Main Street vs. Internet sales tax. (Aug 2001)

We wiped out al Qaeda 10 years ago; leave Afghanistan. (Jun 2011)

Afghan War initially warranted, but not for 10 years. (May 2011)


He is also a board member of MRFF

"I am proud to join the Military Religious Freedom Foundation's Advisory Board and stand along Mikey Weinstein in the fight for separation of church and state in our United States armed forces.

As someone who has climbed Mt. Everest, I know how fierce mountains can be. One man alone, Mikey Weinstein, has moved governmental mountains when it comes to disallowing religious proselytization in the military." ~ Gary Johnson

Poke around on the site and see what they stand for, the quote at the top of the site is truly scary in my opinion:

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

Why does taking religion out

Why does taking religion out of the military's system of initiation frighten you?

Currently, religion is used (quite effectively) to control behavior and convince service people to take lives and be willing to die given the order to do so. Consequently, US soldiers have been given the idea they are fighting a holy war of sorts, when in fact the fights have been over oil and regional influence.

Soldiers may be more willing to die if they are spun a religious story to rationalize an irrational act and the PTSD cases that come from the horrific clash between the fantasy warrior scenario at odds with the reality of blowing up and shooting innocent civilians, women and children.

Did you read the qoute I did?

Did you read the quote I did? Do you agree with it?

"When one proudly dons the U.S military uniform, there is only one religious symbol: the American flag.There is only one religious scripture: the American Constitution. Finally, there is only one religious faith: American patriotism."

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

Why even frame these things

Why even frame these things in a religious point of view? For me, the touchstone for everything is the Constitution, not a bible, not a flag.

And your point is?....

I gave you the quote from the founder of the org Johnson belongs to.
Johnson is linked to that view by his own choice.

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"