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Epic Video: Glenn Greenwald vs. Washington Post Reporter Ruth Marcus

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Wow! She is such a...

waste of a human space. Ruth just told CNN's mindless audience that Glenn and the gang need to prove that the leaks didn't have any negative consequence.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

wow, did she really just say

wow, did she really just say that SHE see's the world in "grey" instead of black and white

i think she's got her wires crossed there, or, or, now bare with me, she heard the term, thought it was "cool", arbitrarily thought it applied to her and decided to use it because she felt the conversation wasnt going her way

oh no, wait, must be thursday


Glenn Greenwald tore her a new one.

Hypocritical / Very Confused

Her OpEd yesterday was about how she smokes marijuana but is against legalization because 'think of the children' -

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She ...

... is a nut job. And corrupt, to boot.


A D.C. Sex worker.

Glenn Grenwald always says great things ...

... that can wake people up and his words are definitively anti-tyranny.

I remain skeptical of his relative lack of action (actions speak louder than words) since the initial story, but he definitely says the right things and destroys the government shills in the media.

Also, great to see those government shills paraded on TV and show themselves to be the morons/shills they really are.

Sure helps with the score card.

Just curious what you mean by

Just curious what you mean by lack of action? Dozens of great interviews, always has piercing & accurate arguments, writing a book, a movie and then the new First Look Media venture.

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By lack of action ...

... I mean releasing more documents.

I agree that his interviews are always great. If he weren't strong in his interviews, I would be much more leery of his true intentions. Because he is so strong, I'm on his side.

However, it is talk, not action. Releasing more documents is the action I'm looking for.

I also am leery of his new, close association with the pro-NSA Ebay guy. Not releasing many documents, making people wait for his book deal to happen to get more info, buddying up with a pro-NSA spy guy, are all red flags to me. If he weren't so strong in his interviews, I would call BS on the guy. But it is hard to imagine a true honey pot type guy railing against the machine the way he does.

So, I'm on board, but I got one foot off the train, just in case. ;-)

A little more action along with all that good talk, please.

And I do not buy into the idea that slower release is good. It only gives time for people to say, "Yeah, more of the same, so what?"

If you got the knock-out punch, which he implies he does, then deliver it, already.

It seems to be effective.

It seems to be effective. And I really don't believe founder of eBay is pro-NSA. Paypal is in a difficult spot due to fraud, serving as an international payment system etc. eBay also has to protect itself from fraud and abuse.

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Glenn bitch-slaps this MSM stooge!

Martha Stewart ...

Did you notice that Marth Stewart ...

... was never convicted of insider trading, which is what the investigation was about?

She was only convicted of making false statements to the government.

Did you also know that "those" false statements had to do with ink on a piece of paper, that she and her broker said were original stop loss orders on her stock, but which the government's FBI ink expert said looked like they had been changed after the fact, and that this was the evidence that convicted her?

Did you also know that the FBI agent admitted, after the trial, that he had never actually examined the ink on the paper?

Did you also know that the appeals court judges rejected Stewart's appeal for a reversal based on the government witness' perjury, claiming that said testimony was not a major consideration for her conviction?

IOW: Did you know that Martha Stewart was railroaded?

SteveMT's picture

This was sheer and utter destruction.

Marcus sees gray when she should only be seeing black.

She might of seen red before the lights went out

streaming from the beating she took!


GG gives another smack down;

GG gives another smack down; good on you my friend

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

inspiring to watch a real

inspiring to watch a real reporter report. His arguments echo my exact feeling, sick of the double standard.

Glenn Greenwald is a hammer!

He drops so many truth bombs in a single instant that I find myself holding my breath when he speaks!!! Balls, passion, and intellect - just what we need in journalism.

May I ask the question

Who is serving liberty better than GG right now? This guy is an absolute hero.

Ever since seeing this post

Ever since seeing this post about an interview w/ Sibel Edmonds calling out Snowden and Greenwald -
http://www.dailypaul.com/308181/sibel-edmonds-calls-out-snow... - I have been using a much more critical eye when I now see a Greenwald interview. Just sayin...

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

Really? I've had that since the beginning.

Didn't really need Sibel to tell me to be vigilant about any and all information. To me, it seems like she's pissed not to be getting the attention for some reason. I completely disagree with her that more A LOT more info should be coming out because I understand the short attention span of the public and the media's ability to bury REAL stories under mountains of bullsh*t. This way, the "trickling" of information keeps the public interested and ASSISTING in their own "waking up" process while not showing the corporate media all the cards you're holding.

Sibel's approach to how to release this info seems counter intuitive when you truly understand the system.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

You will never

see Edmonds on Ron Paul's show. GG was an early guest. Just saying.

Glenn was first guest, first episode.


Ok, but Sibel makes some

Ok, but Sibel makes some valid points that should not be ignored just because she will never be on Ron Paul's show. Just sayin...

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.


that GG is getting a book deal? everyone gets a book deal, except maybe Sibel. Hm-mm.

the segment i watched with her i found her untrustworthy and full of herself. i stand with GG and Snowden. you might want to ask yourself why she isn't on the warpath against clapper and company instead.

RE the 1%


Watching Glenn debate is like watching Muhammad Ali dance.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Float like a Human Being—Sting like a Real Journalist?

He sure does have these clowns up against the ropes.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


There is really no appreciation for protecting our rights in this country. Tapper asks about putting innocent lives at risk. What about the innocents who have lost their privacy?

If we must have zero risk, and privacy doesn't matter, why not have every building, home, restrooms, etc, wired with video and audio?

Why limit our safety?

Surely we can print a few more trillion to make us more safe.

I'm scared.

I love Glenn Greenwald

I mean, you talk about a brain. He is a hell of a debater as he has answers for everything these tools throw at him. That is one thing that annoys(ed) about some of the people we back. They have a good message but they can't clearly communicate it, put it in the right light, or debate it to make the other person look stupid. GG does all of these things very well. He is an excellent ally of liberty and I hope he can read this message.

didnt the CEO of Amazon

buy the Washington post? will the editorial bias change?

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