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My Interview with World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes January 3, 2014

Dear Karen,

I hope you had a restful and happy New Year. I thought out my questions to you. I done my best to proof read and think the questions through. I hope my questions are good and intelligent to you. I know you will give me good answers.

Here are my questions to you:

to read interview click link below:


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Item 8 At That URL Says...


8. I notice people like Alex Jones behind the microphone today talking and speaking into existence what David Rockefeller writes and the plans of the Rand Corporation when it has not happened yet. He exacerbates what is wrong sounding like all is hopeless and makes these ruling elites out to be equal to God himself. He says there is nothing we can do because the tyrants know what they are doing. To me I am getting sick of his Rhetoric. This type of talk can discourage a lot of people when we have so much strength in numbers with a determined core of people that will not be stopped until the globalist are defeated.

Karen Hudes: You are right. Alex Jones is a disinformation specialist. This is how he is described on Wikispooks:

Low-level, right-wing liaisons to the conspiracy community

More accuratly, he is truly a Temporal coadjutor

whose serves to make those investigating suppressed history and information appear to be crazed and drug-addicted while misdirecting about the true power behind this NWO, which undoubtedly is emanating from the Jesuit Order. He has ties to the Roman Catholic hierarchy including the Knights of Malta; following any mention of the Jesuits on his show, one is cut off and disconnected. Even commenting on his videos about this subject results in a ban from his channel.


I don't agree w/ the premise of the question though. I haven't heard AJ say things are hopeless. He repeatedly says "we can beat these people".

I agree that the question asked is based on a slanted premise.

One must question the sincerity of Alex Jones however, when individuals such as David de Rothschild of the Sabbatean Frankist Hofjuden Rothschild banking dynasty, Pat Buchannan, a Knight of Malta, and Charlie Sheen whose father was the renowned Knight of Malta, Martin Sheen have appeared as guests on his show.

I am confident that the Bohemian Grove Club footage he claimed to have obtained by sneaking into their ceremony was taken after he was admitted into the grove purposefully. There are police guards outside the grove, at least now, and probably were before, like there have been at Bilderberg meetings for some time.

"The world needs to understand its real history

so that the Jesuits and Catholic church are completely exposed and cleansed. Only once this has happened will it be possible to get at the root of the problems in the anti trust laws, monetary laws, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Dodd Frank, etc."

-Karen Hudes; Former World Bank Senior Council Official, Whistleblower