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Sen. Rand Paul: ABC News This Week (1/5/14)

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This is why I love Justin Amash and Thomas Massie

They don't contradict their own principles to try and "bring sides together". They would never say that Snowden should spend a couple years in prison. WTF?? Snowden reveals the government to be breaking the law and he should get some sort of punishment???

Snowden is a 20 something

exiled to Russia. Clapper is one of the most powerful men in the world. Rand is not contradicting principle. He's re-establishing principle, by putting them in the same cell: equal justice under the law. It's true that they both broke the law, but it's about Clapper. Snowden already faces a firing squad in the eyes of Washington. At the mere suggestion, some in the establishment are countering that Rand is unfit to be a Senator. He's taking on the bullies. Criminy, He's suing the NSA! Who else is doing that?

It looks to me like clemency for Snowden is much more likely. Isn't that how it works, some deal is made?

What's the likely alternative outcome, Snowden is completely exonerated and NSA senior staff goes to jail? They have a get out of jail free card in the secret FISA court.

Obama says unemployment benefits are crucial to security

What could that be?

Notice.. the complaints about government.. survalience.. debt ceiling.. immigration (nearly 4 million Chinese immigrated legally to USA in 2010.. and then USA stopped counting, stopped making it public), and Obamacare.. ALL manufactored news to influence your veiws.

Rand's answers are SO brilliant.

Clapper and Snowden in prison is an excellent suggestion (Russians call Snowden a theif.. he is, and he should be charged, and he should have leniancy).

Medicad card issued here in CA.. my Obamacare is $145.00 a month and that does not include eyes or teeth with I have seperate polices.

I love Rand and Kelly and I'm so happy, GRATEFUL that they are in my life.

Rand showed his true face in this interview.

What a turncoat Rand is.. First turned on his dad by endorsing Mit, Then his dad's delegates by speaking at that Nazi convention after they f.u.c.ked the delegates . Then he turned on us by backing Mitch. Now he turned on Snowden. When are you going to learn Granger that Rand is NO FRIEND TO THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT! Rand is just a tea flavored establishment hack that is running down the Paul family name. Or are you like Rand a establishment hack that hates liberty?


I Love Rand

If not for Rand exposing Ron Paul's objective to NOT win, many Ron Paul delegates would have been booted. Thanks Rand!!!

This isn't a cake walk in the GOP. The GOP never said, "Welcome". This is a GOOD fight, and I completely understand why and how the GOP reacted.. Ron didn't have the people in place to win. He may have won the hearts and minds of the people, but the people don't have the power on committees because they don't get in, rather they cry and have excuses.. "Oh that big bad GOP,, wah wah wah.. as if we wouldn't do the same thing IF we had the power? Think many Ron Paul Republicans would say "Welcome" to people who were NEVER Republicans and tried to take advantage of our weaknesses, wanted to elinate first and second amendments?? Get real.

McConnell isn't perfect but I like him.. because he has supported Rand and Benton, Ron Paul's family. Ron Paul says people try to "drive a wedge" between him and his family", that he" Agrees with Rand 99%". You a Paul family wedge driver?

Seems you have some other agenda?

I am no friend to the "Liberty Movement". I joined a "rEVOLtuion".. RON PAUL rEVOLUTION.. maybe you are too young to know about the RON PAUL rEVOLution? A so called "Liberty Movement" tried to hi jack it.. they can have our orts.. they are losers going NO WHERE.. As Ron Paul says: "Do what you want."

I like the Tea Party because the Tea Party is OPEN to Ron and Rand Paul and oppose Obama's unconstitutional progression.

Yep.. I'm like Rand, an establishment hack, elected, seated, with an office and fighting for your right to say what you want, when you want, how you want, where you want, to who you want, with guns, and to be informed.

What are you doing for me, or the Liberty Movement? cryiong about Rand and the GOP.. figures.

True Libertarians.. like who Chompsky? Do your homework and don't forget to VOTE REPUBLICAN GJ..The Libertarian Party the GOP's puppy.

You are so owned by us.. but hey,, believe you're not.

How many Libertarian meetings have you been to?

I don't care about committee's you sit on.

I am an elected auditor and. I just won in Nov. There is 1,6000,000 dollars missing in the township. They have a cpa firm doing the audit and the board of supervisors will not let me look at the books. Today was my first day and I filed a a lawsuit for me to look at the books. I also been an elected planning board chair. I will find the missing money and if stolen they will go out in cuffs.

I was part of the original tea party in 07 or called the Ron Paul R3volution. I am 43 so yea i am an old part. I been a Freedom activist most of my life and a member of the lp since 08. I am also the chair of the lehigh valley lp and the the chair of the youth outreach committee in Pennsylvania.

Matt Schutter
Penn Forest Auditor.

oh. i forgot...

You that why we cost the GOP 2 Presidential elections and the Governors race in Va. We will cost the GOP the Governo race in Pa this year. But the GOP Own us. If that true I guess they like losing because of us lol!


not caring is either a cop out or socialpathic.

Seems to me, you just got set up. Good luck, because yeah.. we control you, and I guess you like to learn the hard way. Way to go bro.

I don't care because I am not a republican.

And it is none of my business what committees you sit on in your private corporation. That is what parties are private corporations.


Corporations have more rights and pay taxes.. definately we are BUSINESS and NIG BUSINESS, but not corporate http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Investment_theory_of_party_comp...


Thanks for the information.

That was a garbage interview

I normally like rand, but he is trying to be everybody's friend and maintain some sort of principle and it ain't working right now.


Michael Nystrom's picture

The New Romney

That's what you have to do to win the nomination.


To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.

Rodney lost to one of the worst Presidents.

So will Rand if he gets the nomination of that dead party. They both have no convictions to stand on. I know I am not being fair but he is a Paul and he doesn't hold anything to his dad. Now Ron was a true statesmen! And look what that party did to him

Ah, c'mon

Romney would sue the NSA?


Being a sovreign nation, Romney would work to clean up the NSA, least we get a UNSA.. but some folks want a global government and NATO monitoring their calls. Go figure.

Compromise is no friend of Liberty


"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Clapper and Snowden

in the same cell, that's a beautiful idea. It sounds like he's bringing two sides together, and shaping the debate. I like the lawsuit challenging a general warrant. "That's what we fought the revolutionary war over" is a plain and truthful statement. Can you imagine fighting with all those politicians, filing a lawsuit against NSA, and then answering to George Propagandopolis? He's a chip off the old block.


Rand is nothing like Ron. Rand is insulting the family name! Rand is nothing but an establishment hack!

You think he would appreciate

the backdoor honor of insulting his son? It's not fair to hold Rand up to his Dad.

Rand's not a hack. The drone fillibuster was skillful. The NSA suit is skillful. His program for Detroit is smart, and good for the party. He had the courage to go to Howard. He had the good sense to lay low for the govt. shutdown.

The leadership has no problem seeing Snowden in a cell. The image of Clapper in the same cell confronts them with the radical idea of equal justice under the law. I like the image of Clapper in a cell. Two years for the head of the NSA, says Rand.

For those of us that follow

Rand, nothing new here.

Rand Paul Leads Lawsuit Re: NSA Spying


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