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The Patriot South American Investment Tour Part I! Exclusive VIP Earlybird Access.

Who said being a patriot and being prepared to run for our lives can't be fun?

Here's a sneak preview on The Patriot South American Investment Tour.

We're still finishing details: will we go for an aggressive 4 nation tour or a more relaxed 3 nation tour? Sectors of interest include:

  1. Real estate. A no-brainer on everybody's mind.
  2. Natural resources (minerals, timber) and the agricultural sector.
  3. Manufacturing and technology (plus supportive infrastructures).
  4. Emergent trends. Lots of good news there.

The locations/nations under consideration are presently limited to:

  1. Bogota, Colombia. We think Colombia might be "the next Brazil".
  2. Santiago, Chile. Already "happening" with plenty more room to happen in.
  3. Montevideo, Uruguay. Want to see a financial paradise in the making? Don't forget you heard that here first.
  4. Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's hard to describe the confluence of factors that could make Agentina happen in a big way.

The trip is preceded by briefings that help you understand each nation in its regional and global economic context. Briefings during the trip focus on the host nation. A follow up conference will insure that we have our contacts and follow-up actions firmly in hand. We're doing business and we intend to come away with real deals and proposals.

Don't expect to stay in international chain hotels. In each nation we'll be interfacing with the local community and meeting local investors. South America has a long and deeply rooted libertarian economic tradition and business minded people eager to meet people like us.

And the best part is only you guys can get in on it! So far anyways. This isn't open to the general public and it's not gonna be. There's a limited number of places available. And it's happening this summer.

PM me to follow up, ask questions and join our contact list. Other announcements will follow but this is your sneak preview with exclusive VIP access. Yep, you are already a VIP.

Liberty is on the move! More info and non-exclusive updates.

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It's not a business model in and of itself, it's part of one.

The tours are simply meant to start hooking people up between continents and for me are a break-even proposition but you pretty much got it: growing the network, steering investment.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

An unavoidable risk

Is criminal element. Now most people here who are unfamiliar with South America and certain countries therein might disregard this factor, but I think it should be taken into consideration specifically having in mind that you, Smudge, have a reputation and experience in dealing with outside threats. What I'm talking about is blatantly apparent in say Brazil and Argentine. You're probably not gonna get mugged in the middle of the day on an sunny street, but! the amount of cutpurses and grab-n'-run douchenozzles in these countries is astonishing if recent memory is any indication (they even have a common rule there - if you're in a say taxi - don't pull your window down even in hot conditions - or you're liable to get something grabbed and gone this way).

So yeah. It a both warning and observation for you guys who's going to embark on this adventure. Good luck.

Only as high as i reach can i grow
Only as far as i seek can i go
Only as deep as i look can i see
Only as much as i dream can i be

OK Jee here we go, the "street feet reports" contradicts

The crux of your hypothesis is "unavoidable" and yet we have these international traveler types that have been snooping around this continent for decades, sometimes where there's real live wars going on. How do they do it?

Here some of them are telling you they've done it. Some of it's global and some of it's being observant enough to feel out the culture you are in but it's mostly that trick of being alert but only giving subtle indicators that you are.

Fortunately getting "sized up" feels about the same everyplace I've been.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Ah the security issue. Not to be taken lightly. Let's discuss.

Jee, you've seen what low security environments are like. The rules are pretty much universal. I'll be writing more about this but let's sneak peek it.

We begin with a global perspective. What are the threats, what is their context, what do they seek to gain?

The global perspective starts with the political/economic condition of the nation in question. Most of these nations have a history of violent political struggle and some nations in South America still have guerilla insurgencies running around in the jungle. Further, most folks know that drugs, the cartels, (the term "narcotrafficante" was literally made there) are a threat factor. Add in gangs and petty thieves, we have what most interpret as a hostile environment. The skilled pick-pockets in some areas are said to rival those of Madrid and Paris and there's every kind of scam to watch out for.

Since we can't travel armed, we will be using contracted security at certain points. However as a group we'll be operating as our own security at a basic level. And traveling unarmed doesn't mean un-equiped and doesn't imply a lack of planning.

Each nation has it's threat profile and each profile has it's given vectors. Right now I consider Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua to be unacceptably dangerous. Most of Mexico is the same in my estimation. Guatemala is borderline. Brazil, as you suggest, has a reputation not only for gang violence but a brutally repressive police/military force however it's hard for most people to imagine how freaking massive huge Brazil is. You can fit the whole of the 50 states inside of Brazil with room to spare. There's peopel there who have never seen blue eyes much less an urban gang.

At the other end of the spectrum are places like Belize and surrounding Caribbean culture that haven't seen real violence since their people were enslaved. Costa Rica sits happily towards this side of tranquil. Places like Uruguay, Peru and to somewhat lesser an extent, Bolivia still have a very benign face to visitors (Patroncito). So to a certain extent, part of our "profile" on these nations includes the indigenous dynamic and tensions this might represent. In Peru we deal with classic Incan/Andean culture but Chile, being so dang long, shifts in ethnic makeup as it heads South. Returning back to the East cost of South America and the Caribbean, we find huge populations of black people and these are post-slave populations imported by French and Dutch interests. You can imagine these diverse populations as having pretty distinct agendas and interests.

I'll go into further detail on this soon. Soon-ish.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.



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no hey thanks

good catch...spelling mistake. once did that on a sticker. I found out that nobody goggles Ron Paul.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.