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Cheerios cutting out GMO ingredients

(Sounds like the market is responding to consumers and dedicated activists! )

"This is a big deal.," says Todd Larsen, corporate responsibility director at Green America, a green economy activist group. "Cheerios is an iconic brand and one of the leading breakfast cereals in the U.S." What's more, he adds, "We don't know of any other example of such a major brand of packaged food, eaten by so many Americans, going from being GMO to non-GMO. "

One year ago, the group used social media efforts to rally consumers to pressure General Mills to make Cheerios without GMOs. Cheerios was picked, in part, because it's one of the first foods given to many toddlers.


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It's not about them caring about you...

it's about them realizing the market for non-GMO is growing and that those initial companies producing non-GMO O's cereal products need to be squandered and taken out. It's about profit! Period!

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What about BHT

Will they continue to use this harmful chemical?

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

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will they do it or

just say they will make it without GMOs?

Good point

This is why we need third-party opinions like the non-gmo project to be absolutely sure.

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The nation's grain supplies are co-mingled at the very market level. They are gonna have to establish an unbroken evidential chain from the field to the cereal box. Producers like General Mills lobbied and paid to have this obscured.

Let's see how they propose to fix what they broke this time.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

I will get to eat Cheerios again!


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That's awesome

The market is working. The market's gotta have truth to work.


They give it to babies for the same reason as Life Savers candy have holes--so you can still breathe if it gets stuck in your throat.

Plus, those little holes fit little fingers pretty well.

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