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blood of the aliens, reptiles and/or god(s) 'thang' ..

..from a geneticist's POV!

Where does Rh negative blood truly originate from as I have seen several sites speaking of reptilian blood and blood of the gods? What is that all about and is there any truth to what is said?

-A curious adult from California


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of people have Rh+ blood. Rh+ means that you share some of the same blood properties as Rhesus monkeys. 15% of people have Rh- blood, and no one knows where that originates from.

Rh- people share similar physical traits: Lower body temperature; higher blood pressure; piercing blue, green or hazel eyes; red, or reddish hair; extra vertebra or ribs; more sensitive senses; sensitivity to heat; and higher than average IQ's.

Many also share...

* A feeling of not belonging.
* They are Truth Seekers with a sense of a "Mission" in life.
* They have empathy and compassion for mankind. They often get empathetic illnesses.
* Higher than average intuition, ESP, and psychic ability. Many have clairvoyant dreams.
* Prone to experience unexplained phenomenon

Interestingly, Rh- people cannot be cloned.

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No, there is no truth to it

Because the alien reptiles and gods are imaginary.

I have no idea where Rh negative blood comes from, or even what it is. And, I don't have to. But, just like the creationists, I'm sure some looney reptilian 'scientist' with adapt some real science to fit their precondition and then when they are called on it by real scientists they will claim there is a conspiracy to hide the truth.

It is a very tired and old trick. They are making money off of this somehow, trust me.

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if you are not going to read the article linked, how are you in any position to comment, much more be trusted?
you are right about one thing: there is money being made hand-over-fist starting with the red cross.

Clearly, you didn't click the link and read

the article. Yet, you feel compelled to give your "opinion" based on the title and your own projections.

Such laziness earned you a down vote.

No - not lazy

It isn't laziness - I am making a choice. I already told you I didn't care about Rh doohickies in blood. So why should I read on only to waste time reading someone's misinterpretation of evidence to support a superstition?

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

misinterpretation of evidence?

how can you determine a 'mis-interpretation' without examining the interpretation ?

i do see you returned to waste more time re-expressing your un-informed opinion..

btw- if you should find yourself in an emergency situation ie accident, illness, poisoning, surgery or pregnancy..those 'doohickies' will factor whether you & yours live or die.

Interesting article, not about aliens, but disease resistance

Next question: Do different blood types have different scents?

Question born from dogs scenting human pregnancies before the humans are aware. Leading to question the scent of chemical changes in a sick (cancer) human body.

Years back (1980's) this question made me curious enough to call different hospitals on the phone and ask if different blood types have different scents. The responses were positive, in that it was a question not yet considered.

Maybe someday a scent scanner will be part of preventative health care.

the scent of blood..

it is mentioned -either this article or something related- that there is a presence/absence of 2 to 35 enzymes and 49 (?) different proteins in the composition of blood types and a myriad of 'stuff' off-gassed via RBC's into tissue, air, sweat, tears.

enough of a scent for the lowly mosquito to choose her next blood buffet of choice.

into the future, who is to say there is not a delicate scent to DNA itself!