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Video: Glenn Greenwald Keynote Speech at 30C3, Hamburg, Germany

Excellent speech! Boing Boing calls it a must watch:


Yesterday in Hamburg, Glenn Greenwald gave an astounding, must-watch keynote address to the gathered hackers at the 30th Chaos Communications Congress, or 30C3 (Greenwald starts at 4:36). Greenwald excoriated the press for failing to hold the world's leaders to account, describing what he did with the Snowden leaks as challenge to the journalistic status quo as well as the political status quo. This is a leaping-off point for an extended riff on the active cooperation between the press and the national security apparatus, an arrangement calculated to give the appearance of oversight on surveillance activities without any such oversight (for example, BBC reporter expressed shock when he said that the role of the press should be to root out lies from senior spies, saying that generals and senior officials would ever lie to the public).

Greenwald draws a connection between private companies and spying, expressing hope that Internet giants will finally understand that their profitability is endangered by their collaboration with spies. He describes these companies as having "unparalleled power" to curb state spying.

He exhorted the hackers at 30C3 to do their best to make the Internet as secure for its users as possible, saying that without their contributions, all is lost. He urges them to strike back at Silicon Valley intelligence collaborators like Palantir, who pose as hip and technie to attract bright young people to help with their mission to attack privacy.

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very inspiring. I hope the

very inspiring. I hope the media moves in this direction and makes the fake media go away

Anybody else have several serious audio problems?

For instance @ ~ 38:00 when Glenn goes off with things he's already said before, many sentences are garbled & nearly inaudible, it seems only to happen significantly when Glenn starts to smash points.

Since it's Skype, owned by Microsnooze that cooperates with NSA including helping NSA hack Skype, I probably shouldn't be surprised. But I had many significant audio problems when trying to listen to this.

Standing Ovation

I rarely comment on Greenwald/Snowden... this is an absolute MUST SEE.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Anyone good with encryption programs?

Wow! Very informative. I think we should ALL look into using these incription programs he mentioned: trucrypt, ogr, pgp...

Does anyone have any expertise in these? It would be great to have some informative threads on this filed under Technology.

Thank you


Heroically moving!

Thx for sharing

Governments' true goal . . .

One of the goals that Glen cited was the notion that governments would like their spying to promote conformity in behavior. I don't necessarily disagree with this . . . but it poses the question: doesn't Snowden's leaks actually serve to promote this goal? And if so, isn't Glen's proactive work in disclosing these leaks actually (also) working on behalf of the government's goal?