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NSA Propoganda Memo for families of NSA workers.

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"disclosures have caused

"disclosures have caused grave and potentially irreversible damage to nsa's ability to identify and defend against threats to our AUTHORITY"

NOT nation

This is a good sign

If they issued this, it means friends and family of NSA members are actually holding their feet to fire. They are making tough questions at the BBQ, pool hall, parking lot...This is how it should be!

I guess somebody else besides Snowden

leaked this one. The leaks based on the documents he obtained started June 5 per wiki. This document is dated 8.22. Snowden was no longer working for NSA in August

Congress authorized us....what rubbish

Congress had no clue what they were up to. An absolute lie.

That's why the Amash vote almost passed the house. People were pissed.

This is pure propaganda.

This is pure propaganda. What we should do is start embarrassing those individuals that work for the NSA.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Interesting that there are two pages and no mention

of the U.S. Constitution, or constitutionality of their actions.

At least

"I was just following orders" is more honest.

Defend Liberty!

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On the other hand, "There is no doubt

that the unauthorized use of force by the unconstitutional NSA have caused grave and potentially irreversible damage to the standing of the United States of America on the world stage."

This is a sentence that anyone can say, one doesn't have to work for the NSA. (Hmm, that Seuss book on the coffee table is apparently infectious...)

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Bad People?

Wow! I am really glad this letter came out. All of this time I was thinking the NSA was a bunch of neo-nazi scum bags.

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So where is the section

where they describe all of their corporate espionage & spying for domestic law enforcement ??

Ron Swanson

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Perfectly Timed

Seems this letter would have been a total farce (to the sheeple) if it had come out while the original judicial ruling that their SYPING on Americans was unconstitutional. However, since their (bought and paid for) - or maybe blackmailed, judge has overturned the previous ruling - declaring it constitutional - now is the time to take advantage of this great timing!

This CRIMINALS disgust me.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

VERY deceptive language here

Key points of deceptive legalese to note here:

protect the lives of American citizens
Notice is does not say protect 'the People of the United States of America'. This is clearly an intentional legal deception to distinguish that it is citizens and not the People because citizens have no rights only We the People do.

defend the nation
It does not say defend the People only defend the Nation. Their mission is to defend the state not We the People.

NSA's activities have been authorized by Congress and sanctioned by the courts. Congress was never authorized by the People to legislate such activities and actually Congress and all branches of government was explicitly prohibited by the People from conducting such activities without a warrant issued for very specific information and individual items. Congress never had the authority to legislate such activities and therefore all claims to lawful authorization are simply NULL AND VOID regardless of what any criminal claiming to be a 'judge' might say on the matter.

We are committed to protecting the privacy rights of the American people
Of course they are committed to protecting the rights of the American people because that is law but this does not say protecting the rights of American citizens. If the people are confused and don't know the legal difference between American people and US citizens then all they have to do say they are protecting the rights of American people while legally knowing that they are referring only to the people who know the difference between American people and US citizens. Most of the people believe the people are legally equivalent to citizens when this is not the case AT ALL.

NSA does not violate Americans' rights we protect them
Again intentional legal vagueness here by only referring to Americans' rights no mention of citizens' rights because a 14th amendment citizen of the United States only has undefined privileges and immunities subject to the jurisdiction of Congressional whims with no access to rights of American People. So yes legally they can defend Americans' rights while removing all privileges of privacy of US citizens.

As far as their mission to disrupt terrorism it says nothing about actually upholding the law. At least the past 4 President's of the US have all committed terrorism, murder, drug trafficking, drug money laundering, war crimes and thousands of felonies, even levying a drug war upon the American people (treason), with no justice AT ALL. As long it is outside their defined mission then those advanced tools can't be used to UPHOLD THE LAW.

Cut through the legalese deceptions and realize how they can sayall these things without lying while they are saying it. They want you to have fuzzy comprehension of language so that they can deceive you. This is how legalese is intentionally designed to deceive everyone from being People with rights into US citizens/persons with only privileges and immunities set by Congressional whims to make every crime they commit against We the People 'legal'.

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Great Post. Thank you to the

Great Post. Thank you to the NSA employee that provided it!

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

Oh, They're "guided by the President and his administration..."

Then that means it's all on the up and up.

"...not able to share... factual information." Instead, use this

list of lies that will make it look like we aren't daily wiping our arses with the Fourth Amendment.


I feel

much better, thanks