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2 Truths

This is in reply to some no planer threads and I believe it's important enough a thought to share in it's own thread.

What I believe based on everything I have seen on all topics is this.

You must get people to argue to diffuse focused energy.
If the energy if focused, the people will take you down.

They must get us arguing.

What if,

1. the video of the plane hitting is not of that day,
but a faux rendering of a digital plane.

2. The actual plane hit we don't see on video.

This is one possible interpretation. And I believe something similar to this is closer to the truth.

I saw it with the Boston bombing. Actors or no actors.

Why not both ?!

There was a second bomb further down the road. Perhaps that is where the actors were situated.

This means that effectively you have 2 truths. And they can be played off each other. With both groups correct, yet in eternal conflict.

I believe this is how it is operated. Show multiple truths and pitch them against differing groups for conflict.

It will turn those feeling for the victims against those suggesting there are no victims, only actors.

I keep this in mind for everything now.
I do believe there are multiple opposing truths used against us.

There is not one truth, but two.


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In the case of the Federal Reserve, 2 truths is 3....

1. We taper.
2. We hike interest rates as we taper.
3. We also rig the price index. (COMEX)


is not televised or sponsored or the campaign...truth is leavening and it is about to burst through in concentrated bloom and promise.

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