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The Grey Wolf: An Example of How ONE Person, Caring for the Free Market, Handles Saving a Species

Hank Fisher, an enviropreneur (not exactly sure who coined this word, but it does fit!) chose to take a libertarian approach to the decline of the Grey Wolf population in Montana. Rather than recruiting the statist Game and Fish Department to go after ranchers who shoot wolves on their property, he chose to approach them directly. He set up a fund to compensate them for losses and give them incentives to support the growth of the wolf population. To see how it turned out:


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The only good wolf is a DEAD

The only good wolf is a DEAD wolf. Especially when they are a hybrid wolf that never ever ever existed in that part of the country.

I can get behind the plan of reintroducing species that are or near extinction levels to protect the species. Wether it's via a federal program or not is debateable, but this hybrid wolf is larger than the original and it is really decimating a lot of ungulate populations.

Wolves, unlike other apex predators, kill just to kill and it has been well documented that they will kill or mortaly wound a prey species and leave it there dead or dying, never to return. They DO kill for sport or practice.

Wolfs, lions, etc, don't usually go after the weak and the sick, that is a myth. Just as many strong and healthy ungulates get killed by wolves and cats.

OK, I see your point. But my point in posting this

was that statist solutions that protect the wolves are far worse than this man's. The comment below also made valid points that I hope you have read.

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Would you rather have the elk starve through overpopulation?

That's what was happening in Yellowstone, before the wolf was re-introduced.

Many animals kill for sport or fun: cats, dolphins, orcas, lions, otters, fishers, chimps, bears, etc.

Also, do you hate dogs? Dogs are just domesticated wolves.

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