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Drone crashes into battleship, causes $30 mln in damages

A US Navy battleship suffered $30 million in damages after a drone accidentally crashed into it during a military exercise and injured two sailors.

The incident occurred last November near Point Mugu, California, but the website USNI just recently reported the Navy will need about six months to fully repair the USS Chancellorsville.

According to the original Navy Times report on the accident, a malfunctioning Northrop Grumman BQM-74 crashed into the port side of the Chancellorsville during a training exercise that involved a routine radar test. The ship “was heavily damaged by the impact of a test target,” while the 13-foot drone itself “crippled a key computer center integral to the ship's cutting-edge combat systems.”


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So what failed here - the drone - or the ships defense radar?

I tend to believe the drone was purposely flown at the ship and the ship's defense failed.

Either way - the drone pilot deserves a medal for his heroic video gaming - it takes courage and nerves of steal to fly that thing into a ship.

And the ship's crew deserve medals. After all it takes tremendous courage to completely fail at your job of defending the ship.

And lets give the people who are sacrificing sooo much to now rebuild the ship medals as well. For it takes great sacrifice to have more overtime and more money in the name of our nations security.

I would also promote the commanders who came up with this hole brilliant idea!!!

Medals all around people!!!
Here Here!!!!

It's an Ageis Class Guided Missle Cruiser

And it's over thirty years old, well the " class " is, I really can't speak to the hull age of the ship.
It ain't no battleship.

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
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It's nothing LIKE a battleship. Battleships are something ENTIRELY different.

IT HAS A PEA-SHOOTER FOR ITS MAIN CANNON. It appears to be some kind of smaller, missile-focused ship. A battleship relies on its huge cannons. This relies on its missiles. A battleship does not have a pea-shooter as its main cannon. What is that, a five-inch gun? Give me a break. A battleship relies on three turrets mounting THREE sixteen-inch guns each, in addition to a ton of five-inch guns.

Sorry, I get sick of any and all warships being labeled "battleships." Especially because the difference should be PAINFULLY obvious to anyone who cares.

Also, the drone in question was a practice target; it's obviously nowhere near as advanced as the UAVs used in actual military operations. I say this because the article and a number of comments appear to be trying to draw some kind of nonexistent connection between the two.

Argue against drones, but don't be silly about it.

I agree with you 100%

But for irony sake, this ship could decimate a battleship in a one on one fight in about 15-30 seconds.

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You are correct -

but in fairness, that's how the article was (incorrectly) headlined.

The ship is a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser.

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Was one or both

made in China?


Milton Bradley.

And there's supposed to be

30,000 of these in the skies by 2020. Scary.

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I said B-9, not E-9, you dolt! You sank my battleship!

Good stuff man


Truthfully, that is the first thing that came to my mind. But you must be another old fart, because I don't think that game exists anymore? Perhaps as a "retro" version, maybe.


Not at all...

I am 20 years old. And I assume you can still buy them. I used to play it with my Grandma and brother.

I predict

sometime in the future a state will take control of the drones and kamikaze them into whatever they want

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Someone please take the remote away from Biden...!!!


Heavily damaged? How large

Heavily damaged? How large was it?

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Approximately the size of a large alligator.

12 feet long, 600 pounds.

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