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Two Brothers Are Harassed By Police Then One Officer Gives A Shove And Ignites A Public Brawl

Detroit Police deemed it reasonable and appropriate for their officers to harass and shove two brothers, Tywonn Mitchell and Naybon Moore who had stopped at a Coney Island to eat last May. When cameras were rolling, police officers tailed the two from the parking lot and entered behind the boys presumably to get something to eat. But soon they approached the two boys and began questioning them and asking for their identification. Citizens are not required to present identification if they are not suspected of a crime however, so it is puzzling why they were asking for the ID.
The boys initially argued with the two police, asking them why they wanted the identification. One of the men is studying criminal justice and knows his constitutional rights. It could have stopped right there.
Officers have been asked about why they initiated a confrontation. The officers claim the two young men made a "grim expression". The officer asked about what happened in the parking lot and they argue the boys were unruly and aggressive. Tywonn and Naybon say the tape disproves that however. Detroit police are claiming that slapping an officer's hand away is assault and a crime. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62bFlzU2Jks#t=224

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All charges were dropped

on the two brothers.

After an investigation of the video, the Detroit Police Department deemed this use of force appropriate and reasonable, and the brothers were charged with assault.

However, one week and two days after this story aired on Fox 2, the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office announced the charges have been dropped against Moore and Mitchell.


Police departments did not exist in America until the 1900's....

We don't need police.

Police were first implemented in the USA in NYC, in the mid-early 1900s, to crush Christmas Day 'riots'. The were enforcers of the infamous 'Boss Tweed' and the corrupt Tammany Hall (City Hall).

Police forces are literally anti-American. They are also quite unconstitutional.
"A well regulated militia, necessary to the security of a Free state..."
The constitution says nothing about needing a bunch of empirical storm troopers to 'enforce the law', nor does it mention 'police'.

COP = C.O.P. = Constable on Patrol

'Constable' is from the British system of policing, where they enforce the rule of the Crown.

Police have made this country worse. America is being conquered by an occupying force, and the police are their foot soldiers. They allow local, State, and Federal corruption to run rampant, while they pass 'laws' that trample over our natural, constitutional rights. Enforced by their thugs paid for with the money they steal from their people, under these tyrannical 'laws'.

It is far beyond just that now. Police have been given leeway to harm whoever they want. The occupation has turned into all out enslavement, and subjugation into a second-class citizenry.

The occupiers are gearing up for an all out assault on the people. 2 Billion hp rounds. Bearcats. Drones. A spy-network that would make the Nazi SS and Soviet KGB turn green with envy.

WAKE UP America! You are under attack! Look at the headlines everyday! This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. At some point, you only get positive results when you resist the tyranny, and demand, by force if necessary, that your rights are respected... Or else...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I agree with everything you say here except your last sentence

I, by myself, then with the help of others later who were willing to demand or else, were successful against our local police department, BUT NO FORCE was strictly enforced by us. It was discussed by others who were too chicken to do anything, but force was not justified. It may be some day in the future, but STRONG RESISTANCE AND DEMAND FOR RESPECT IS VITAL!!!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Force is never necessary? It is sometimes...

It's not like I called for violence, I said resistance is necessary for positive results, and if necessary, force may be used justifiably.

I'm really sick and tired of all the absolute pacifist talk, like we are all Tibetan monks. This is America. Blood of Patriots and Tyrants. Or would you rather it be the blood of JUST the patriots? Because DHS, and the NWO government is fixing for a major conflict with the American people.

I would never approve of using violent force is some sort of offensive attack, nor would I approve of hurting an innocent party, but the use of violent force in defense of ones life and liberty is one option that cannot ever be allowed to be taken off the table. I mean, do you not support the 2nd Amendment, and right to bear arms?

Good for you and your specific, individual situation with police. I'm glad no violence was resorted to, as that would obviously be the worst possible scenario, and most likely the violence would have carried out by the police upon you and yours. But that was just one situation and hardly means force is never the (only) solution.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I don't understand the correction he made

I understood your premise and you are correct.

The police are the foot soldiers paid to enforce the lawmakers will upon society. basic civics.

Thanks.. It was a while ago, but I point to Bundy situation...

...as proof of my point that you need to be willing to physically resist with force, sometimes.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

And maybe from now on...

An upheaval of the current legal system is in order.

I'd like to see the lawmakers permanently restricted in their authority by having their powers limited and defined...also I would like us to innovate a judicial system that is outside the hands of government so that it no longer can unilaterally make up its own rules as it goes along.

Well said!

This could be a post of it's own.

Wise counsel...

You don't need any union of police or unions period.

They all came from government corporations...the merger of government with a corporation.

Read the truth, then lets get a law to abolish this union.


It's the Fraternal Order of Police, not Federal O.P. though, and yes they are almost as annoying as actual on-duty cops as well.

I used to just pledge some money, get the sticker and never pay. Lol.
Then they'd call up and actually act threatening and intimidating over the phone.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Well we know the answer

Get our reps elected and then Abolish the Fraternal Order of Police. Abolish it all together the problem permanently is dead.

Hamilton created the whole Order of Police, so is anyone surprised it never had any legitimate function?

Really!? I didnt know that

Really!? I didnt know that Hamilton started it all. Nobody tried to stop him? I guess i cant blame the people back then, i mean look at the people now lol. Thanks for teaching me something.

ecorob's picture

Idiot cops are on a dead end path.

They should understand that their actions have put them there.

They will have no support when they are bleeding in the street. Then they can ask themselves why.

Far be it from them to be smart enough to ask themselves, now, what they can do to make their communities and themselves better. They aren't that smart. Its the nature of their career choice in life to be stupid thugs.

Do they think Americans will take this abuse forever? If they do they are in for a very real and very rude awakening.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

You made a very valid point

They may or may not realize it, but their authority is dependent on the goodwill of the people. Once that's lost, and it's going fast with each one of these abuses, it won't come back soon.

It seems the police have lost

It seems the police have lost a lot of the respect they could formerly count on. I was raised in a working class home where we were taught as a matter of course to respect and trust the police. Those were the days of Hawaii Five-0 and reruns of Adam 12. "To Protect and Serve" is so noble, who wouldn't respect the police? Then again, to protect and serve seems to have been replaced with paramilitary type tactics, urban assault vehicles and night scopes. To protect and serve can't possibly have anything to do with those.. unless we are being invaded by a foreign power.



Blocking the cops hands should NOT be considered an assault

An assault should be an "offensive" move. The punches certainly would qualify as an "offensive" move but I think the cops were the aggressors in this case.

Abolish the fraternal order of police union.

Then it all goes away overnight.

That's right! you fight back,

That's right! you fight back, no matter what! Sticking his nasty hand in his face, he's truly lost his mind!