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Swept Out to Sea

Whoa... Portugal getting hit.. people getting swept out to sea
►Biarritz (Bay of Biscay, on the Atlantic coast in the Pyrénées)

'A woman is still missing after being swept away by a wave in Biarritz on Sunday. Another man also came close to drowning, but managed to regain the beach.'
►Portugal elsewhere...



The “Black Swell” meteotsunami- as it was christened by the storm surfing community – begins to sweep the British Isles, Ireland and Portugal from noon. The predictions of strong sea waves are painting all coastal districts to red, the most serious warning of the scale of the four Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA). In the Azores, the situation is equally worrying, with the IPMA pointing waves of 10 meters, which puts seven islands of the Central and Western groups also in red.

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The 'Black Swell'