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One year old US Navy Warship is Disintegrating because of a massive design flaw that is causing electrolysis

Tweet In 2011, the Navy discovered “aggressive” corrosion around Independence‘s engines. The problem is so bad that the barely year-old ship will have to be laid up in a San Diego drydock so workers can replace whole chunks of her hull.

The 418-foot-long warship is dissolving due to one whopper of a design flaw. There are technical terms for this kind of disintegration. Austal USA, Independence‘s Alabama-based builder, calls it “galvanic corrosion.” Civilian scientists know it as “electrolysis.” It’s what occurs when “two dissimilar metals, after being in electrical contact with one another, corrode at different rates,” Austal explained in a statement.


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Don't Frett

The builders for GD sure have a signed piece of paper whereby they were instructed by the brainiacs from the government to remove the cathodic protection system from the design.

It's called a 'get outta jail free' card.

And you and I will pay to have the repairs made and the CPS installed. Those are called 'change orders'.