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Epic Video: Glenn Greenwald vs. Washington Post Reporter Ruth Marcus

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Glenn really destroys her

Glenn really destroys her when he puts her on the spot about prosecuting Clapper. Because it's the law is never a moral justification in itself, otherwise Rosa Parks should have taken her black butt to the back of the bus.

Good point

That's an excellent parallel. May I reuse that specific example if you don't mind?


You could also through in that it was the law for slaves to not read, and for women to not vote. It's the law, so it must be right, right? Lol.

thanks Brian. Great post.

thanks Brian. Great post.

What a frikken Media Whore

What a fat loud mouth whore!

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Uncouth Ruth...

Amen Glenn. Right on, this clip is epic!

Whatever you think of Greenwald

he crushed that wench. Wench!

Amazing smackdown

The man is truly gifted. Imagine if Ron Paul had that gift. We'd be celebrating all the removals, prosecutions and incarcerations, and on the road to recovery and freedom right now.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Dr Paul uses his gift

to educate. He made several "smack downs" during his limited debate time and during his campaign speeches. Dr. Paul has, and continues to, build coalitions of liberty minded people in our global community. The dominos are falling and the road to recovery may take more time but freedom will come.

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He made all of this possible!





That's why I think this thing is for real. Glenn abuses these morons. It's fun for him.