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My daughter came back from Houston airport Monday

Got sick day and half later. Layover in Houston everybody was coughing. She is in her thirty's and feeling bad. trouble breathing. Her sister -law just got back from the doctors yesterday with confirmed positive for flu. She is a RN nurse in ER in one of the biggest hospitals in Nashville TN. Been very sick since Sunday. She had the flu shot in October. What up with that.

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I just got over that. It was

I just got over that. It was awful. Never in my life have I ever felt I needed to go to the hospital until I this. It truly was a moment of desperation. I thought I was dying.

But I survived. Here is what I did.

Drink lots of water and overdosed on vitamin C
Lots of Theraflu. I don't care how bad it may be for you...it works. It knocks you out so you can sleep through most of it.
Peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and thieves. Rub a few drops on your chest.
Sit in the bathroom with hot shower running.
More vitamin C
Hot green tea with honey

Explosive Diarrhea,

Is there any other kind?

Because the flu vaccine only

Because the flu vaccine only works while you wear a demon mask, after doing an anti-sickness, dance followed by leeching. The leeching thing is important because vaccinations are all scientifical.

No offence intended; sarcasm was not directed at y'all but at the medical-industrial complex.

Flu is no fun, hope she feels better soon. Also, garlic is a great antibiotic. If she can't stand raw garlic (I eat it anyway its good with a cheese chaser :p) It can go in her socks. Apparently feet are very absorbent.

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Colloidal silver will kill

Colloidal silver will kill any virus in less than 24 hours.

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My daughters 2 year old now has the flu

My daughter came back from Houston TX. Less than two days she came down with flu. Her only child came down with it less than two days after my daughter yesterday. Fever ,throwing up .My daughter took her to the pediatrician. She tested positive for flu. I think they gave her Tamiflu My daughter is feeling better today. Except at night. Her lungs feel heavy. She exercises everyday and is always in good health. This flu hits hard and fast. When kids go back to school after Christmas break Monday. I believe and fear this will turn ugly then.

Money talks and dogs bark

I haven't been sick in 7 years, but

When I used to get sick, I'd have chinese wonton soup HEAVY on the ginger, french onion and broccoli. If you can't finish the wontons that's ok, just make sure to drink all the soup.

Spicy food twice a day to flush the sinus, after you finish eating, everything will be soft and runny, blow, blow, blow!

Eating ice cream has the odd effect of pulling phlegm up into your throat, make sure to spit that crap out.

Gargle with a shot of whiskey or two a day, get those tonsils if they are inflamed.

I also like to drink ultra-cold water very slowly if my throat is swollen, it helps tremendously.

Oh, and NEVER get a damn flu shot.

Get her some good old fashioned

sunshine (20 minutes of exposure) or 5000IU of D-3 supplements/day.

LOTS of rest (good restorative sleep), lots of fluids.

Gotta build up her immunity.

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I had a stomach bug 2 weeks ago

And a cold earlier this year.
When I was 25 I had appendicitis.
One time I broke my ankle playing basketball.
And several years ago I got sick from drinking water in Mexico.

Today my youngest son has a runny nose. He's 18 months old.

I'm sure there are more, I'll make sure I come back and post every illness in our family when I have more time.

They will say it's a strain they didn't include in vaccine

When they probably released it on purpose so people would sign up for Obamacare.

Try good quality vitamin C

or better yet, Liposomal C http://blog.bestzapper.com/2012/02/how-to-make-liposomal-vit...
If all airplanes would put Lemon essential oil in their ventilating systems there would be no problem. When I travel I use Thieves essential oil in my nose and have never gotten sick.
My son and family came home for Christmas and 1 1/2 year old arrived with cold and sinus issues. I put coconut oil on her feet then a small amount of RC essential oil paying close attention to the lung and sinus areas of feet, then an oil for relaxation. After I would finish she would raise her feet and ask for more. Within 3 days her congestion was all gone.
UNFORTUNATELY, Mother is extremely addicted to sugar, therefore all of them have compromised immune systems.
In the world we live in today with chemtrails, who knows what is being put into the ventilating and the very air we breath.

Thieves is great. Plant

Thieves is great. Plant Therapy makes a similar blend that is much less expensive.

I have never had the flu nor

I have never had the flu nor have I ever had a flu vaccine. Maybe someone can explain why I dont get it? I would love to know. Upon thinking on it, I cant remember the last time I was sick, its been a couple years.

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- You don't fly during flu season
- You don't rub your eyes
- You wash your hands regularly
- You stay rested and hydrated
- You're a prepper holed up in your bunker for the last 2 years!

….or you have

a fully functional immune system.
As an aside, I wish people would stop using anti bacterial everything, except for toilet soaps.
We need to be exposed to small amounts of bad bacteria for our immune system to function properly.
Home immunisation is a powerful tool for staying well.

CDC reports flu is widespread in Texas.

Also I have contacts that are confirming VERY serious cases of the flu (H1N1) in DFW hitting younger adults and those who had the flu vaccination.


my wife and I were

down for a week with over 101 degree fever...got swabbed at the doc and was negative for flu. We both had chills, fever,fatigue...just like flu. Since then I have run into several people with the same story...so, something bad is going around here in Texas, no doubt about it.

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Saw this.


Hope your daughter recovers quickly.

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thank you

And for my daughters sister in law who has the flu. Even though she had the flu shot.

Money talks and dogs bark

You get what you paid for!

Ain't it the truth.

You get hit big

with the bugs when you're in a cabin with re-circulated air. You can get sick faster and your immune system falls behind a bit more in the fight. And the stress and dry air of travel makes you that much more susceptible to illness. It's a bad combo.

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