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Why the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Controversy Could Hurt Democrats

The left thinks everyone who opposes gay marriage is some bigot like Phil Robertson. That intolerance could come back to sting Democrats in November.

Until very recently I had no idea who or what Duck Dynasty was. But now I, along with the rest of the English-speaking world, know far more about Duck Dynasty than I care to. But I am preparing myself for the reality that I will be hearing those two words endlessly over the course of the next year. Because unlike many media scandals that come and go after a 24 hour news cycle, I believe the Duck Dynasty controversy will have legs. Not only will the controversy linger, it might reignite the culture war that has traditionally hurt Democrats, especially in off-year elections when older, whiter voters have turned out more.

The backlash to the attack on Robertson was a reminder that the White House, the DNC, and progressive activists could soon find themselves living in an America in which those who think like Phil Robertson are calling the shots, because there are still just enough of them to take control of both houses come this November and quite possibly the White House in 2016.


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another duck story

It really quacks me up.