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Critics: Nanny Bloomberg's Final Act Will Actually Hurt Public Health

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will sign into law Monday a ban on using electronic cigarettes anywhere conventional cigarette use is prohibited. Critics says the new restriction may – contrary to its stated intent – harm public health.


Charles Connor, former president and CEO of the American Lung Association, is one notable opponent of the new rule.

"Above all else, the role of our government should be to further advance the nation's efforts to reduce the harm and death toll caused by combustible tobacco products," Connor said.

"Electronic cigarettes are poised to revolutionize the tobacco industry by one day making traditional cigarettes obsolete," said Connor, whose mother died last December from smoking-related lung failure. "By impulsively and inaccurately lumping vaping in with traditional cigarette smoking, a ban on these game-changing devices will discourage other smokers from trying a positive alternative."


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I'm sorry

But Bloomberg is a scumbag POS!