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Michael Swanson author of The WAR State tonight on the Allison Bricker Show

LIVE! 7pm Eastern / 6pm Central

Tonight on the show, author Michael Swanson join me to discuss the history of the WAR state and how the National Security apparatus came to permeate every aspect of American life despite President Eisenhower's now infamous warning against the military industrial complex.

Peace, Love, or rEVOLution!

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- Allie

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bigmikedude's picture

Daily Paul Radio Bump

getting close to showtime.

i hate to be a pain

Ita bad enough I can stream on my windows phone, but know I can't even call the #.

I get as far as the first menu. I hit 1 @and then, ... nothing.

Don't know if its just me. Thought I would ask...


Will take a look firt thing in the morning

Sorry to hear you are having difficulty accessing the stream Séamusín. I will investigate the issue first thing in the morning.

Alilison Bricker the lady

Alilison Bricker
the lady pimp of the radio
the brickerbrack, kickin back
Call in to say hello
She's interviewin the people
She will drink you under the table
Coffee, that is
or up a tree
Shes a whiz
Come and see
Her voice will seduce you
or soothe you to sleep
What kind of poem is this
Wow, what a creep

Good job Allison!


Ben Swann, Ron Paul the weekly podcast, Peter Schiff, Tom Woods, Earnest Hancock, and Allison Bricker!!!!


Ben Swann is...

Ben Swann is on the show for the entire hour tomorrow at 7pm EST. :)

Thank you for your enthusiastic support.


Keep up the good work, Allison.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.