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Is Silverstein the Key to Breaking 9/11 Wide Open?

Mob busts are always accomplished by turning the burros into states evidence – the runners, the carriers, the bag men. You immunize them or grant them plea bargains in exchange for giving up the higher ups who know more. The charges against them are easily proven. They get caught red-handed, with the load, the gun, trying to ditch the car whatever. There are two open-and-shut cases against bag men in 9/11: Rudy Giuliani for felony destruction of evidence, and Larry Silverstein.

The owner of the WTC put his foot in his mouth when he told PBS that they decided to “pull” Building 7.  "Pull it" is a term used by demolitions experts which means "pull" the building down, also used in the military for some military demo devices requiring a "twist and pull" motion.   WTC 7 is the weakest link in the chain of lies that is the official story.  Not hit by any planes, it nevertheless sank, dead-level at free-fall acceleration, into its own footprint on 9/11, the third building which disappeared from the skyline within seconds.  The building held an emergency command and control center for disasters built by Rudy Giuliani.

Silverstein said:

"I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, "We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it." And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.

Silverstein later tried to correct his slip by saying what he meant was "pull" out the firefighters, hoping no one would notice that the pronoun used was "it," not "them." One problem with this is firefighters had been pulled out by 11:30a.m., six hours before the building collapsed at 5:20. The New York Times reported:

" Falling debris also caused major structural damage to the building, which soon began burning on multiple floors, said Francis X. Gribbon, a spokesman for the Fire Department. By 11:30 a.m., the fire commander in charge of that area, Assistant Chief Frank Fellini, ordered firefighters away from it for safety reasons."

This is corroborated by the FEMA report on WTC7 which indicates that firefighting was not attempted in WTC7:

"due to lack of water, no manual firefighting actions were taken by FDNY."

I can hear it now.

Prosecutor: Mr. Silverstein, it is clear you knew WTC7 was wired for demolition. It is on-camera on national TV. You said they decided to "pull it." How did you know at that time that the building was wired? Who wired it?

Larry: I meant pull out the firefighters.

Prosecutor: But Mr. Silverstein, you know the firefighters had all been pulled out many hours before the building collapsed. You also said, after saying "so we pulled it," the words "and we watched the building collapse." So it is obvious you were referring to a demolition.

Larry: I wish to invoke my 5th Amendment.

Prosecutor: Very well you have that right. Your honor, I request you direct the bailiff to place Mr. Silverstein under arrest as a suspect in the crime of 9/11. Mr. Silverstein, you may want to reconsider. If you are more forthcoming we may be able to arrange a plea bargain.

Larry: If I do that I'm as good as dead.

Prosecutor: Think about it, Larry.

Any honest prosecutor must acknowledge that Silverstein:

- admitted to foreknowledge of the crime.

- as owner of the WTC was in a position to provide access to the entire complex

- actually profited immensely from the attacks, through a court decision doubling his insurance payment by counting the attack as two events, one for each tower hit. Silverstein took the insurance out just six weeks before 9/11.

We also know that Silverstein was not at breakfast on 9/11 at his usual table at the Windows on the World restaurant in WTC1. Silverstein told Charlie Rose that he had breakfast meetings there "every morning" since July 26th of that year. Remarkably, Silverstein's son and daughter, who worked for him on the 88th floor of the North Tower, were also not in their usual places. The New York Observer reports that they were "running late" that day. (Another who escaped death due to a last minute change is Bush cousin Jim Pearce.)

Therefore any honest prosecutor must view Silverstein with heightened interest if not outright suspicion. Silverstein blocked his own out by linking "pull it" to WTC7's "collapse." There is no satisfactory explanation for this admission to foreknowledge, caught on tape. If he does not answer how he got that foreknowledge he can be held in contempt. If he pleads the Fifth that's as good as a confession to some juries, especially with his monetary gain, and can be found guilty without testifying against himself.


Additionally there is the remarkable material witness testimony of Fox News reporter Jeffrey Shapiro, who in an article criticizing "conspiracy theories" nevertheless reveals:

"Shortly before the building collapsed, several NYPD officers and Con-Edison workers told me that Larry Silverstein, the property developer of One World Financial Center was on the phone with his insurance carrier to see if they would authorize the controlled demolition of the building – since its foundation was already unstable and expected to fall."

Shapiro seems not to understand that office towers do not come pre-wired, nor that such work requires weeks if not months of planning and preparation.

2014 is the Year of Truth. You don't start at the top. You start at the bottom. Bottom-feeder Silverstein knows something. The billions he profited are small potatoes compared to the agenda of the big boys. 2014 is the year of getting beyond the "what" that is the shills' preferred battleground, because they simply repeat the silly index card points about the towers, for example, being like "hollow tubes."

Whoever allowed Silverstein on-camera to shoot-off his mouth made a grievous error. One problem with the criminally insane is you never know what they are going to say. There is no moral compass, so what is shocking to us, sounds fine to them.

We're moving the debate to the who and why. The trick to that is getting the bag men talking. On March 1, 1967, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison arrested and charged New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw with conspiring to assassinate President Kennedy, reflecting the fact that law enforcement in America is not monolithic, but consists of thousands of elected fiefdoms. Because the effects of 9/11 were felt across the country, sending young men to war in almost every county, jurisdiction can be asserted by almost any DA. Garrison's case against Shaw was far flimsier and more circumstantial than the direct evidence against Silverstein.

The case is momentous. If Silverstein is the key to the higher ups, then WTC7 is the key to 9/11. Because if one building was wired, they were all wired.

Look up you local DA

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I would love to know what Silverstein knows and what he'd say

if we softened him up with a little waterboarding.

"Okay okay! They were coming around and having a sit-down with everybody and saying something was going to happen, and to go along with the program or it would be our families and kids! It was Poppy Bush who had the muscle, all plugged into the CIA and Mossad and their Bulgarian killers, they never do their own killing they contract it out! They have ways of killing you so they'll never be caught!

Ya gotta understand these people mean BUSINESS! They're not ASKING you they're TELLING you! I don't know whose behind Poppy they don't tell people like me that stuff! You wanna know you better bring HIM in here!"

Thank you Mr. Silverstein, that's all we need.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

He sure is a very good place to start.

Fact his building 7 was by his own words taken down
(no planes into his building 7).

He had the most to gain from taking down his asbestoes ridden buildings, Insurace claim.


He was a minion

I predict that they were the worker bees, especially Silverstein and Tazzoli to provide cover. Making it easy for the operational managers Bush Senior, Paul Wolfowitz and Rudy Giuliani to plan the attacks.

However I'm taking a decidedly different view on who is the mastermind.

I believe David Rockefeller is the mastermind of 9-11, and the ultimate mastermind behind it is someone no one has mentioned. Someone who you would not suspect at first, who actually had the biggest gain.

George Soros, one of the heads of the Federal Reserve.

Certainly for several reasons, I predict we will find out George Soros was nearly the chief mastermind. With Netanyahu, under Netanyahu's carefully obsessive impulses, he directed and orchestrated the 9-11 attacks using the guidance of Rockefeller.

The rest of them fell under Rockefeller, pull the Israel and Saudi arm and the whole thing unravels underneath Rockefeller. But George Soros made billions of dollars from the Middle East planned exodus.

Silverstein certainly made a killing on the insurance

Here are links to some of the numbers and insurance info:



Little known fact: Silverstein bought World Trade Center complex only 48 days before 9/11

His privately held company Silverstein Properties or SPI is currently planning to expand into China and Israel.

Key players in bankrolling the new towers

Not sure that I'm convinced on Silverstein, but it does make for interesting reading, especially the arguments about bankrolling reconstruction between Silverstein and Bloomberg et al.

Exactly my point. Rockefeller's action proves complicity

It proves he is outright complicit in the 9-11 attacks, at minimum of being the obvious overseer!!

He short-sold his own stock, making millions of dollars out of the demolition of those towers. He was complicit somehow in the entire attack with Israel/Saudi. There is no other conclusion you can get from the available evidence.

What is most striking about your sources are the small amounts

involved in the insider trading, Michael Ruppert calls it $2million to $4 million. People like this spend more on a birthday party. Sounds more like some kid or hacker got wind of something big from his CIA dad and went in with his whole allowance, then found out what it was and now they are afraid to claim the profits, as Ruppert describes. No mastermind connection here. Let's face it there was a little something for everybody someone goes around the block and says "this is for you this is for you..." - then when it's time to unveil the new Godfather everyone is in a good mood and not about to talk.

Don't think high finance. Think thugs with brass knuckles. This is the mentality one must understand to get inside 9/11.

Release the Sandy Hook video.


people who think the mob ends at casinos and strip clubs just don't get what the next racket is.

Would that mob include 'self admitted' Dimitri Khalezov

Would that mob include self-admitted Dimitri Khalezov and his key ally Harari?

"admitted to being an architect in the 9-11 attacks."



Yeah freaking right! We don't have all the correct answers. Re-open the 9-11 investigation today and seize them.

I don't think there is any way in hell

That the heavy irregular trading just prior to the event can't be traced.

Following the money paper trail would be easy with the proper authority.

The 9/11 commission claim that it is impossible to trace is utter crap.

If they were traced and Silverstein and Rockefeller came up as two of the names, 99% of politicians would freak out, regain their composure, and block it from their memories like a childhood trauma.

The enormous evidence Press TV has, or internet has, everywhere.

Shows he Rockefeller and Krongard either got incredibly lucky with his put options, or was financially culpable in the 9-11 attacks. In no way could they ever be both.


Inside the court hearing room: Mr. Rockefeller, according to these documents you sold most of your stock in the towers before 9-11. Is this true? And is it true you had planned Freedom Tower in advance?

Rockefeller: "Ah of course, well you see. I made a lot of money. Investors always make money. I picked the right stock due to a broadcast done by Jim Cramer. I donated all of it to charity."

Prosecution: But you did, in fact sell the stock prior to as this record shows?

Rockefeller: "As I said. It was a good guess. I donated all of it to charity."

Prosecution: And you say you planned all this before Freedom Tower was going to be built?

Rockefeller: "Why yes, of course. Those buildings are old and needed to go."

Prosecution: Yet that means you just admit, that you basically had some sort of role in planning the attacks?

Rockefeller: "Uh- I did not say that. I invoke my rights."

Prosecution: Except according to the records, you did say that.

Welcome to Crazy Town!!!


Hundreds of Libertarians ruining a movement with blatent speculation.


About 3 ft, or where the head has been inserted into the rectum.

If you can't say soothing nice don't say anything at all

Josh you are a

I'm being as nice as possible..


Good to review Silverstein's statements

Silverstein said different things, assuming that you get a hold of the PBS video he is caught red handed. Recommended reading this.

As to who ultimately oversaw this event?

Well I think the only thing we can prove beyond reasonable doubt, is Rockefeller oversaw this event in near totality. He made far too much from the Tower demolition, to not be considered a main architect.

He also financially benefit from the event, regardless of whether his higher connections to the United Nations and outside bankers are investigated. Anything beyond that is hearsay. What matters is who made the most financial gains, not who befriended who. Rockefeller is clearly a chief architect.

Based on crazy uncle Ron Paul speculating about the Fed?

And wanting to expose the private goings-on behind the FED curtain of secrecy?

After Ron Paul's hard work trying to expose the FED conspiracy (yes the FED conspires to keep itself private and audit-free), the Iraq intelligence lies exposed and Snowden exposed the NSA, not to mention the neo-con/PNAC conspiracy to attack 7 countries in 5 years...


Are you John McCain?

Anything is worth having a look at.

The FED doesn't hide it's secrecy...

Everyone knows the FED works in secret. That's why auditing the FED can get traction. We can work together to take on the FED and expose it for what it really is. Whatever that might be. It's secret, so we don't know for sure yet.

It helps when the thing you're fighting is real. All the other things you talk about are real things that need support.

No speculation here. Pure culpability.

Obvious operatives will be tossed under the bus, just to make fury die down. Bush, Cheney, Zakhiem etc. are just hit men.

I explained below my thesis of who the real mastermind likely may be. Whoever had all the motives, and made a huge amount of money and that means billions of dollars. A guy who also roped in Ratzinger and lets not ignore the fact he is a head owner of the Federal Reserve.


At least we know the pertinent questions to ask during one of those waterboardings that are so much in vogue now, lol.

henry9's picture


Not to mention the BBC report of the "pulled" building #7 20 minutes prior to its fall.

What about fact Silverstein and Rockefeller had put options?

Why does no one ever study the proven fact that Rockefeller and company, especially Silverstein had put options in those towers?!


It makes no sense, ZERO, that they benefit the most and did not have any knowledge of the Mossad or Saudis. Wouldn't that make their complicity outright culpable in orchestrating the attacks from afar, using their wet teams?

Thanks for the G&G link Sam

That is an excellent article.

fireant's picture

Something to consider SimpleSam...

As you note, there is sufficient evidence of potential foreknowledge or involvement to warrant investigative attention, yet we are distracted from those elements of the case by the controlled demolition idea, which can't be proven. It makes me think it's a deliberate straw man. How much ink has been devoted to arguing over all the ancillary reasons of why the buildings were CDed? All the while, every bit of the structural evidence shows the buildings broke apart at their connectors.
There is so much evidence of inside knowledge to track down, yet the Cd proponents want us to stay focused there. It's gotta make one wonder...

Undo what Wilson did

Building 7 was a primary target

It was the DR site (disaster recovery) for the accounting offices that had the records for the over $1.5 Trillion missing from the department of defense (Pentagon attack). All were lost that day. Convenient huh?

Where did you find that nugget of Bld 7 info?

I read somewhere the building was Rudy's command and control center while he was running away in the streets, but never heard about the 1.5 Trillion. I thought that was wiped out at the Pentagon. Also, wasn't Bldg 7 housing SEC data too?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Look at the list of tenants

The tenants of the building included CIA, FBI, DIA, etc. I believe it was DIA (defense intelligence agency, as well as secret service) that had their DR at that site. It's listed in some government documents I can't seem to find right now. At the time, building 7 was one of the largest and most important CIA and DoD sites outside of DC.

Silverstein - Just Another Rome-Serving Hofjuden

Relevant quotation:

"As was the case of the Black Pope's Bolshevik Revolution, the papacy used its Masonic Labor Zionist "Court Jews" to play leading roles in the 911 debacle. Those traitors to their own Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic race have willingly served the papacy in this crime and subsequent cover-up so as to enable Gentile, Jesuit-controlled operatives to blame the Jews for 911 and the war in Iraq/Iran. Indeed, Michael Chertoff and Viet Dinh were the penholders of the wicked, unconstitutional "The Patriot Act," but the authors were the Jesuits of Georgetown University at which Viet Dinh is a professor. Just as there were Bolshevist Jews preaching in Yiddish and holding signs in Yiddish throughout St. Petersburg during the Bolshevik Revolution, even so there were Israeli Jews in New Jersey dancing on top of their White van and in the streets. This clearly was a bold attempt to provide irrefutable proof that "it was the Jews" who were behind the Revolution and 911. Both "stage plays" were designed to deceive the innocent, laboring bystander so as to drive him into the arms of the Jesuit rhetoric of Hitler in order to fulfill the "vision of Fatima" (the Nazi Crusade of "Operation Barbarossa" in converting "Communist" (in fact Orthodo Russia to the pope) as well as to drive all Americans, White and Black, into the arms of the White Fascist New Right and the Black Fascist Nation of Islam. It was no coincidence that the Archbishop of New York who controlled the New York Port Authority leased the WTC to a racial Jew, Larry Silverstein, only three months before the demolition. No one can ever know that Court-Jew Silverstein is a servant of Cardinal Egan."

I can't believe you posted this lol

Larry Silverstein did not give the FDNY an order to demolish 7 WTC when he said "pull it," what he meant was pull the firefighters out and quit trying to contain the fire. If asked to elaborate on the sequence of "pull it, then we watched the building collapse" I bet you he would simply rephrase it how he obviously meant: "pull it, then later we watched the building collapse."

There are other 9/11 related Larry Silverstein pieces of evidence that show he was warned to not be at the WTC that day, likewise his son & daughter who both worked in the towers. Larry Silverstein had a doctor's appointment, his son & daughter BOTH late for work. Any other usual day, the Silverstein's would have all been at WTC - in the towers. 9/11 they ALL were not.

Larry Silverstein didn't admit on a TV show for f***'s sake, that he ordered the demolition of 7 WTC. Also when Alex Jones tried to break this story majorly, with Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State, he used part of a documentary vid of clean up crews at Ground Zero physically using a cable to "pull" down part of the WTC structure as "evidence" that "pull it" is a demolition term. It is not.

Quit being retarded.

According to experts on Linguistics:

"IT" never refers to people, and yes, it is an industry term.


So what if it isn't the regular way it's said

People say things in "abbreviated" ways all the time, and the topic was firefighters, 7 WTC, abandon attempts to contain fire.

It is retarded to believe he publicly admitted on a TV show that he controlled demolition demolished 7 WTC.

Are. You. Retarded.?

Tell me exactly where in that film you linked that proves "pull it" is an industry term for controlled demolition, I am not going to watch the 1:29:46 film to try to find it. Time stamp it for me.

Whether by design or by opportunity, the Larry Silverstein "pull it" comment used as evidence "he ordered the demolition of 7 WTC," is a STRAW MAN & MISINFORMATION.

"Pull it"

refers to the use of a manual explosive initiation device used in conjunction with time fuse and detention cord. As opposed to using an electronic initiation device.

I was an 0351 Assaultman (Combat Demolitions) in the Marine Corps for 4 years, I assure you "PULL IT" is most assuredly an industry term; specifically used for manual explosive initiations. This is because the device you use to initiate manually requires a twist and pull motion, hence the term "pull it"