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Does anybody watch "Person of Interest"?

I did a search here to see if anyone had posted about the storyline of this TV show and I didn't see anything directly related so I'm posting this today. I'm a fan of the CBS show, "Person of Interest". It's a big-brother type story about an all-knowing super computer that the government had developed for post 9/11 surveillance of "terrorism" but the creator of the technology left in a back door that allows him to get information that will help he and his team save the lives of people that are at risk, but not involved in terrorism because the machine is supposed to ignore those scenarios.

So the machine has developed it's own AI and it's actually moved itself to an undisclosed location and the government wants to find it again for obvious reasons. But there are some recent storylines that seem very intriguing to me. One of them is a rogue group of liberty-loving privacy protecting vigilantes that are violently going after people in big business and government that are responsible for the deterioration of our civil liberties and privacy rights. That story is alarming because it seems like it paints anyone who wants to protect civil liberties and privacy as terrorists.

But the most recent storyline is even more interesting. The final episode that aired just before the holiday break found the team trying to protect a surveillance system developer from being harmed and it turned out that the team leader knew the guy because they were buddies in college and worked in the same circles as young men. It turns out that this guy, that they were trying to protect, had been working on an AI-type surveillance system for the government as well but he was trying to say that the project had been shut down by the government because some other system developer had already made a working machine. This clearly referring to the machine the team leader had built and still had back door access to.

But the more interesting part to me was when the two systems developers were talking about all the government projects, the one being protected said that there had been several projects underway but all pretty much shutdown when the working one went online. He said something to the effect of Congress breathing down the necks of the security agencies because of reported "Civil Liberty" violations and the government essentially offered up the "Prism" program as something they could release knowledge of to the public and then kill the program to make people think they had won a civil liberty battle. He said they didn't care about Prism because it never really worked anyway. All while the real machine was still in secret and would it's existence would never see the light of day.

Interesting how they've woven the Prism program into the show given the fact that the whole program was unknown until just a bit before this last season began in the fall. The Civil Liberty Domestic Terrorist group also seemed to come out of left field. The show already has so many story arcs going it was very odd that they would throw in another. And it seems clumsily done in my opinion.

But anyway, I just thought it was an interesting angle that the government may be serving up Prism on a platter just to hide the main course. I'm also not saying I think this is the case. I just thought it was an interesting angle.

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This show sounds like a

This show sounds like a prequel to Continuum, which is a show about time traveling libertarian terrorists fighting off against a morally conflicted, technologically omniscient, corporate, private police officer.

I think I've seen the Continuum ad but I haven't caught the show

I will say that Person of Interest is pretty well done overall as far as a story arc. A bit outlandish but they walk the line pretty well.

And I understand many here don't watch anything on network TV.

I'm not quite so hardcore on that front so having said that, does anyone still have any opinion?