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Japan Fish Market Woes,Fukushima

A preview of things to come in the West?

"via RT.com / December 25, 2013 / Due to radiation fears, Fukushima Prefecture fishermen have to dump most of their catch. Two years into the nuclear disaster, the world is growing weary of Japan’s seafood, with South Korea even banning Japanese fish and seafood imports."

“Most of the fish caught within the 30 kilometer radius is thrown into the garbage because it is radiated. And TEPCO is paying to local fishermen for it, so that they’re happy and keep silent on that. Some of it though makes it to stores, but only locally,” economist Hirokai Kurosaki revealed to RT.



RT.com Article/video


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Not to minimize the situation, but...

just putting a a couple people on that say it's not
radioactive and a couple more who say it is without
any further checking/confirmation by the reporters
doesn't exactly clarify or prove much of anything...