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ABC's 'This Week' Game Changer: Edward Snowden (VIDEO)

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What Peter King said about

What Peter King said about terrorists now changing their tactics is just an outright lie. One of the most disingenuous lies told. And it's glaringly obvious that it's not true. I think they just say outright lies knowing half the population will ignorantly believe them.

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Blessed are those persecuted

Blessed are those persecuted for the sake of righteousness.

Shame to those who call real global issues a game and who support government run by secrets. Too often our national and international affairs are reported as some grand game. No this is not a game. Also at least prove one example where our security has been compromised because of these revaluations. Why are the media defending liars?

What a disgusting piece of

What a disgusting piece of propaganda. "A hacker" that "some" believe.....; "in the name of terror". They show Clapper LYING and don't call it for what it is, perjury. Nope, they pass it off as "truth". ETC...ETC....ETC....ETC... HOLY SHIT!!!!! Talk about brainwashing. Every other word is hand picked to form a SPECIFIC opinion (hint: not the right one.).

Barracchio talkin' 'bout gettin' Snowden in custody?

How 'bout we get Barracchio in custody?

Then Barracchio says, "The values that we've got as Americans... aaahhh, aahh, are ones we have to be willing to apply beyond our borders."
What values you got Barracchio?
Don't be sayin' WE Barracchio.
There ain't no WE.
You got no values Barracchio!

Legislation is not enough.

I am the People. It is MY money. For starters, I want that Utah NSA Spy Center DISMANTLED!


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

So typical....

Isn't that special how ABC tells this story in a way that makes the government out to be the victim,and makes Snowden sound like the vial perpetrater of this crime.......

Once again

They attack the messenger as someone who "fracture international relations", not the people who were actually doing the fracturing. It's like your best friend has a cheating spouse and you tell her/him, and it's your fault for hurting their relationship.

Yea, But, WE Know Edward Snowden Is A Hero

Long live Edward Snowden - The man who broke this who NSA thing WIDE OPEN..