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Snowden's Legal Advisor On Meet the Press: "He kept his oath to follow the Constitution"

Edward Snowden's U.S. legal advisor Ben Wizner was interviewed today (12/29) on Meet the Press.

In the 1st clip below, David Gregory (no friend of liberty) states that Snowden "took an oath to not disclose classified information" to which Wizner retorted, "That's not right. He took an oath to follow the Constitution."

Ben Wizner is an excellent advisor for Snowden to have acquired.

There is other good content in these video clips.

Here is the clip with the main quotes from my post:

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To see the entire interview from the beginning, go here and let it keep playing. There are 3 segments with short breaks between each one:

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Greenspan is protecting Israel

Thank you Greenspam for looking out for Israel!!!

All I am trying to do

is to make people look on the other side of the coin, to dig a little, to not accept everything at face value, especially if Big Media is involved. I'm asking people to research the people behind ES and GG, who funds or puts up the seed money for organizations, charities and Foundations. Who gets funding for what, from whom. Laura Poitras for example.
It's the people behind the "personalities" who really REALLY count, and there are some nasty people behind this whole NSA saga, simply because there is a struggle going on for control of, not only the internet, but the populace.
I know you wont read this, or will find a way of shooting the messenger, instead of researching the message, but this well written, well researched article goes someway to explain many of the reasons of why I doubt the ES GG "story".
I'm not asking people to "change-their-minds"…just to keep an open one, to entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, we are being played like a finely tuned fiddle.

You shouldn't get downvoted for saying be suspicious

Greenwald is not a good guy. I don't know enough about Snowden to speculate. But Greenwald still may be helping us.

I agree, and have said, this smells like a power struggle. This isn't happening with intention to benefit us.

But it still may benefit us. I can't see how sunlight is bad here.

This smells like a nuclear option being employed. It looks to me like one power perceives an existential threat from another power, and is thus willing to risk a shift toward freedom if they aren't to be the ones in control.

Hypothetically, if you're a power used to running things, you do not want to become little people. So you will risk a lot to stay in power, and if you are not to be in power, you don't much care anymore about protecting the apparatus of power. In fact a master who knows he is about to become a slave might see fit to destroy some whips and chains on the way down.

But it's always good to be suspicious.

I don't mind being down voted,

and the people who down vote do it anonymously, very rarely putting forward anything that shows me that
the conclusions I have come to are way off base….usually it is just personal attacks, which leads me to believe that we aren't suppose to question the ES GG story.

deacon's picture

With one difference

One should know,one is learning how it works
Do not lump all together based on what you think they should know
One knows,but denies,one wants,and is learning how things should be
Remember,we are in this together,help others learn,then we all grow

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Why the downvote? Is there a Neo-Con Republican on here?

I guess it's entirely possible that plenty of War-Mongering NeoCons are offended by Edward Snowden following the Constitution.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul