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Sen. Sanders: NSA and Congressional Blackmail 'A Real Threat'

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Typical CNN... President's

Typical CNN... President's reforms for the NSA are "substantive"... as they describe the most hateful, invasive, domineering and collectivist U.S. President ever elected.

the question...

posed in the letter is poorly worded... too much wiggle room.
Face to face to Clapper: "Are you now or have you EVER collected the telecommunication meta-data or content of ANY member of Congress, ANY political organization or ANY member of ANY State Governor or State Congressperson or ANY member or Judge in a State or Federal Court with or without a FISA warrant?

Regarding 'Clemency'...

for Snowden.. he's wrong.
'Justice' must acknowledge and 'weigh' laws broken in context with the VASTLY larger and more serious crime being committed...
You 'forgive' jaywalking when you are after a purse snatcher..
Snowden comes home WITHOUT shame or punishment. period.


He swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution so, in my opinion, he didn't steal anything ... he gathered evidence of severe violations of the Constitution.

Another example: If you know that some pervert is running a child-sex ring but it's a matter of your word against his, so no warrant is ever issued, should you be charged for hacking into his computer to get the evidence? Of course not. Yes, hacking is a crime, but as you put it, "justice must acknowledge and weigh laws broken in context with the vastly larger and more serious crime being committed."

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em