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Any Tyrannical Legislation Going To Be Pushed Through Tonight?

The NDAA was passed on Dec 31st a couple of years ago. I wonder what TPTB have in store for us tonight.

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Maybe this was it

Not legislation but spending to make up for the months where the budget didnt officially go up. Of course we know they spent during that time but they revealed it on NYE thinking it might go under the radar.


TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) maybe?

Those tasty internet control provisions rammed in the bill seem quite appetizing to the [d]elite.

Whatever it is or could be, I don't think it'll pass as quietly as they'd like it to. It'll just be more "fuel on the fire."

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if ever there was a safe bet..

If they can push evil

If they can push evil legislation through why cant we push good legislation through?

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because all the reps are bought and paid for

All we can hope to do is slow it down through the people we have. The rest will be up to the states and county Sheriffs, then your neighborhood and communities.

Not sure but Rand Paul

is pushing for Audit the Fed in the next day.