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President Putin. It is time to Issue Letters of Marque and Reprisal With a Bounty Going After All Parties Behind the Attacks in

The attacks on the Russian people should not go without retaliation against those who are responsible. in six weeks the Winter Olympics will open in Sochi Russia. President Putin is standing with Syria supporting Assad against foreign fighters trying to topple the leadership. Prince Vandar of Saudi Arabia has threatened Putin if he does not back off from Syria. The Saudi Prince made the threat says to use the terrorism to attack the 2014 Winter Games.

These attacks look like they have all the finger prints of an Al Qaeda/CIA/ and Massad operation behind the attacks. The people maybe were recruited in Chechnya to carry out these bombings in Volgograd. The truth will come out. Russia stands in the way of the bankers dominating the world. They are standing in the way for not allowing the globalist having their way. President Putin must respond to these attacks on his people. If he does not act soon. His leadership will be called into question. To me I say an eye for an eye.

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I wouldn't be surprised to see prince Bandar's head on display

I wouldn't be surprised to see prince Bandar's head on display in red square under a glass jar. I'm sure Putin is itching to go get him. The Saudis have gotten so unbelievably brazen, and aggressive. Then again, maybe he'll invite Bandar bush for tea. "One lump of pollonium or two?"

I would sign on for that

Stop these socialists before each part of the Middle East begins to self implode from all angles!!

Put a bounty on the U.N. troops going after Syria, training the IDF, who are invading Jordan and Egypt.