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Overhaul of Israel’s Economy Offers Lessons for United States

Overhaul of Israel’s Economy Offers Lessons for United States

Americans may talk about income inequality, but Israel has done something about it.

The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, has voted to break up the country’s corporate conglomerates. The move followed mass protests in 2011 over the concentration of wealth in Israel.


One among many lessons for America, and why I pay attention with LOVE.

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Aren't we ranked the 11th freest economy in the world

While Israel is ranked 44th? Why would we want lessons from them?

Little known fact: The Israeli protests of 2011 were the biggest in its modern history, and entirely ignored by western media.

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I find absolutely mind-boggling that although equipped with this

I find absolutely mind-boggling that although equipped with this:


this country doesn't rank #1, with the 2nd following only but far, far behind... but, well, you know what I mean...

Sigh. :/

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Here's a comment from my Israeli pen-pal friend, Rafi....

Below is a comment by my West Bank Settler pen-pal, Rafi:

"This is a perfect example of a crock of bullshit that has the veneer of being sort of true because they put a half a molecule of truth in it and then expect that half a molecule to support a latrine full of lies. This is pathetic statist nonsense, is what this is.

"Yes, the Knesset passed an inconsequential bill "breaking the pyramids" but the whole idea that this is what they're actually doing is absolutely laughable, and you can quote me on this. The State spends 60 years constructing monopolies, handing out special privileges, strangling the economy and looting private citizens and one day they decide to punch you in the face 10 times a day instead of 11 and then we're supposed to get up and cheer and call them all geniuses.

"The government controls EVERYTHING. I haven't read this stupid bill, but I suspect all it does is pass monopoly privileges on from an old group to a new group. Big whoop.

"If the knesset really wanted to deal with inequality, it would allow allow free imports with no tariffs, competition on the ports (there is only one port and it is controlled by Labor Party controlled labor Union called Histadrut) get the hell rid of minimum wage and child labor laws, etc. etc. and all the stuff you know already.

"You're right. Income inequality is not a problem in and of itself. It is only a problem when the rich people are rich because of special government privilege instead of because they are good at serving consumers. You get it. But nobody here does.

"Voice in the wilderness I am. HELLO?!!! Echo...."

(I met Rafi on the Daily Paul and contacted him privately. We spent several weeks exchanging e-mails so I could understand better what was actually happening in the Middle East. My probings were non-confrontational and geared only toward learning. I have a much better understanding of Israel today than I did before I started this exchange. If I have a negative view of Israel as a political entity, it is because I believe it is a deeply flawed country, as confirmed by someone who lives there by choice. Rafi is a Jewish- American zionist ex-pat with strong religious ties to the idea of Israel as the Promised Land given to Jews by God.)


I don't agree with Rafi, as first I believe there should be tarriff, and free trade is the ability to trade, not it cost nothing to trade.

Sounds like rafi hs a problem with rich people, meaning, he's not rich. Maybe his ideas on what is free trade part of it?

I'm happy you found your truth about Israel though one jaded voice who think free trade means it doen't cist anything. Rafi would not be my guru. More power to the poor to remain angry and dumb!!

Looking for comment from someone who lives in Israel

I have forwarded this article to someone who is a 'settler' in Samaria.

He is an interesting fellow with one foot in libertarianism and one foot in Zionism, believing he has reconciled the two. He is adamant that Israel belongs to the Jews, but he is opposed to kicking the Arabs out by force (not that they aren't justified in doing so, he says). He has a first-rate mind when discussing economics.

Anyway, I'll let you know what he says is actually happening with this new law.

Ask him about

the start up business portfolios.. Israel is a place Americans should study

Israel does belong to the Jews.

Saudi Arabia belogs to the Arabs. But no one tells Arabs to GO HOME

Here it comes,

Upvoted and bumped. Thanks for boldly expressing your view. (too bad the downvoter(s) didn't have the intestinal fortitude to comment as well.)

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I can't say it's my view

But I can say that I appreciate a democratic effort to fix what isn't working, being open to ideas, and this is one.

Granger, If you are real, you are notdhing but a change agent.

At one point you were a gardener with chickens and a nice homestead, and you wanted to leave that for Israel.

Go. I doubt sincerely that you have been real, and doubt you have been the same person using your 'handle' of the 'Granger', but I do think the handle you work under was well chosen.

And Granger, I'm GLAD YOU ARE HERE AS the representative.

How about

I change my handle to Mossad spy, double agent for NSA, tracking you?

See that little red dot on your computer screen about 5" up and 6" over.. wave base.. that's me looking at you.

You're right.. I never had chickens. no homestead.. I'm in a besement in Israel now.. we have your number base.

Have a nice posting day. LOL

Granger, you are what you are.

Granger, you are what you are. I don't want to change you.

But I think you have deceived this board. I don't hate you, but I do hate deception.

I don't spend much time here on DP, I'm growing things and sharing them with my neighbors.

You account when formed may have been about freedom, but truth has overcome your effort.

I'm glad that Micheal brought you back to expose it.

me too

so happy to be exposed.

Granger, It's no attack on you.

It's an attack on what you have professed here, without fully researching it. The truth is the truth and you know it when you experience it.

God Bless

Truth is

Truth is base, the truth doesn't care. Truth has no feelings. It just is. Humans have all kinds of emotions to seperate them from the truth. You believe the truth is that I have no chickens.. that's fine by me base, I know who's got chicken crap on thier shoes.

Granger, I have no ideal why you have changed so much.

Saying you have chicken crap on their shoes, along with your other persona really stinks. Pardon the pun.

But I'm glad you are here as you live in the free state of California that grows a lot of veggies. Peppers in particular.

I live in a Southern state and have been trying to get pepper seeds started since Jan. 2nd of this year with very poor results. 2 out of 50 or so.

What do you guys do? Everything else I started is up and much of it has been transplanted to larger pots that go out in the morning, but back in during the evening.

What do people in California do to get a head start on Peppers?

Thanks Granger



Being that we are much further north, tomatos, peppers, eggplant, squash are started in a green house, under lights, with a warming tray, transplanted to 2 - 4" pots and held in the greenhouse until May when they are relocated to, in my case straw bales, some with plastic/ greenhouse. Here on the coast the only way to grow tomatos is in a greenhouse.. they will grow without a greenhouse, but they will not produce fruit, or they will but they are small and few.

I won't be starting my seed until March (after the threat of "Northern storms", which sweep the landscape vertically)

Change is what peopledo as the grow, unless one has an agenda and a message.. and they repeat that mesage.. nothing wrong with thta, but I do not have a message or agenda but to be myself, for better or worse, I am I.

I recomend you watch the movie "Life of Pi".