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Austin Tx: Meet Ben Swann, Dwayne Stovall, Congressman Steve Stockman and more! Jan. 18


Ben will be talking about his experiences with the liberty movement and tea party nationwide and featuring content from his Reality Check shows and his new online network.

Tickets start at just $15 with RLC membership, $24 for students and $30 general admission. All tickets include buffet lunch and all events except VIP reception after party.

Other scheduled guests currently include: Jerry Patterson (Lt. Gov. Candidate), Lisa Fritsch (Governor Candidate), Miriam Martinez (Governor candidate), Dwayne Stovall (Senate Candidate), Steve Stockman (Senate Candidate), Matt McCall (Congressional Candidate). We are working on adding a debate between the candidates for Texas Governor. Special added guest: Gov. Gary Johnson, former Libertarian Party presidential candidate.

Sponsorships and exhibit space is also available. Just follow the ticket link to see the options. If you need information not provided here, please call 512-656-8011 or send an email to treasurer@rlctx.org.


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How did it go? How many

How did it go?
How many attended?
Who was there?

Southern Agrarian

Don't miss the afterparty!

John Bush and The Liberty Beat will be hosting their 1 Year Anniversary and Ben will be keynoting. I did the graphics! I'm trying to make the event to meet people and sell a few Revolution Car Badges! Hope to see y'all there!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


I'll be showing off your

I'll be showing off your snake badge on my truck at the Houston event

Southern Agrarian



Southern Agrarian

Get your tickets for this

Get your tickets for this Saturday

Southern Agrarian

Oh Yeah!

Wish I could make both the Houston and Austin one, but Saturday is also Mises Circle in Houston and a few important people will be lecturing there...

Southern Agrarian

I may have to go to Austin

After all, they have added Stockman and Patterson. It would be nice to meet the statewide candidates.

I didn't know Matt Mccall was

I didn't know Matt Mccall was a liberty guy. His district is rural hill country area between San Antonio and Austin.

Southern Agrarian

running against

Lamar Smith, not to be confused with incumbent Michael McCaul.