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Drudge Report: Fukushima Radiation Hits West Coast

Drudge Report has linked Article on (below) video that went viral showing levels 500% above 'safe' along San Francisco beach... ►first though.. watch this (thanks to resistance)

►SF Beach Video


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stop putting this nonsense on the front page

for some reason people here distrust media, except "alternative media."

If this was true it would have been proven by now.

Taking the rods out

This is when all those fancy robots could be put to use.

Might be a good idea to move to the Southern Hemisphere


I'm planning on taking some readings in Alaska come spring

And I'm shopping around for a geiger counter. I understand that alpha/beta/gamma pancake detectors are the best.

Anyone steer me in the right direction?

I would like to take some readings on beach sand, ocean water samples (pre-drawn tubes), and different biological specimens, such as pink and sockeye salmon, crab, coho and halibut, possibly seal.

This model offered by Ludlums of Texas seems reasonably priced:
Model 44-9 Pancake GM Detector

Any suggestions or shared experiences would be appreciated.


it's just a little radiation nothing to worry about.

Some Perspective

The numbers detected were negligible. Our detector here in Wyoming sometimes spikes much higher (up to 600), but is usu@lly below 50 most of the time. S@n Diego levels routinely go beyond 300 d@ily. I'm not suggesting this isn't Fukushim@ rel@ted, I just don't think it's something to worry over yet.

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What happened? Is your 'a' key broken?

Just curious.

My 'N' was broken. Had to go out and buy a new keyboard today. No joke.


I will add to OP...
incredible collation of vids...

I walk with my little kids by

I walk with my little kids by the beach just north of this area...really unnerving. We have been taking precautions to try and limit our exposure for the last 3 years, but we live right next to the pacific ocean. Staying indoors all the time isn't an option...

Iodide or iodine is an option

see post below, I can confirm the usefulness of this.

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I would highly recommend

you contact a natural health expert, like Dr Ed Group, at the Global Healing Center, who has knowledge in nascent iodine. Nascent iodine is much safer than potassium iodine sold through Big Pharma. Iodine will help protect your thyroid, which is where the radiation attacks and leads to other internal organ problems through it. The best option would be to relocate somewhere below the Jet Stream, where levels will be less harmful, but not ideal. The only true safe place from the possible effects is below the equator, as it's like a natural forcefield, that expels inert contaminants from crossing.

if anyone wants to contact the manufacturer

and ask them for an explanation, here is the contact form:


Near Granger.

Prayers. Now I understand.


Japn is safe but CA is not.. yeah right

This is more UN Agenda propeganda.

I could read that either way

Not sure whether you're saying that Japan is unsafe or that California is safe. I detect a subtle hint of sarcasm, but I'm not exactly sure which way.

This whole radiation scare is utter nonsense. In a forum full of people who have taken the time to study and learn the effects of drugs, guns, free markets, and other "scary things that have to be regulated", you would think that more of us would study nuclear physics.

The basics are not that complicated. I beg anyone who has read this far to spend a little longer to watch a video called Thorium: An energy solution THORIUM REMIX 2011.


It's a little dated (a couple years) but has an abundance of incredible information.

I spent the time to sit through the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth video, and it has completely changed my view on what happened there. Now I hope that people will do the same and watch the video in the link here.

I strongly suggest it as viewing for anyone who is scared by that magical word "radiation".

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

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for the link.

Nothing to see here folks. Go back to sleep. The government

has everything under control.

Drudge 12:30PM EST