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H.R. 1992: Israel QME Enhancement Act

December 12 (legislative day, December 11), 2013


To amend the requirements relating to assessment of Israel’s qualitative military edge over military threats, and for other purposes.




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This bill is being introduced because the USA is concerned about Israel's FREE TRADE with China, Russia, India, South Korea who notice the anti-semetic Obama administration is about the lose the prime deals. Putin begged Netanyahu to ditch America, and promised Netanyahu to stand for and with Israel.


The bill shows America's fear in losing it's control over Israel.


The way I see it.. you have a choice.. Israel FREEDOM or FEMA Palestine USA.

Seems many here want FEMA Palestine USA and work very hard to acheive that.

Enjoy your self made prison camp, you are working very hard in the name of freedom to be a Palestinian Refugee under layers of AUTHORUTY because you HATE Zionists.

Zionists win because they are smarter than you and the Islamofacsists and communists ever will be. combined.

Please try to explain, and I

Please try to explain, and I know that might be difficult for you as a mental invalid, but do tell us how Obama's admin is "anti-Semtic." This should be good. Is it because he hasn't agreed to fight Iran for Israel yet? Shame on you.

Its all a misdirection ploy

She won't admit that Obama is merely playing out an agenda that doesn't include giving Israel everything it wants. There are times he has stopped them from making a fatal mistake, and one can only imagine why.

Obama the Muslim is anti-Semetic

Well look at that, Doug Collins...

Looks like Doug Collins needs to be thrown out of office. This bill essentially gives Israel unilateral authority for military arms and hands them over to the U.N.

It is amazing how these crooks got elected while everyone was busy electing liberty representatives. Kudos, keep exposing the sham.

You have no idea what you are saying

The Bill is trying to rope Israel in by making defense reports every two years rather than four because Israel is moving away from the USA and other super powers are rushing to Israel to take what we had.. which you don't appreciate because you're too busy with your BS conspiracy of hate theory.

Are you brainwashed? This bill was coddled by Israel

This bill was coddled and sponsored by Israel, so they could hand themselves over to the U.N's almost ludicrous armament specialist team in the U.S.A. where they could determine military base deployment efficiency and range of attacks.

The bill WAS created Granger, you are right about this part. It was created by Israeli leaders to hand over all sovereignty of Israel, directly to the U.N. so that military disbursement can be decided unilaterally with no comment from the U.S. at all.

I know what the bill says. That is why I was shocked! Putin does not trust Israel at all. QME enhancement agreement basically makes it so if Israel commits suicide, all the U.S.A may legally do is applaud!

Obviously you are brainwashed

proove you claim. you can't.

Check out

the comments section.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul