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We're just gonna assume you guys are dealing with the cold.

When tornados strike, when deep freeze hits I often wonder if "we" need help. We did great with the Sandy Hook thing but that sounded more like "us" in Sandy Hook helping others. Either we are our own help or we don't know how to ask for it.

You guys would, if you needed help, you would ask us right?

Hey not for nuthin' but here we are in Phoenix Arizona and it's going up to around 65 today. We can park patriots in various nooks and crannies. If escape to where water isn't a solid substance becomes imminent just let us know and we'll help you find a landing zone.

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Need a Good Pair of Insulated Gloves For Below Zero Temperatures

I've looked everywhere but am unable to find such a pair. It's seems there is no ISO Standard for meeting the definition of sustained "sub-zero" protection for gloves (not mittens).

Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)

Two pair of socks

slippers, long underwear, sweat shirt, jeans and this is just trying to stay warm in the house, but I think Spring and feel better. I got the thermostat set at 69 trying to hold down the energy bill.

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Thanks for the thoughts.

Here in Maine this is not unusual (comparatively speaking)to years past.

Three deer crossed the road ahead of me this morning... they looked really bummed out. They are not as accustomed to it as old guys like me.

The cord wood is going fast, but I have a good back up plan. Many old trees came down in the ice storm. Sad to lose the apple ones though.

On the bright side, it is only six more months till spring! ;-)

Anybody do HVAC here?

I'm just a Texas cheapskate so didn't know if I should call the repairman to check it out. The 11 year old Lennox gas furnace for the upstairs was flashing for 1 hour which indicated the following "Watchguard burners failed to ignite OR Limit open more than 3 minutes OR Lost flame sense in one heating cycle OR Pressure switch opened 5 times in one heating cycle". It was not working for that hour but is working now.
I'm thinking/hoping that the board pulled that error because the gas pressure was too low since we have another gas furnace that was running at the time and 2 gas water heaters. Also the neighbor said some years ago the gas company literally dispatched a truck for a night to keep the gas line pressure up on our street.

yep clean the flame rod as stated below

it senses if your burners pilot is on I believe, some say use a dollar bill to clean it off, some say steel wool. It should only be two screws to pull it out and it just looks like a metal rod, it probably is carboned up.

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electronic flame rectification.

what it does is to set up an AC voltage source, a flame is plasma and will as such conduct DC current.
if the flame is touching both the burners and the flame rod.
the flame is the switch contacts.
a flame will not conduct AC, only DC.
it is measured in microamps.

all it is, is stainless steel. clean the heck out of it. sometimes I scrape it with my pocketknife.
it is a part of routine service.

clean the flame rod.

and of course check the air filter.
pull the cover off and look inside. you will see the burners all in a row. on one side, the burners are lit. either by a hot surface ignitor(HSI)or direct spark.
if it is HSI, you will see it glow and the wires that go to it will look like normal wires. if it is spark ignition it will probably look like a spark plug wire.
on the other side of the burner assembly, is the flame rod. it will have one wire going to it.
kill power and pull the flame rod, sand it off until it is shiny.
it is nothing more than a piece of metal and you cannot over clean it.
do be sure not to bend it or change it's position.
that will probably fix it.

Ok, will do!

Thx for the info!

Try contacting HVACtech hes been a member for awhile and may

be able to help!


with at least some solid advice.

I knew a guy who had a was build wasp nest in air intake.

He paid a guy for an hour labor to use a can of wasp poison.

Check intake and exhaust for blockage.

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that sounds like a 90+ unit.

I once found a easter egg in one. it about drove me nuts trying to find it.
it would work fine unless and until the easter egg rolled and blocked the air, then it would shut off and roll back.....

you should have seen me about 3 weeks ago

HVACTech, I replaced my induction motor on my furnace and the new one would make noise everytime the burners fired up, I took that thing off like 7 times in 3 days troubleshooting with the help of the supplier of the part, finally found out the part they sold me was bad and the heat was causing the plastic to swell up and rub because the rod was slightly bent that held the squirrel cage. Thank God I had a wood burning fireplace in my house, getting the wood quickly did suck cuz I had none, but next year I am gonna be loaded full of wood just incase. You never know when you will need to go survival mode, I would suggest everyone have a woodburner in their house.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

The snorkel effect, LOL

Hello Ken, Happy New Year!

Free includes debt-free!

Thx I'll try that!


I can't even imagine--

65. Wow. I'm a 4 season person myself, and we take the cold pretty well, which is why we chose to live where it's cold 5 months out of the year--

the local media made a big deal about how it was going to get to 35 below, but it never got below 25 below.

With the wind chill factor it hit 55 at one point--

we heat with wood, and nobody in his/her right mind in this area would dream of sleeping with anything but flannel sheets and wool blankets or comforters--

we have a lot of wool--a lot of flannel.

Sleep warmly and worry about the people who don't have a warm place to be--

a local church has a warming center for people who don't 'qualify' to go into the homeless shelter; not a lot of homeless in our area, but with its being so cold, things have to be done to help--

The cold will pass soon enough, and we'll have a dream spring and a bearable summer--


But I am touched to think that anyone would offer. Goodness; I don't know how we would drive 30 miles, much less 3,000!!!

One of our unmarried children who lives with us owns a new(er) car, and the thing won't start. Our old car is being used to shuttle everyone back and forth, and it isn't easy, but some of us just stay home when we can to keep the fire going; we try to keep someone here all the time--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The fleece sheets from Costco are a lot warmer than flannel!

Way warmer!

they probably are, and that's good information for people . . .

who aren't allergic to polyester--

but we have a few who are allergic to polyester at our house--

cotton is the best for people who have polyester sensitivity; no point in being warm if you are covered with a rash--LOL!--

sometimes you can get sheets from Europe that are part wool/part cotton; those are pretty amazing--

FOR people who can handle wool--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Many Are Cold.....

...... But Few Are Frozen.

Ed Rombach

*hee, hee*


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

15 f below zero this morning.

No big thang. We plugged in an extra space heater. Foam insulation outside masonry walls is awesome! The heating bill is 1/7th of what it used to be.

Thanks for the offer.

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woke up to 12 degrees this morning

The high today is supposed to be a balmy 22, then back to teens tonight. Just a couple days of cold then back to milder tempatures tomorrow.

Its all good here! 65 degrees sounds awesome; We just had that a couple days ago.

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Of course

It's not really cold here, but I did take a five mile hike yesterday, and was surprised to start feeling frostbite on my face. I became less surprised when I got home and noted it was 17 degrees. I also spent part of the morning working on the well, so I guess it's not that cold, but we're not so prepared for it. I hope you can lay out for an Arizona 65 degree suntan and think of us 5 degree sun bathers.

Screw this cold...

Worse yesterday.

-40 with wind-chill

Today only -25


Oh, man! Here I am thinking I'm freezing in NJ

at 10 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like -14! I'm not liking this at all! Where are you located?

One thing I will say is that when Hurricane Sandy hit us, I had a couple of people here (who met me at Ron Paul NJ HQ) contact me via DP (since we had no electric or phone service for a while) to offer any assistance I might need, since they were in a part of the State that didn't get hit as hard and could get around. So, yes! "We" do go out of our way to help "us" in time of need. Thanks for the reminder, Smudge.

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south east wisconsin. right on the border

We are fine thanks. Bundled, nice and comfy. Thank you though for your concern. Will pay it forward!


Howdy neighbor, northeast Illinois

Close to the boarder.

Are you by the lake?

Really dude! We should go for a beer!



Do you like beer?!?!


It would take some work to get out

Have to have a car that starts so we could get to the airport. Have to have a flight to get out to a warm spot. A friend of mine has expensive tickets to week-long events in Boston and can't get from Florida to Boston and her car starts!

Ditto for Coastal California

At 8:45 AM it's already 45 degrees outside. But I think the getting here is the hard part, and the ones who need the most help are probably not on the 'net.

But this does illustrate the complete folly of having a federal minimum wage or the concept of a living wage: heating costs make a huge difference in what it is. Cities like Santa Monica attract the homeless not only because they try to, but because the homeless go where they can remain homeless without freezing.

If you raise the minimum wage above the local entry-level point, those jobs go away (e.g., full-service gas station attendant), and those people have to move to somewhere warmer (i.e., cheaper) to be able to have a job. If the job is so essential, it already does pay more in the north where it's cold than it would in the south, so raising it on a one-size-fits-all just makes a mess.

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