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The War For The Internet Has Begun

just wondering does anyone use mega.co.nz for privacy? heard they are coming out with communication capability's soon similar to skype and a secure encrypted email.

what are you/people doing to reduce your NSA file?

if it is true that every part of your life via banking records, internet habits purchases, facebook likes, dailypaul posts and comments are being used to someday, "look up your file" what are you doing to reduce your file or fly under the radar?


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It doesn't matter.

They can't do anything to you once your not afraid of losing what is only borrowed anyway.

But about myself I will not boast, except as it concerns my weaknesses (2 Cor 12:5). Let the unbelievers seek praise from each other; I wish that which is from God alone.

Well I guess we can chat more about it....

...in the camps.

Will they allow you to do anything you want in there too?