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Watch This: Los Angeles Liberty Fighter Nick Hankoff takes on Mark Levin on C-SPAN


Win one for Ron Paul rEVOLutionary, nullification and antiwar advocate Nick Hankoff as he takes on Mark Levin author of the book The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic. The issue at hand here is what tools do you have to fight tyrannical government---Nullification vs. Article V as Levin proposes? The 10A vs. Article V? All solutions handed to us by the Framers.

Now for some background: Levin and the patriots from the Tenth Amendment Center and Tom Woods have been at each others throats for the last six or seven months or so, and Levin in typical fashion has repeatedly denounced, disparaged and basically called all advocates of Nullification (and Secession) kooks not unlike what he did with supporters of Ron Paul in the 2012 elections. I give kudos to Nick Hankoff for initiating a civil debate and staging his counter attack on CSPAN today.

The arguments for Nullification and Article V are what they are, but, what is pertinent and immediate about Nullification is the fact that nullification is now a powerful movement and has taken off with numerous successes preserving our liberties in states and townships across this nation (California nullified the NDAA in October 2013 and South Carolina is about ready to Nullify Obamacare). In my opinion, Article V will not move fast enough to stop big government from encroaching on our liberties maybe because Article V largely relies on the action of elected people in Congress while Nullification firmly relies for the most part on the efforts of citizens of their respective cities, counties, and states. I will put my money on the people simply because as most of you should be aware that most politicians in high elected offices are working for some special interest-- not for the people, and Mark Levin knows this.

Levin of course is biased for his cause, after all, he is trying to sell a book probably more so than his/the idea. However, I will take a more skeptical view on Article V but more so on Levin. Mark Levin is firmly entrenched in popular conservative media and has had a great voice in shaping the political narrative of this nation for well over a decade. In my opinion he represents if not leads conservative mainstream medias’ current fascination with the word “liberty.” If you observe conservative print, radio, and television like I do, you will hear the talking heads talking liberty as never before. Please note that I’ve tracked this trend which seems to have its genesis a short time after the 2012 election cycle ended.

Fancy that! That --being the same conservative mainstream media that attacked, slandered, and worked tirelessly to defame Ron Paul ( Mr. Liberty, Freedom and Constitution) and his supporters during his 2012 presidential election bid have somehow morphed into the champions liberty!

What can we conclude from this? Mark Levin and his media cohorts can not be trusted. Every inch of body language and verbal response (or lack of response) from Levin and the host in the video provided are a testament to this.

His Article V solution though a legitimate solution amounts to a well crafted diversion to real and immediate solutions for concerned citizens that care for this country and the Republic it once was. Levin has a very large platform to promote his ideas and many in his audience that love this country as I do sadly buy in. They are being denied a powerful solution to counter this nations problems—Levin’s audience are being told lies.

One easy solution: It’s the easiest thing you can do--just turn off Levin and mainstream media.

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Levin also is a big fan of Lincoln

Also telling towards his view of state power

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Good point

I see a bunch of his fans slinking around facebook asking candidates if they support a Con-Con. But they don't call it that, if you call it a Con-Con and not an 'Article V' they will call you a liberal.

It would be funny if it wasn't so scary.

The conservatives and Libertarians are divided

By the Levins and Hannities of the media, it would be good if we did have their support, maybe the last 8 years would have been different.
"(Mark Levin) represents if not leads conservative mainstream medias"

With both the left and right against us, its a uphill battle for sure. Rand Paul seems to be bridging that division and maybe he can be the catalyst that can unite a front against socialism.

So Mark Levin is a statist,

and not a libertarian.

I will be giving

Both of my State Rep challengers a copy of the John Birch Society movie 'Beware of Con-Cons' later this week. the film is powerful because in it they interview real State Legislators from Oklahoma.

Good post

Levin is as nefarious as they come. A truly deceptive wolf in sheeps clothing sort.

The man has a following because his rants against certain politicians and policies are satisfying to those that dislike the politicians and policies he is attacking. But his notions of liberty are entirely schizophrenic.

At the end of the day, he has always been a tool of the Republican party and corporate interest. When push comes to shove he will always fall back to the lesser of two evils paradigm and support the Republican establishment. (McCain 08, Romney 12)

Just remember, this great advocate of liberty was a vociferous defender of the Patriot Act when there was a Republican administration in control.

The man is a fraud. Be wary.

Liberty talk is a means to an end for these people. It is corporate and party interests they serve.

"Liberty talk is a means to an end

for these people. " Great --can I borrow that?

Please do

I would like to see Levin and his ilk go out of business. Maybe a lot of people repeating that line could be a means to THAT end.

Mark Levin loves power.

Levin is not opposed to holding power over others, he is just not happy with the fact that him and those who share his ideology are not in power. Anyone that seeks to lord over others is the antithesis of a liberty lover. The justification is always that they know better how you should behave. The real motivation is that they want to rule you so they can continue to feed the false delusion that they are godlike.

I haven't heard much Levin on the radio, but from what I have heard, he is someone that has a lot of contempt for others. He rages about the shackles of the democrats, while offering the shackles of his own cult.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Is Mark Levin the poster child for nullification?

Is Mark Levin the poster child for nullification?

Found another article on this at the Washington Times:

NASHVILLE, January 6, 2014 – New York Times best-selling author and lawyer Mark Levin is on a crusade against nullification, the idea that the states can and must refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws. A recent opinion piece explores Levin’s repudiation of nullification, and of those who support it.

However, is it possible that Levin could unwittingly be the poster boy for nullification?

Among those who support nullification are New York Times best-selling author Professor Thomas E. Woods, as well as Professor Kevin Gutzman, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Walter Williams (whom Levin claims to highly respect) and Glenn Beck.

Some of these men have even challenged Levin to debate this topic and others concerning constitutional delegation of power.

However, Levin never responds.

Read more: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/american...

He's the man.


Great find Mich~ael



for you MN

Levin will NEVER Debate ArticleV

...because a few years ago it was a hot topic" on his radio show and he vehemently DISCOURAGED any talk of a Constitutional Convention.

His "reason"?
It would "Open a Can of Worms" that would be "dangerous" to the Republic.

If I remember THAT....Woods and company certainly do and Levin would be exposed big time for the fraud he really is.

If I can find this "episode" on marklevinshow.com audio archives I will try to post it here.

Isn't the internet wonderful?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Stop saying that!

Stop reminding them! They'll take it away.


Why do people give Levin any time at all?



love the bear pic :D

"You only live free if your willing to die free."