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S. 1881: Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act

113th Congress, 2013–2015. Text as of Dec 20, 2013 (Placed on Calendar in the Senate).

Mr. Menendez (for himself, Mr. Kirk, Mr. Schumer, Mr. Graham, Mr. Cardin, Mr. McCain, Mr. Casey, Mr. Rubio, Mr. Coons, Mr. Cornyn, Mr. Blumenthal, Ms. Ayotte, Mr. Begich, Mr. Corker, Mr. Pryor, Ms. Collins, Ms. Landrieu, Mr. Moran, Mrs. Gillibrand, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Warner, Mr. Johanns, Mrs. Hagan, Mr. Cruz, Mr. Donnelly, Mr. Blunt, Mr. Booker, Ms. Murkowski, Mr. Manchin, Mr. Coats, Mr. Vitter, Mr. Risch, Mr. Isakson, and Mr. Boozman)


To expand sanctions imposed with respect to Iran and to impose additional sanctions with respect to Iran, and for other purposes.




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Could we love him more..

Could we love him more..

Southern Agrarian

Senate packed with hypocrites and looting thugs.

Congress is $17 trillion in debt the creditors got them by the balls.

Populations will be sacrificed to feed Congress's appetites.

Free includes debt-free!



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I vote for a new slogan for these crooks

AIPAC and company are the Military PAC who wants to eliminate Israel off the map. All for their profit.

Put that salvo into the debates and we'll see more liberty representatives in office than ever before.

Way to go Cory Booker.

Way to go Cory Booker. Great way to destroy your reputation.

We should be supporting this:

The New Israel Lobby

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Good work

Make sure to show their individual voting record so they can be tossed out of office. All voting records must be public broadcast.