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Janet Yellen Is Confirmed As Next Fed Chair 56-26, Rand did not vote

1-6-14, 8:00 ET

Update: the final vote came out to 56 Yes and 26 No, after supposedly someone moved from the No to the Yes pile. It also seems that quite a few senators missed the final vote due to the weather, which means Bernanke's record of 30 No votes stands untouched for now.

With the critical 50th Yes vote just being cast, Janet Yellen has officially become the first woman to head the central bank in its 100 years of existence. The vote continues, and the only question now is whether the current tally of 27 No votes will surpass the Bernanke record of 30 objections to the central bank head.
Vote count:
Rand was one of 18 Senators "not voting."

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I prefer Hollerin

It doesn't matter who gets

It doesn't matter who gets nominated as the Fed chair and how many votes they get. We get the same hell. Like the president, Fed chair is not acting alone. All their actions are well controlled and coordinated by the people behind.

SteveMT's picture

Yes, you are right. Just like with every election,....

...the faces change, but the agenda remains the same.

I can't imagine Yellin would be worse

Than Larry Summers.

I don't hold out much hope, but ya never know.

Whatever her style, I hope it's not the arrogant ass style of Bernanke.

I'll miss Nanke's beard of wisdom...

...but it's time to get our Yellen on! Pop it like it's fiat!

Print Strong, Yellen!

SteveMT's picture

Fed: More is better when it comes to money printing.

Gold bugs: Better for us too!