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Should There Be A National Day Set Aside to Honor Edward Snowden?

Edward Snowden is a hero and a patriot. He should be honored and I don't think enough is being done to recognize his efforts.

I think June 6th should be a day of recognition, the day the Guardian revealed the wrongdoings of the over-abusive NSA.

I think the members of the DP should all get together and organize a day of not protest, but a day of celebration for his kind and unselfish acts to humanity.

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I say replace "Labor Day" with "Edward Snowden Day"!
I know of no other man in my lifetime who has caused the Dictatorial Scum in Washington more sleepless nights than Mr Snowden.
One very smart, liberty minded, Individualistic and Gutsy American.
I suggest replacing a holiday, instead of making a new one, simply because every time I turn around it seems like its another damn holiday.... maybe I'm alone on that one?


We could take down the statue of Satan that so called atheists erected in Colorado and make him a memorial.

I think it would be a peoples day but it would never be nationally recognized as a government holiday.

Another Day

Government will be closed?


a day, a foundation, a scholarship, a street named after him...


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

great idea...

A statue would be great too.

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I'm all in.

I will support this 100%!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Since many folks are

Snowed in today , we could spend today Jan 7th as "snowed in day" and post NSA jokes and tell on ourselves and read the Constitution and send each other encrypted messages that will frustrate the NSA machinery like: NSA si sdrawkcab delleps ASN.I relay would be interested in seeing a whole thread on NSA - jabbing.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

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There is plenty of time between now and June 6th to make this

There is plenty of time between now and June 6th to make this a reality.

Usually at this point in the ballgame, someone says, "Hey Micheal (yes, they usually spell my name wrong while they're at it), can you organize this!" And unfortunately, the answer is no, I can't. I've got too much on my plate already.

But I think it is a great idea. Our movement is filled with lots of them - great ideas, that is. Unfortunately, most of them only stay in the realm of ideas, and are gradually forgotten.

Plans that either come to naught / or half a page of scribble lines

Why? Ideas are practically free. They flit into the mind from who knows where. And this is a good one. Snowden should not be forgotten. You get 20+ upvotes on the Daily Paul. Not bad.

And then comes the hard part. How does one turn this idea into a reality.

Not just a day of celebration on the Daily Paul - that's easy. Throw up a thread and stick it at the top on June 6th. Super easy. And as a result, it would have limited meaning and impact.

Imagine something bigger. What would Nation wide day of celebration and support of Edward Snowden look like? This is what the internet was built for. You can realize your ideas on the internet, so this is good:

I think June 6th should be a day of recognition, the day the Guardian revealed the wrongdoings of the over-abusive NSA.

But here's the problem:

I think the members of the DP should all get together and organize a day of not protest.

Now you go from what you think, to what you want other people not only to think, but to do.

So I hate to break it to you, but not everyone is going to agree with you. And not everyone who does is going to help. There is no way in heck that we'll get everyone on here to do anything. Isn't that clear? We're all individualists.

So then what? At that point people revert to some variation on this behavior / attitude:

"Fuck it! You guys suck!"

But that is not how you change the world. Imagine if Ron Paul had done that.

Not everyone agreed with him or his positions. Obviously. Not everyone helped or wanted to help him. Obviously.

But once you get started, you inspire others. Don't focus on the negative - on the people who suck and won't help. You'll find people who want to help. There are huge resources at your disposal. You have the freaking internet! You can potentially reach anyone on the planet who's connected.

So, the question now becomes: Do I want to take this on? If not, can I find someone who wants to help? Can I find someone who is already doing this and help them?

If not any of these, am I content to let this slip to just being an idea that comes to naught? And that is okay, too.

Don't take it upon yourself

Don't take it upon yourself Mike, we will get other entities to help out and spread the work like Benn Swann, Infowars (gag) and if we have to, Glenn Beck (double gag)

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Word UP!

Looking forward to it!


When I was with NORML, people would love to have ideas that they expected other people to implement. A joke we used to make was, "hey this guy has a great idea to get marijuana decriminalized. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS.... organize a flight to the moon."

...All we have to do is... lol still makes me laugh.

At any rate, I don't know what it means to set aside a national day. I do know that if anyone wants to have a nationwide memorial day for Edward Snowden, the only way is for that person to organize it them self.

To say... All we have to do is.... get the DP members together and then we can have this celebration... it just wont happen. Numbers don't get things done. Usually a group has one or two people who actually do the work. The rest just falsely claim to have participated.

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Where is the 'just' button?

In line with what you said, "All we have to do is..."

I was talking to Ernie Hancock about stuff a while back, and he lamented the same thing. People say, "We just have to, blah, blah, blah..."

And Hancock says, "Where is that 'just' button on my keyboard? People make it sound so easy, but I still can't find the 'just' button."

We should just

start a catalog of these lines. For me the full, traditional form is "people just have to wake up and see". But my all time pet peeve is the "we should". I've tied everything. Now I think a way to deal with it would be to show up at patriot gatherings well prepared and any time somebody begins a sentence with "we should" just hit them full in the kisser with a cream pie. WHAM! then bob in front of them shouting WHAT DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD DO NOW HUH! BOOYA! YEAH BABY! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Global "whistleblower day" in

Global "whistleblower day" in respects to past, present, and future whistleblowers

Great idea.

Great idea.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

June 6 is D-day.

We need another date because media will focus on the 'other' day.

June 7th the Saturday after

June 7th the Saturday after might be better, there are less people working then too.

Peace on earth, and will to win, reinforced over again.

Keep a warm place in your patriot's heart for Snowden. Draw strength from that place within. Celebrate in this way.

I'm not sure why this hasn't been voted to the top...

OF COURSE we need a day set aside for Ed Snowden but how about first or second Monday in June so we can take off for a three day weekend? AND we need to think up some traditions for the day as well just like fireworks on the 4th of July or something.

Ideas -

Let's make it customary to drink illegal spirits (moonshine?) on this day just to stick it to the gov't.

Opt out of all TSA lines on this day

Make an effort to tell at least one person about the NSA's practices

Vandalize some gov't property like an IRS building or something

help me out with ideas, guys!

I'm in...Where do I sign?

In a free society...

...Not one like ours, based on being an empire which kills people all around the world, especially people who don't look like those in power (such as Arabs and Africans)...

...Snowden would be a national hero who simply kept his oath to follow the Law of the Land, the Constitution.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

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Probably has to die first

Probably has to die first to get a national holiday. And be recognized by some plurality that he actually did a good thing.

But having the government honor him is sort of perverse anyways.

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"Having the government honor him is sort of perverse"

Good point.

And give Federal

and State employees a paid day off?

"national" just means across

"national" just means across the nation, we dont need for people to take off work.

Be wise as serpents, harmless as doves

Someone posted an article about people being forced off there own land on yesterday.

The opposition is always planning long term and multiple avenues. We have to learn to do the same.

Be proactive. I think you should consult with Oath-keeping law enforcement leaders, security experts and Agenda 21 activists and plan a peaceful line of defense 5-10 years out.

Success leaves clues.
If they come for the raw milk farmers don't think they will not come after you. Plan for it. Counter it.

Liberty has been taking a beating in this country. We need to continue making BIG moves this year.

The attempt to shut down the Utah Data Center via utility laws was a big move.

Rand suing Obama for NSA surveillance was a big move.

Glenn Greenwald launching his own media organization is a big move.

This project could be a big move but Uncle Sam is extremely paranoid. A group of people should be fasting and praying specifically for the success of this. Many folks won't get what I'm saying but I wouldn't hope to undertake something this huge without God.

How about we just let history

play itself out first?


6 JUN 44 (date is already historically taken.)



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There is no duration defined in the Oath