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We're just gonna assume you guys are dealing with the cold.

When tornados strike, when deep freeze hits I often wonder if "we" need help. We did great with the Sandy Hook thing but that sounded more like "us" in Sandy Hook helping others. Either we are our own help or we don't know how to ask for it.

You guys would, if you needed help, you would ask us right?

Hey not for nuthin' but here we are in Phoenix Arizona and it's going up to around 65 today. We can park patriots in various nooks and crannies. If escape to where water isn't a solid substance becomes imminent just let us know and we'll help you find a landing zone.

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My car door was frozen shut this morning

Over the weekend, I parked my car on the wrong side of the street during the snowstorm, and it got towed.

$90 for the tow job, $35 for "overnight storage fee." Plus tax and a $6 "fuel surcharge."

Not to mention a $100 ticket from the City of Somverville for parking in a place (in front of my house) that I didn't know I wasn't supposed to.

$232 is what that snowstorm set me back financially.

Otherwise, yeah, doing ok. Thanks for asking.

He's the man.


I can't imagine any of those "fees" for "service" being that cheap in much of California, though we do have some cities where the cops don't bother with such things anymore (they "don't have the manpower").

Doesn't it just make you feel disrespected? Government has gotten sooo paternalistic and punitive, it just makes me sick.

If I were on your jury, I would say, "not guilty."

BTW, I truly believe that ignorance of the law is an excellent excuse. It didn't used to be, but it sure is now. That is, technically, any "law" that violates the Constitution is not a law at all, but you get the idea: we should know the Constitution, and the 10 Commandments or other basic "laws" but knowing all of them is ridiculous.

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That sucks.

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Tell me about it

Samantha's been pretty much knocked out with the flu since we got back. I got the car back in time to take her to the emergency room on Sunday morning. :(

He's the man.
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Tell her

I hope she gets better soon, but this is a wicked one going around, so I'm sure she'll be down a while. Still feeling mine yet 10 days later. The cough and fatigue just won't quit. At least the fever's gone.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Good Mike, glad to hear it

Her cough is pretty wicked now.

She says she feels like the new baby panda in the Taipei zoo. She's good for about 15 minutes before she has to go take a nap, lol.

He's the man.


65...sounds so good.

What a kind and thoughtful post.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul