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How the plummeting value of the dollar, the value of gold, and inflation are connected and how it affects all of us.

"The Fed has created a system where debt is now equal to money. This is why big purchases like cars, housing, and even going to college are only feasible by mortgaging your future for many decades. Since the payments are broken down into tiny monthly installments many people pay little attention to the true cost of things over their lifetime. Yet over this time, the U.S. dollar has lost a tremendous amount of purchasing power due to inflation. Inflation slowly eats away at your purchasing power yet having access to debt has given the middle class the false impression that they are still protected from the unraveling impacts of inflation."


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that's all i freakin get?

a bunch of yokels? Wait, is this the dailypaul?

When did common sense become a super power? –Patrick F. Holman

Federal Reserve complicit in rigging the price index!

Gold and all price markets manipulated, put options rig the trade markets openly..

"GIN: You said the motive for gold manipulation is to control interest rates and bond rates?

CP: If you read the academic paper on GATA’s internet site called Gibson’s Paradox and the Gold Standard, that paper analyzes the historical relationship between gold and real interest rates. If you read it, I think you will indeed find that there is a historic relationship. And indeed, gold is pretty much by definition a determinant of currency value and interest rates — and by extension, government bond prices.

Gold is a terribly important determinant of the value of other financial instruments. We have collected a lot of Department of State memorandums, CIA memos and documents throughout history about the importance the US government places on controlling the gold price. Many central bankers have made statements signifying that the gold price is of great concern. Governments have always sought to control the gold price and that’s what the gold standard was really about."


Solution, begin debate to abolish the Federal Reserve forever...

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Excellent article.

Thanks for the link.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Make sure to read this article.

Deserves a read


Here's the solution

I second

that. ANd fuck yes.

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