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A Lesson in Financial Responsibility

I have four sisters - three of whom were already adults when I was a young child and another which I grew up with that is a couple of years older than me. I am the youngest of the bunch and the only boy. I love them all dearly, but as children, my closest sibling and I were treated differently.

While my sister was an able manipulator that could always get her way, I was "cursed" with the gene of honesty. For my sister, life has always been akin to the saying, "Ask and you shall receive," while for me, it was more like, "Ask and they shall tell you to save up your allowance." Alas, it seems I've always been destined to earn everything that I wanted and/or thought I needed.

Over the course of my childhood, I became sore and jaded due to my seeming misfortune - only later to realize that it was a blessing in disguise. As adolescence transitioned into adulthood, my parents continued to subsidize my sister's poor financial decisions. Rather than paying her bills, she would buy a new purse or the like with peace of mind insured by someone else's wallet. Her irresponsible behavior still persists due to the looming moral hazard.

On the other hand, I grew to be frugal over the years. If I can't afford something, I have no problem refraining. Looking back, I'm grateful and couldn't have asked for a better upbringing. Although I'm not a religious man, I feel that I've been truly blessed.

All other variables being equal, I was raised in a libertarian model while - in parallel - my sister was raised in a modern liberal model. I've had the privilege to witness first hand the results of both. It has molded me into what I am today.

I hope my experience can serve to help others.



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Great post!!

I grew up under the model that it was easier to earn money for something I wanted than to get it from my parents.

The government has adopted your sister's philosophy.

Does she also apply for another credit card to pay the minimum payments on the others?


I've known people who've paid one credit card with another, but as far as I know, she hasn't done it. Why should she? All she has to do is give a hard luck story to one of our folks.

Everyone read this article

Then don't pause until you read this...