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Father of slain Tsarnaev associate pens letter to Obama, alleges FBI deliberately killed son

The father of Ibragim Todashev, former friend of alleged Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, has released an open letter to President Barack Obama calling for justice after his son’s murder. Todashev was killed by FBI agents in May.

Abdulbaki Todashev’s letter includes photos of his son’s bullet-ridden body and his bloodstained Orlando, Florida apartment. Ibragim was shot to death by an FBI agent accompanied by two Massachusetts State Troopers, according to Boston magazine.

Also included is a photo of Ibragim’s knee following a surgery he had in March, which the senior Todashev says is proof that his son posed no harm to the FBI agent who killed him.

Read more: http://rt.com/usa/todashev-father-letter-obama-998/

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reminds me of this sheik

he said Muslims will do everything they can to help other muslims.. lie for them, blames others for them.. do everything to clear them even if they are guilty, because they are not guilty according to Islam.. those who kill infidels are HEROS.. the more infidels they kill the bigger heros they are.

Bombing infildels good.. American government bad.

Got it.

And FBI will murder people who know too much

Family photos of murder scene....yeah, they are Muslim, but the camera doesn't lie. I'm friends with his widow Reni on facebook. She uploaded these pics in July, these are just a few. As you can see, the FBI story didn't go down as they claim. Also, Todashev had just undergone knee surgery and was on crutches.









Reni's interview on RT



RT is a communist network that LIES. Communist and Islam have an agreement for a NWO through the UN Agenda.. so if they can get you to HATE what you've got, what they got for you isn't want I want for America.

I have emailed Nystrom and asked permission to post what I have learned, so until I get permission to post.. I am going to respect Nystrom.. I'm well aware of the censoreship, Maybe I know too much when I have to ASK permission to post?

Maybe you're falling for a trap when you reference RT and PRESS TV?

You didn't even think about asking permission to post, that's how much you know.

PS Mistakes, accidents, corruption happen.. thats a fact and they are NOT the norm, but exceptions.. so when you make the exceptiuons as if they are the norms.. you are contributing to a lie. And what you have to offer.. I wouldn't want that for my dogs, let alone family, neighbors and community.

Granger. What she says is not BS

She is interviewed on American radio also, not just Commie media outlets. Her husband was murdered and it has nothing to do with him being Muslim. It's what he knew and they didn't want him to talk.

First they said he attacked them with a knife. Then they changed the story to him attacking them with a metal pole. And then they backtracked again and said it was a broomstick. The family pics showed the broom was in the usual spot: http://imgur.com/pCIlw5n

So then they had to change their story again. Then they changed the story to him flipping the table over on them, which everyone knows is a deadly weapon.

So Granger, the BS is not coming from the evil Muslims or the Commie media. It's coming from your Red, White and Blue great American government.

USA! USA! USA! Here is another interview from Reni by NON Commie media.


USA! USA! USA! USA! Love it!!!!

I have emailed Nystrom asking permission to post information that I have and profiteer of fear like AJ won't touch. I would not blame Nystrom for not wanting to ge there.. but I'm not going to buy into this BS.. NWO of Sharia (useful idiots of cowardly communist collectives) while conspiracy frauds control those without COMMON SENSE to think for themselves.

You don't like USA? You not willing to do what Ron Paul asked and get in the GOP and fight back civilly?? Wise up.

Can't wait, Granger!

I wonder why he's been slow to get back to you.

My guess

And I'm not joking that it is a guess..

When I made my posts about Israel.. I was IGNORANT, because I have no interest in 911 truth threads.. sometimes I fall into one (clinking on a comment rather than a topic post), but I really had no clue of the profound anti-zionist population on DP, and I believe Nystrom believes me that I did not make those posts to start a "riot" on DP.. So he gave me another chance, and I for the most part, no longer post about what amazing wonderful things going on in Israel.

I did not make a long email or go into any detail, and suggested that if he was not interested in my subject to not respond to my email, and if he was, to give me the rules, because I respect Nystrom, want him to LOVE DP.. and we all know I have a way of causing riots here.

I believe he wants to enjoy his page with happy, loving, peacefulled hope and interesting topics.. dipping into conspiracy theory entertainment, where bashing Israel is the root, and if I don't like it, I know where the door is.

Nothing wrong with that, eh?

Nystrom knows his subscribers and fans way more than I do, so I trust him that he is doing what's best for DP.

Hey granger, why are you so hateful towards islam?

I don't think the average everyday Muslim goes around causing suffering, just as I don't think the average everyday anybody does.

I do think that there are evil people in this world that are responsible for death and destruction. Suffering and oppression. I think they come in all varieties too.


Islam is a New World Order I reject

What do you know about Islam? My bet not much. And if you're like most Americans, you don't know a thing. Or you buy into this multiculturalism BS and are willing to give your freedom away to "be nice", to people who have NO respect for you (smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend) if you are not them.. and by the looks of things, (happening NOW) the genocide in Sudan, the genocide in Malasia, the exucutions, suicide bombings, the attack on our constitution for Sharia law.. Do you read the news?

Islam are FASCISTS,, and that's OK by you?

I think you don't have a clue what's going on.. Kumbaya.

How they treat women is dispictable. They make the Catholic Church molestations look like childs play by comparison, and they wax on as if they are doing little girls favors by having sex.. genital mutalations, Burkas, executions, abuductions, suicide bombings, rockets not food programs.

I don't believe a word a Muslim has to say to me. It is their duty to lie to me and all infidels. I see that duty and I take it seriously. It's called RESPECT.. I RESPECT their mission and I REJECT their gloablization, and I don't see any innocents.. I see fraud, I see a WAR ON America..

Could you break your position down to me rationally

Instead of starting out hostile and aggressively. It automatically makes me very defensive and its hard for me to break down those walls in pursuit of truth, once they have already gone up.

Also, do you think there is a reason that you get so hostile? I mean, why you dig deep into your emotional reservoir to try and express opinion. I ask because its a terribly ineffective way of persuasion, and it seems like it is compensating for some sort of shortfall, possibly in your argument; or maybe just in your emotional/spiritual development?

Is it maybe a method to convince yourself that you are right and that you know the truth, or maybe a way to keep out other possibilities of what truth is to protect your pride.

You know, I have never argued with you before. When I respond to you, it is typically because I agree with your sentiment or have something fruitful to add. I just see alot of pain and suffering in your posts. I knew this would be the outcome, but hey. Where angels fear to tread, fools rush in.


I don't know

You have insulted me suggesting that I am irrational, agressive, hosilt, emotionally and spiritually under-developed, in pain, suffering and a fool.

How do I break through that wall? I don't know.

Do you know what Taqyiia is?

I am calling myself a fool for starting this dialouge

As I was worried you would attack me. You didn't and I am grateful.

I also wasn't suggesting that you were all those things, just perhaps that you harbored some kind of negativity, as sometimes your posts can be very negative.


I will look it up. And I will get back to you after the new years. This is my last post of 2013. Gonna spend the rest of the evening with my family.


RE: Wayne Dyer

I havent forgot about you

Thanks for the link by the way.

as for your previous question, I am doing my reading. As in all things, this does not appear to be as black and white as is convenient.

Hope you had a good new years.



You are welcome!! I hoped that you would like that link. :D

I believe you have your prioities straight when you told me you were going to spend New Years with your family.

I hope that you and your family have a healthy and happy 2014 that perpeuates many, many, more. If only more people put their family's first! Kudos!!

Ok granger, round two

It seems as though there can be and are many different interpretations of the function taqyiia serves for your average everyday Muslim. There is a much bigger difference between the understanding of a concept amongst an intellectual class and the rest of there particular social group than between the common man in different social groups.

This is true in so many cases, I believe it would be careless to avoid it. I never paint with a broad brush. Especially when it comes to condemnation. I have befriended many Muslims in my life. To believe that they were all just pretending is absurd. To believe that EVERY Muslim is engaging in an act of deceit everytime they are interacting with someone from another religion is likewise absurd.

Have you ever looked into the history of the effect that the militant Turks of the 12-15th century had on the development of Arabian Islam?

just curious.

When I put things in historical context, it is alot easier for me to understand the development of cultural behavior.

My biggest problem with your take on this whole thing is that at the end of the day you believe we need the state. Sharia law is just another form of statism than what we practice. Which is responsible for more suffering? Depends on who you ask.



"many different interpretations", just another "broad brush"?

Take the Hawai'ian word "Aloha". It means "Hello", "Goodbye" and "Love", but no matter which way it's used, it's a word that implys LOVE.

Taqiyya is spelled many ways, makes it very hard for a dyslexic, and if I need to have an imam or sheik interpret it for me, then it is a word that is deceptive. So ultimately Taqiyya means DECEPTION, no matter how I cut it.. after all, it's what the word means to me is what matters to me.

I believe "what is a friend" is much different for you than me. I know Muslims and they are friendly. Does that make them a friend? No. Friendly? Yes. Friend? No.

Actually, I thought at one time I was making a friend who was explaining to be her conversion, when her "brother", sternly told her to LEAVE. I've seen her around.. and she's a slave IMO. Can't talk to me or "prostitutes" like me who don't completely cover myself. It's interesting as Muslims move into an area their true colors show, especially when they feel strnghened by the progressive left's multiculturism salad.. and so, NO, I don't think anyone who is a Muslim is going to be my friend by their own choice. Friendly? YES (to a point.. after all, if I want to make a purchase, spend money, give things.. they are friendly).

Have I ever looked at the Second Jihad? What about it? (12-15 century question).

When I put things in a historical context, I pick what context.. I studied Art History, my father was into military history and when we went through Europe he shared with us the military history. I put cultural development in technological history.

Yes, I believe there should be a limited state, government. I read a great article about how Anarchist become Jihadists, because the Anarchist can not answer the Jihadist question: "What have you got?"

Anarchists have got a world vision of I AM FORCED INTO SLAVERY BY GOVERNMENT so government is BAD. Don't ever say Allah is bad, you'll lose your head.

Thank you for the discussion.


But, according to the Bible and the Torah, killing infidels is OK by their god as well. The Christian/Jewish deity consistently rewards them for killing infidels and non-believers, to the point of ordering them to cut open the pregnant women and bashing the fetuses against rocks. Then there are the Palestinian murders and death camps in Israel.

You are sick.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

When you say Bible

Are you refering to the first testement, which is The Torah? Because Jews and Christians do not have the same view as Muslims, nor are they taken literally as the Quran.

Your insults are reflections of you, not me.


Murder by the state is still Murder.

"Warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near." -Sun Tzu

The only thing...

that you can tell from this pic is that someone bled in that spot.

I guess I'm not alone

FBI agent or agents did murder.

Now they are in cover-up mode.

Free includes debt-free!

They were FBI Boston

Went all the way down there to murder him.