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Rand Paul Responds...

...to Obama's unemployment comments and to Peter King.


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Rand is more open with his social conservative views...

Better get your shit straight before you start talking. Ron rarely had social views because he believed those issues were better left to the states than the federal government. And I think he was right because the real role of government is to protect our rights, not dictate our behavior.

What accomplishments would

What accomplishments precisely has he registered that are superior to Dr. Paul's?

Sanctions on Iran, stating the response in Boston was constitutionally appropriate, saying Mr. Snowden should be in jail, stating the President has the right to preemption, or ?

Just wondering if you fall into the "Ron Paul did not pass enough legislation and was too honest" camp.

That's all crap and you know

That's all crap and you know it. Or maybe you don't know it because you never bothered to find out.

Rand supported only limited sanctions

To bring Iran to the negotiating table. He outlines the position here:

He voted against preemption vs Iran as the sole Nay vote 90-1.

You wanted him to criticize the Boston PD during a terrorist attack? Good thing you aren't his PR agent, you'd be fired in a minute.

His filibuster was a superior move to Ron Paul in a way, but that wasn't Ron Paul's style which is the problem.

You are trying to compare Rand to Ron. The only one that compares to Ron Paul, is....Ron Paul.

You have to understand Allison, Ron Paul has retired from public office. I love Ron much more than Rand, but Ron is gone now, he comments from the sidelines and supports his son. That's it. Have to accept it and move on.

This is precisely what I was talking about before.

No mention whatsoever of Rand's help in keeping us out of Syria (that was a joint effort, admittedly, did Ron stop us from getting involved in Iraq or Afghanistan?), his inroads regarding the Drug War (again, not his alone, but he is helping to soften the Republican Party's stance on marijuana considerably), and his tireless efforts to help reign in the NSA and the police state.

Granted, Ron helped pave the way to these things happening and in no way am I going to denigrate his work. But you guys borderline on cult-worship when you post unnecessarily lopsided arguments like this. Furthermore, why isn't Ron launching the same bile at Rand that you guys are if they are so wildly out of sync with each other?

The only logical assessment of your tactics here is blind fanaticism, and it's precisely what kills movements. I suggest you take an assessment of what you actually want accomplished and ask yourself if you'd rather simply "be right" or actually "do what is right", because they are not necessarily the same thing.

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton

The American People

The American People, kept the American govenrment from sending off more to die in Syria, not one of the costumed members of the Political Class.

You really believe that? That

You really believe that? That they didn't go to war in Syria because of the people. Doubtful.

The only blind obedience

The only blind obedience is your continued dedication to participate in a rigged electoral system, hoping against all hopes that if we vote just one more time, the Magical Libertarian Congress will sweep into Congress, Rand Paul will become president and all will be right with the world.

So keep on voting and legitimizing a corrupt murderous broken system. Tell you what, let us meet back here at the age of 60 for each respectively and see how that works out for you.

Finally, the person who is flawed as it relates to war and thinks penalizing regular folks through sanctions via a military enforced blockade, is a disgrace to human Liberty and not worth the time of day.

So what should we be doing Allison?

Besides besides listening to your show? We are getting Ron Paul people elected to the legislature in Texas, is that bad? Is it "legitimizing a corrupt murderous broken system"

She's kinda got your stones up against the wall Jackson ;)

What did we find out in caucuses and in the convention?


Now am I personally saying you guys shouldn't STAND WITH RAND? Heck no, totally go for it and there's no doubt that all the efforts at getting people into local office is getting places. Love the local action. Yer just gonna have to accept that some of us registered and voted republican as one in a series of actions and we never did consider ourselves bound by it or to it. Heck I'd run it over with a Zamboni in front of a crowd. For nothing. Gratis.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Not really.

I am talking about getting our people into positions were they make the rules. Things are looking up in Texas, I am not just saying that.
The worst that could happen is I lose, right?

Rand is mostly a distraction until '16



Host Your Own Show? IDK

Do whatever you feel is necessary. If you feel you need leaders and a daddy-govenrment at a state level then by all means, play in the political sandbox and elect your local costumed clowns. Lord knows I banged my head against the wall for far too long.

Having worked on and in political campaigns both as a volunteer and in paid positions for 6 cycles, I am burnt out. The final straw was the theft of the Iowa Caucus and this should at least impress upon you that no matter what, the status quo will not permit Rand, who is better than some of his colleagues, win the GOP nomination.

So in the end, I guess my suggestion is Live free, withdraw your consent to be governed.

You have the strength and the ability, we all do. The hard part is finding the courage to stand on your own, but it can be done if one does indeed favor Liberty.

I wish you god speed to your slice of Liberty and hope that any detour you may experience may be as minimal as possible.

I hear you.

We are getting close to abolishing Property Taxes in Texas. So I am not looking for leaders, I am hoping to send a few more Ron Paul guys to Austin. Then I can actually OWN my own land some day.

Radio is important, I was not knocking what you do. But talking about liberty among ourselves will not fix everything. Complaining about the Government does not make it go away. That's all.

Right On

I totally support the abolition of property taxes, and kudos indeed for when you accomplish such a measure. It most certainly appeals to the side of me that retains affection for the Constitution's eloquence and its attempt to establish a list of items outside the purview of government in Perpetuam.

Also, please note, your comment in the first was not construed by me to be dismissive of the radio show, I was merely reiterating my mantra of Love What You Do, and Do What You Love.

I do feel fortunate indeed to be afforded the ability to cheer lead from the side lines having seen the awful underbelly of campaigns local to national, to wit I can attest that corrupt pols are certainly not region centric.

Gilligan's picture

respectfully, they aren't idiots.

They are patriots who disagree on tactics.

Google is government.

We Need To Get Focused

No matter what you think about tactics or whatever it is that causes some to treat Rand like we would a Christie or Romney or a Gingrich, etc..., we have to step back and recognize that Rand is our best chance at getting a candidate that truly believes in the Constitution and Liberty. Ron never had a chance because he could not get the majority of Republicans to side with him or the pundits at Fox. Rand IS. If we do not get behind him and give him the support, as we did his Dad, we will not have a chance at all and we will be looking a another establishment candidate, refuse to back them and possibly see Hillary in the White House and I cannot fathom that anyone that posts on here would want that. Just like the office of the President is more than one man, the fight for Liberty is more than one man.